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This is how I made a grilled Buffalo chicken sandwich.
Sweet baby Ray’s buffalo sauce
One chicken breast
Sesame seed bun

36” blackstone griddle-
Utensil kit-
Grill cover-
Temperature gun-
Blue shop towels-

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

welcome back to griddle Grove I’m Rontoday we’re gonna be fixing up a buffalochicken grilled buffalo chicken sandwichI haven’t done any kind of sandwich likethat on this yet so this will be alittle interesting probably prettysimple like everything else is on theblackstone but I just wanted to saythank you for everybody tuning in andsmash that like button for me subscribeif you like what you’re seeing and I’mgonna bring you in to check out theseingredients alright so here’s what wegot we got one chicken breast one pieceof bacon I’m gonna throw that on top wegot a bun I got a sesame seed bun hereas you can see I got a little baster tosprinkle on the sweet baby Ray’s buffalosauce and yeah this is gonna be a prettyeasy quick video so got the blackstonewarming up I’m gonna bring in and justsecond and start this cook alright so Ididn’t clean my top or my spatulas forthis one it’s gonna be easy I’m justgonna use the tongs on this and weshould be good I’m gonna cook it overhere the chicken over here and I’m justgonna usethe old shop towels I love these thingson the blacks on the blue shop towelsyou can get from like the hardware storelove these things just gonna sprinklethat around a little bitwe’re good over there put your chickenon boom get this bacon going as well setthat thick cut bacon we like yeah I’mjust making a sandwich for me thenwife’s not eaten so gonna be a niceshort little video here and I’m gonnabring you guys back when I’m ready toflip this stuff and get it going alrightlet’s see what’s going out this chickenI’m gonna flip it and see what we getyeah we got a little browning from theoil that’s good baconOh NoOh rip apart on meNolet’s go alright alright yep and justlet these things go and come back whenthey’re all done and I’m gonna get thebuffalo sauce on the chicken alrightit’s been a couple minutes now the baconis almost done I just flipped that justa little bit longer on there let’s seewhat’s going on with the chicken hereoh yeah that’s looking nice let’s seeoneyeah you got a few more minutes least acouple on there all right so I’m gonnajust get this baked and done get thatoff to the side or you know what I’mgonna kill or turn these two burnersdown all the way low and when this isjust about doneget the bun on and I’m gonna use some ofthat bacon grease on there toooh yeah so I’ll bring you guys back in aminute all right the chicken is done Ijust checked the temperature my piece ofbacon is done over here that’s lookinggood so I’m gonna put that right thereyou know I’m gonna turn the heat down alittle bit so we’re gonna burn itput a little little sweet baby Ray’s onthere rub that onoh man that smells good see baby raiseswe’re saying y’all alright I’m gonna getthis bond going a little bit of thatbacon grease right there a little bit ofthat on there yeah keep that going overthere all rightnow let’s uh let’s flip this chicken weput a little bit more sweet baby onthere oh yeah we’re gooduh-huh that’s rightall right get you out of here all rightcool looking good there we go we’regetting a nice little crust on that yessirall right cool I’m gonna kill all theburners now get ready to put thissandwich togetherwhoo this is gonna be good I don’t wantto bring you back when I got to puttogether and show you what we got allright so I forgot to record on the lastone so I’m gonna take another bite ofthis for you small little bite herethat’s super tender chicken my Bacon’snice and crispy it’s perfect you got alittle crust on that bread mmm yeah andthat sweet baby Ray’s that’s legitthere’s some good stuff they’re notpaying me to say this but this is anawesome product I don’t know if it’spopular where you guys are but inIllinois it definitely is so I recommendthat and hit a subscribe hit a new videowe’ll see you on the next one thank you

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