BBQ Chicken Recipes

How to make easy barbeque chicken wings on the grill

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Video Transcription

hi guys welcome to me my dad’s channelset your smoker to 200 and let it heatup place all your chicken wings on asmall pan once they are all placed outon the pan you’re gonna take someblazing Chipotle and you’re gonna coatyour chicken wings with that take alittle brush tool and kind of take allthe blade things off and put it all overyour wings and then flip them to theother side and do the same thing by theend they should look like this placethem on the grill and coat them one moretime[Music]okay so we’re gonna taste tests to thewing so let’s do itmmm that is so goodten out of ten recommend okay guys thisis our outro I hope you enjoyed thechicken wings and they’re great they’reawesome I hope you enjoyed the video andstay tuned to our next video and wewon’t teach you how to smoke somethingeven betterokay so I guys need you guys to you likecomment down below what you guys want usto do next and subscribe bye[Music]

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