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How to make//fried bbq chicken//jamaican style//Cornelialove kitchen

8 chicken legs
4tbsp bbq sauce
2cup flour

Bake on 350’for 15mins

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Video Transcription

hi guys welcome back to carnival ofkitchen today I’m gonna be making friedbarbecue chickenso I already seasoned some jump sticklast night I have two cup of flour 3eggs and I have sweet and spicy barbecueso I’m not gonna had no seasoning tothis flour because of the barbecue spiceso guys I just want to thank God foranother day another opportunity God letyour will be done in this day that yourblue will be done Jesus because we arenothing without you God and you said thecastle appears upon you because you carefor us Godyellow we walk to the valley of theshadow of death we will fear no evil Ithank you God for another day of lifeanother day of opportunity let your willbe done God have your way Jesus in thisseason pull down every strongholdeverything that is all in a powerblessing we care for you God and we knowyou care for us to God I love you moretoday than yesterday God thank you forwaking me up in the land of the livingand not in eternity I give you glory Igive you on and I give you praise amenwhat’s up guys so now I’m gonna show youhow I fried my chicken and then oh I putit into oven so it’s easy you could goto my previous video you could see how iseason my chicken or I’m just gonna puta link in this video and show you guysso I wash my hands make sure you havethis clean cleansiness is next togodliness so you’re gonna take up yourjump stick you’re gonna dip it in theegg it’s gonna get a little messy but noproblemI’m gonna dip it here take another onedo the same make your eggs on it dip itin the flour one morekeep it in a flower didn’t gonna do itlike this make sure flow is on it shakeshake shake shake you don’t want a lotin there and I’m gonna test my oil okaygoodshaky kickso I’m just gonna do the remaining upthe chicken just like that and then I’mgonna show you how it look like when Iturn it so you’re gonna leave it forlike five or six mini cuz I want itgolden brown and crunchy and then I showyou what it looked like so now guys I’mgoing to turn my chickenbeautifulhey guys I finished my my chicken juicydelicious so now I’m I mix some barbecuesauce sweet and spicy so I’m just gonnaput it on the chicken cuz I don’t wantit to soak in it like get wet wet UST Ijust wanted to have that crunchinessstill you just take the brush and justdo it like this both side and then youjust put it in the oven for 10 or 15minutes so I’m gonna show you what itlooked like after I take it out the ovenokay guys after 15 minutes this is whatmy fried barbecue chicken look likeplease remember to Like share andsubscribe have a blessed day

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