BBQ Chicken Recipes

How to make grilled chicken with spicy sauce

grilled chicken whit spicy sauce is one of the favorite dishes in my family, that’s why I decided to choose this dish. Here are the steps for making spicy grilled chicken

– chicken
– Red chili
– Cayenne pepper
– Shallot
– candlenut
– tamarind
– cooking oil
– sugar
– salt

– Blender
– frying pan
– spatula
– grill pan
– cutting board
– knife
– spoon
– fork
– washbasin
– plate

?First, prepare the ingredients and wash them thoroughly
?Second, cut the ingredients to be blended so they are easy to smooth
?Third, puree the seasoning ingredients until completely smooth
?Fourth, saute ground spices until cooked and fragrant
?Fifth, prepare the chicken roaster and coat it with a little oil so it doesn’t stick
?Sixth, roast the chicken until it is half cooked
? Seventh, spread half-cooked chicken with ground spices that have been made
?After that, if the chicken is brownish, the roasted chicken is ready to be lifted
? Finally, grilled chicken with spicy sauce is ready to be served with warm rice

Original of the video here

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