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How To Use Whole Foods Pizza Dough For BBQ Chicken Pizza Recipes | SIP BITE GO | Whole Foods Crust

Do you love BBQ chicken pizza recipes? Learn how to make BBQ chicken pizza with Whole Foods dough. PRINT RECIPE –

Once you see how to use Whole Foods pizza dough – stretching, parbaking, and topping it with BBQ Chicken Pizza ingredients – you’ll be able to throw a pizza night any day of the week. This is my latest Whole Foods Crust guide and it’s as delicious as ever.

Everyone has their own method of stretching pizza dough. Here’s what I do. The raw Whole Foods pre-made pizza dough is lightly coated with about a tablespoon of flour, all over. This makes it easy to stretch it and prevents it from sticking to my hands.

Then I begin stretching the dough by pinching the outside in a circular motion to spread it out. And then I go back and forth, between pinching the outside and pulling the inside of the dough apart from underneath with my knuckles.

Usually a few motions back and forth works. You’ll have to check out the recipe video at the end of this post, as the visual makes it easier to understand.

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