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How to make Fried BBQ Chicken

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Video Transcription

welcome back to my channel today we’remaking some chicken the way and this isa recipe that were made in Jamaica thatyou make them recipe how we make we frythe chicken then we put it in the ovenwe call the body[Music]usability have a lot of progress we’vegot enough of it and everythingvery funnywe’re gonna put one teaspoon and everyone teaspoon and so up to your likingeverything else is one teaspoon I’mgonna rub them in just one teaspoon andeverything for the salty put itthe best way to do this[Applause][Music][Applause][Applause]the chicken must pop right surethen Tahoe must be fried all over andthen it is going to add[Music]I could put it in a country and I’lljust shake it up and then put it in oneof mine this might take a little moretimesome people spotted in a container shakeit all up and then put it in the pan ifyou don’t want to have to do all of thisand if you didn’t have a brush you’regonna do some shaking and that’s the wayto do it everything to be nice andcaught it everything I’m going to put itin that oven for about 15 minutes shouldbe nice and 150 minutes[Music]nice facethe time to be nice and covered okayabout 15 minutesI’m 350[Music]thank you for watching subscribe sharelike be good be safe please wear a maskand I’ll see you next time

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