BBQ Chicken Recipes



4 Chicken breasts
Cayenne pepper
Old bay seasoning
Garlic powder (unsalted)
Onion powder (unsalted)
1 piece of garlic
1 spoonful of butter
Extra Virginia olive oil
Soy sauce (optional)
Browning (optional)
Bay leaf
Parsley flakes

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Video Transcription

[Music]hello lovely people today I am here tomake barbecue chicken breasts alright soI’m starting off with four chickenbreasts that are individually wrapped Ireally love these chicken breastsbecause they’re like the perfect size Idon’t need to cut them and they’reindividually wrapped the last one I hada hard time opening because my hands arewet and slippery so I had to use a knifebut I got it open so I have all four ofmy chicken breasts inside of the panthat I’m gonna cook on to the stove topat first I’m gonna make sure that myhair is a wash you don’t want anySalmonella and I wash those hands scrubit up dub for 20 seconds you know you’rewashing for 20 seconds when you singhappy birthday twice get those handsnice and rinsed now I’m gonna put thewater on the chicken this is cold waterand I’m gonna clean my chicken now sothis is with vinegar now I’m going toadd some saltand lemon juice I’m gonna put the faucetback on cold water and make sure itfills up and all pieces of the chickenbreasts are covered with the solutionI’m gonna swish it around make surethey’re clean make sure that each pieceof chicken breast is rinsed off well toget that vinegar salt and lemon juiceoff I’m gonna pour the water offnow I’m gonna wash my hands againbecause I’m gonna have to touch theseasoning bottles get some soap doanother rubba-dub-dub for 20 secondsrinse my hands off well now I’m gonnapreheat my oven to 350 degrees before Istart seasoning my chicken and cookingmy chicken and this part is veryimportant you want to make sure that youget some paper towel to dry off yourchicken breast you do not want to putyour chicken breast while it’s wet andnot oil so I Pat each one of them dryand I place them into the baking panthat I’m gonna use later on so drop thatright in alright so this is my lastpiece of chicken breast that I’m tryingoff patting dry I should sayall right I’m going to drop that inand make sure that the pain that you’regoing to cook on to the stovetop with isdry as well you not do not want to addoil to water and have that heated up sothis part got deleted when i season mychicken with Old Bay seasoning salt andcayenne pepper so you just add a littleseasoning on both sides make sure it’snot too salty so this right here is soysauce I add a spoonful of soy sauce tomy chicken and one spoonful goes a longwaysoy sauce adds flavor and it also addsbrowning or coloring to your meat andthe same with browning this is browningbrowning is burnt sugar you want to becareful with browning though because toomuch can make your meat too dark and itcan make it too bitter so I just usedmaybe a quarter cap full of browning andthen I add two to three drops to eachpiece remember be careful with thebrownieI usually add onion powder and garlicpowder to the dry seasoning part of thechicken but I didn’t have any so now I’mjust massaging the soy sauce theBrowning the old base salt and cayennepepper onto the chicken when I massagethat in very well make sure all surfacesare covered and this is extra virginolive oil that I’m now going to drizzleonto the chicken breasts and then I’mgonna massage that in as well make sureit’s coated on both sides dry my handsoff with the oil and seasoning and I’mgonna get the pan that I’m going to useon the stovetop and I’m gonna place myheat on medium and remember make surethat the pan is dry before you put oilin now I’m going to drizzle with someextra virgin olive oil do my little heatdance and this is a garlic piece that Ihave I’m just gonna smash it then I’mgonna put it to the side cuz I’m gonnadrop it in the pot soon so I get aspoonful of butter drop that into thehot olive oil be careful it will splasha little bit drop the garlic inand now I’m going to get a bay leaf youcan add one or two I just added one justto add a little more flavor and thenthose are pimento seeds I like to addmemento just for some flavor as wellit’s not it’s optional you don’t need itall right I’m gonna shuffle my panaround make sure all of those seasoningsare being cooked evenly and make surethat it’s not burning like I said do notmind my burnt spot in the pot all rightso I grabbed my chicken and I’m gonnaplace them in the pan make sure that thechicken breasts are spaced out evenly somake sure you use a large enough pan youknow what all right so there it goes iscooking so I’m gonna cook the chickenbreasts 5 minutes on each side well withI’m wait until they’re golden-brown andI’m gonna start on my sauce or barbecuesauce in the meantime so I get a littledish and I’m gonna add a generous amountof barbecue sauce I think I had about ahalf a bottle F of barbecue sauce I’mgonna probably end up using all of it ohokay I didn’t want my chicken to burn sothere you go it’s nice and golden brownsome are darker than the others becausethe heat is not evenly distributed soI’m going to shuffle those around makesure they’re all being heated properlyand I’m gonna head back to my barbecuesauce so I’m gonna add a tablespoon ofhoney to that barbecue sauce and alsoabout the same amount of lemon juice soand I’m gonna add a dash or two ofcayenne pepper if you don’t like spicesyou can leave that out you want to mixthat incorporate all of those togetherand they goes my chicken it looks likeit’s ready to be transferred into thebacon dish I’m going to turn my heat offand I’m going to place these into thebaking dish so we’re not done cookingyet first click on a stovetop and thenyou finish off bacon in the oven so I’mgonna cook 3 in the bacon dish and oneseparate because I do not like barbecuesaucealright I’m gonna add some parsleyflakes onto my chicken breast you cantell these chicken breasts are very veryjuicy and tender they’re very plump makesure that you add a barbecue sauce oneach one and put about the same amounton each piece and you’re just gonnasmother that around make sure the wholetop gets barbecue sauce on itup almost my Bailey f– added it back onsmother that around and I’m gonna usesome more barbecue sauce so I just seeyou some straight from the bottle add itright on top and then I’m gonna addabout a cup of water to the bacon dishso that I can get some gravy my son heis probably gonna eat this with somemashed potatoes so I’m sure he’s gonnalove that and we’re not done yet we haveto make sure we pop this in the oven soremember we preheated it to 350 degreesand we’re gonna cook this for about 20to 30 minutes use your judgement allright there you go it’s cooked turn theoven off and then it goes my chickensucculent juicy barbecue chicken breastand it goes my piece of chicken withoutbarbecue sauce but as you can see itstill looks juicy all right everyonethat is the finished product I hope youlike comment and subscribe thanks


  1. Assalamuailakum apu. Your chicken wings look so tasty! We love BBQ and will definitely try it next time your way. Thanks for sharing

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