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How to Make Grilled Chicken Thigh Sammies! With Sonny Sauce! (Quarantine Day 77)

Delicious grilled chicken sandwiches grilled and sauced. Served with grilled asparagus and macaroni salad on Martusciello’s bread and slathered in Sonny Sauce. Definitely a new favorite. Enjoy!

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Video Transcription

maybe got some chicken thighs they werebone-in skin-on but we took the bonesout and we toss them around in somebreadcrumbs cayenne pepper salt and jerkseasoning I’m gonna grill them up sowe’re gonna take the thighs lay aboutmon top here like so so we put the skinside up or skin side down the skin isfalling off so far I’m probably gonnaget burn up so maybe you want to putthat back on so we’re putting them ontop because when these things cookthey’re gonna release a lot of greaseand oil which is gonna cause flare-upsand the flame and that’s not what wewant but no that will be they’ll bekissed yes flame kissed so I mean it’llbe good but we just don’t want to putthem on the bottom because then they’llbe charred okay all rightya little bit windy today storms arecoming I’m gonna come back and check onthese[Music]check on it okay see that’s grease fromthese singing strips down we don’t wantto totally char we want a nice funplayer maybe a little bit too much onthat one it’ll be mineyou wanted a flame kiss that charredjust gonna work out these ones areperfect perfect perfect on fire chickenthighs are weighing greasy er then saythe chicken breast but also make themgrill better so these would be nice andjuicy when we eat them they also producea lot more grease that comes down andcauses flare-ups clear up looking goodasparagus that’s been blanched throw iton the fire here if you cook it too longit’s gonna become really chewy you gottacook it enough but not too much it’s agame of chance sure if I looked onlinethere’d be some kind of way to like knowexactly when it’s done or for how longbut no we’re just gonna wing it and it’sgonna come out awesomeshooting from the hip winging itimproviseit’s been a few minutes so I’m gonnaflip these over it’s great burn those alittle oh yeah that looks good that muchthat the hotter side no I just didn’tflip these yeah these are looking prettydone bright green a little bit crispy sowith the breadcrumbs and just the greaseof the chicken thighs as they cook youget a nice crispy finish therecompletely fallen over the place thenyou’ve overcooked them we’ll see we gotour chicken thighs asparagus macaronisalad empty mark Reed glasses raisinsunny sauce so what we’re gonna do isdip these chicken thighs into some sunnysauce put him on a martyr cello’s rolljust like the best fried chicken thighssunny sauce martyr cellos rules we can’tgo wrong[Music]dip it in sunny sauce delicious chickensandwich right there pieces asparagus[Music]always more sunny sauce and that’s whatwe’re doing tonight one last and veryimportant thing for my greatest cheersCheers cheers Cheers cheers Cheersto margaritas it’s one of the greatwonders of the world when made correctlybecause if you go to a chain restaurantis not this a very good enjoy that’sturned out awesome thank you everyonefor watching please like please commentyou subscribe to my youtube channelplease share this video please check inon your loved ones support localbusiness and wash your hands I love youmiss you[Music]

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