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How To Make Chicken Escalope / Breaded Chicken Breast / Breaded Chicken Fillet

How To Make Chicken Escalope / Breaded Chicken Breast / Breaded Chicken Fillet

Hi Guys, today I’ll show you how to make Breaded Chicken. This recipe gives you a medium spiced chicken. If you want it very spicy, feel free to double the heat in the recipe. It is definitely one of the crunchiest pieces of chicken you will ever eat. Adults and Kids will love this chicken.

Breaded Chicken Recipe :
Chicken Breast – Onion – Milk – Salt – Pepper – Egg – Flour – Bread Crumbs – Oil

A fantastic recipe to make a crunchy and delicious fried chicken
This is an easy panko fried chicken recipe. For this chicken breast recipe, I mix up a traditional Southern Fried Chicken by adding Panko Bread crumbs! These are the best pan fried and breaded boneless, skinless chicken breasts! So crispy, crunchy and delicious! Panko chicken!
In another way you can make Chicken in many ways for example chicken strips, chicken burger,chicken wings,chicken nuggets,chicken sweet and sour,chicken alfredo,chicken hakka,piccata chicken

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