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How To Cook Halal Filipino BBQ Chicken Wings

How To Cook Halal Filipino BBQ Chicken Wings

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Video Transcription

food today is cozinha and today guyswill be making I love chicken mousse soto the race as you see but we’re gonnahello hello helloso we’ll be doing something and then yepwell so this is another Filipino halaurecipe for Pinot and so so you can alsouse this in your home if you’re fastingin the month of Ramadan this last verse15 years or just use a nice recipe I’msorryand then we’ve got 2 teaspoons of justabout nice to match leak out tasteyou go as I live of Chechens ago maybeturntables there two tablespoons ofketchup so if you want to make it so allyou do is get salt pepper sugar paprikapowder vinegar and now where do you gomix it with our hands so I just put abit more stir going there so now letsome heinyI’m your honey honey honey honey a nicemore sweet and bit sticky can’t likethey’d be nice to take a shot honey it’slook good yes but more honey as well youwanna make it too sweet as well you havesugar and ketchup that’s a weak symphonyas well so now we mix it with our handsenough so there we go all mixed upjuiced up in and then if we take thegloves off the hands will be so so thereyou have it your hello for Pino recipeethnic barbecue chicken wings so you cancover it cover it put into the fridgefor maybe that come half an hour so allthe juices get do stuff in there thenafter that you bake it right or justcook I like it and there you have so byGod’s hope you Java developer thumbs upby me nothing it’s the Cena back hereand so now we’re gonna it’s been herefor most of half an hour and now we’retransferchicken wings into a baking tray so nowdon’t be in so we’re gonna be baking itin the oven we’re gonna get some crushedgarlic cubes put any garlic to this[Music]so they’re having that we can put in theoven now so I’m gonna put the ovenyou want to use really hot and then allthe other factors prior so always youyou all have to always have a adultit’s kid zeinab Afghan guys and this isnow there are chicken wings when is nowcooked in the baked in the oven here itis now wait to eat so we turned itaround during some time to time and thisis the Filipino Pao barbecue chicken heyguys don’t forget to subscribe leave acommentunlike to cocina we have food

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