BBQ Chicken Recipes

How to make chicken on a fire. Easy grilling of BBQ spiced chicken on a charcoal grill.

The bbq spiced grilled chicken prepared over flames is a favorite when we go camping. This video will show you how a basic recipe and method to prepare delicious chicken drumsticks on a charcoal grill. It is perfect for at home grilling and over a camp fire as well.

Equipment that could be used:
A Weber is great option for a grill:
Grilling Tongs:

Base recipe:
Chicken drumsticks
BBQ Spice:
Olive Oil

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Video Transcription

[Music]hi guys welcome back to gun tracking wewere back in our bright area so welcometo our bra today we are preparing somechicken some people are scared to usechicken we’ll show you how to do thattoday gonna start with the chicken wasthe one that’s marinate a little bit putit inside our bowl and then I want toclean up and they will move on to thepotatoes that’s right okay so in ourfamily everyone enjoys the drumstick sothat’s why I’ve bought just a wholebunch is is one of the things I like todo is find the big meaty bit and weslice in on to the boneit’s a lot of people like to precookinside I did not gain that what I liketo do is cut it to the bone that exposesthe bone helps it the heat transfer andwhen I marinade me to get a nice thespice inside of my chicken our first jobis to cut these up firstright it’s no over cut in in to do isadd some olive oil a little wine camitail just drizzle a little bitget your hands dirty hands been youwashed it go wash all right so gonna addsome spice okaya little bit there okay cool so I’mgonna do it smash sergeant in the oilops a little bit with absorbing this butalso when I put it on the fireit helps to give us a bit of a crunchoutside and the deep cut that you madehelps transfer the heat to the insidemake sure you rub it nice and deep sothat it’s deep deep deepso this basically if you don’t have thistastes like a barbecue flavor so weenjoy that and then I also have someother herbs you’re gonna add now this isa mixed herb and olive mixture good moremore MOREthis way we lift it up hmm okay andagain the massage it in make sure itcovers everywhere guys inside the skinunderneath the skin into the meat yes itis a messy job it is worth it[Music]the one that’s caper a little bit inyour hand firstyou see bit more with me they all speakthat’s a show the camera that’s strongso that I put a lot in can pour it overhere[Music]just that little bit makes a bigdifference you can add it all withoutthe olive flavor and that is the chickenprepped so we take this one becausefirst pleasewhile he does that I’m gonna go wash myhands and I’m taking the chicken off andsoftware stopped to get the chicken onno bidding on who you speak twodifferent ways to do this if you’veprecooked the chicken it’s basicallyjust needs to get flavor put it on thefire make sure to turn on the lightcharcoal the outside take it off andyou’re doneas you know we’re doing this raw whichmeans that it needs a bit more timeneeds to be finessed if you put thisdirectly on warm heat the outside burnsor cooks and the inside are still gotthe red blood inside of it so you needto must test your fireI know it’s too warm on the inside butwe do want to speed up our bride todayso I’m gonna do this pack it on theoutside turn quickly if off to my tenseconds I see it hasn’t turned color Iknow it’s not too warm I’ll keep onturning and then slowly move it in wordsif you put it down put all your chickendown and come back to the first listento it and it’s ready turn color thefires way too hotremove it all fatigue little completelylet’s get this on tape okay first one Iput on was here so I turn it still seeit’s raw so I’m not too worried aboutthat that piece I put on it later thatone also has ready to color yet so nowit’s gonna cook but it’s not too warm noI literally do this initially accountuntil ten and once I found 13 I startearning a game that’s a lot of work butI’ve seen with a family that I preferthat you can like this so I don’t minddoing it because we enjoy itokay time to get the chicken off you’llsee I slightly moved it towards themiddle as was getting ready I didn’t geta crispy on the outside you have a rulewhen you think the chickens readykeep it on longer just to make sure thatit’s perfectly cooked and then I haveone piece that I break the part of thetester and you can see I’ve already donethat absolutely no blood perfectguys thank you for brining with us thankyou for coming into our home we lookforward to sharing more breyerexperiments with you as well as moreadventures please remember to subscriberemember to Like and keep on joining usfor the next breath do it guys[Music]you[Music]

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