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How to make grilled chicken salad? Grilled chicken salad recipe..

Grilled chicken salad is not totally common or popular but if you try this salad you can say that this is one of the delicious chicken salad.
When you grilled the meat that is one of the best way that the flavor and the taste of meat you can feel it. And also our ingredients that give perfect combination to satisfy your desire the sweet chilli sauce, the white cheese it salty and the flavor of sesame oil and the toasted sesame seeds that give more taste for this salad.

1. Grilled chicken breast or thigh boneless
2. Cucumber
3. Green capsicum
4. Red and white onions
5. Celery
6. Green mango
7. Tomatoes remove the seeds
8. White cheese
9. Paprika powder
10. Cajun spicy
11. Sesame oil
12. Sesame seeds toasted
13. Salt
14. Black pepper powder
15. Sweet chilli sauce
16. Lemon juice


1. Cut the chicken breast boneless julienne size and put salt and pepper paprika powder and Cajun spicy and grill it with high heat.
2. When the chicken is cooked put in the bowl and put in the refrigerator. After
30 minutes take out the chicken from refrigerator and set aside.
3. Wash the tomatoes, celery, onions, cucumber, and mango and cut julienne or it depends on your desire size and mix to chicken.
4. And cut also the cheese cube and mix to chicken.
5. Mix also the lemon, sesame oil, salt, pepper and Cajun spicy and mix properly.
6. After mixing transfer to a plate and garnish on the top with toasted sesame seeds and serve..

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