BBQ Chicken Recipes

JD BBQ Chicken Wings, Chilli Burgers and Pepper and Pesto Skewers #connectingbycookery

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1/2 kg chicken wings
1/2 kg mince
1 red , green yellow pepper
4 mushrooms
2 onions
2 gloves or garlic
Small tin/jar red kidney beans
Cayenne pepper
Green pesto jar

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Video Transcription

hey everybody and welcome to lockdowncooking at home with myself red Redfernbehind the camera is my lovely wife Janeas you can see we are outside and we’regonna be doing barbecue today now whereit’s been it’s been quite strong for meto get it all ready because I have noidea what I’m doing really but we’regoing to wing it we’re going to getthere and we’re gonna show you threelovely barbecue dishes we’re going to doa honey Jack Daniels chicken wings we’regoing to be doing a chili burger alovely pesto pepper skewer okay that’swhat we got in line for us today I’mgonna get ready Jen’s gonna say fewhellos and then we’re going to crack onhi everybody hellodefinitely winging this today raise myhand and slap that’s both of us I thinkyeah we’re outside we’re alfresco lotspeople on you I’ve missed a few peoplethere Jackie knee in and watching higuys and Andrew North cops watching RoseMarie Bethel’s watching and while Redsjust doing that and I’m just gonna panround as you can see we’re mountingtodaythat’s guy look at that isn’t thatbeautiful I have no idea whattemperature is somebody’s going to tellme a minute I know it’s hot it’s veryhot today slash Laura so Tempranillothis is from the La Mancha area okayit’s a young one it’s a 2018 it’s only12% this was given to us because Janeread to kittens yesterday and we’re theperson who took them off our hands theyspot the wine rain for me to try I’vehad a look online for it apparentlycomplies in little in Spain and it’srained its underneath two euros so we’regoing to crack this open and see how weget on with itthat’s watching hi John hi LizI’m mother and mother’s watchingmother-in-law’s watching Susan Robertsis watching I’m trying to get the rightlight in here so bear with me while Isort of move around a little bitand I’m moving to one area so I can seeredsee who’s on who’s watching us JohnJeffries is watching John Charles kanagilja corniglia Rose watching indeedeasy for me to say well that’s not badyou can tell it’s 12 percent but it’scertainly not I’m certainly not going toput on my chips thank you Peter for thatand thank you Peter bless him yesterday- kitten somebody lovely lovely humansdump them up our lane so I’d beenfeeding them for days and into scalingthe fence okay a little bit of waterthis is the cheap version of JackDaniels fromput in into a container we’re going toput in a little bit of tomato fritterroughly two tablespoons also a bit oftomato puree 1 take 1 teaspoon of tomatopuree this is the glaze yeah this is theglaze it’s going to go over at thechicken once honeyokay good squirt of honey we’re thengoing to put into that some barbecuesauce red ketchup 1 tablespoon of plainDijon mustardhanneke you can watch it back laterwatch about later they’ll be anannouncement okay then we are going tomix it all together then we’re going topop in the chicken wings now it’s thechicken wings we’re just going to usefour you can either have them whole likethis or you can cut them in half againso I’ll show you it just with one anywayif you’re going to cut them in half ifyou notice you want to be cutting intothe joint straight across into themiddle of the joint okay and it’ll comeacross but we’re going to use the wholewe’re gonna use the whole that’s quite abig one so we’ll cut that down ifthey’re quite big just cut them in halflike so and then you want to mix thatall together in the sauce okay so we’rejust going to put a lid on that andmarinate it whilst we get the other bitsand pieces ready so the next thing wewould get ready then is the mint we’reusing a mix of Turkey and chicken mintobviously you can use a mix of pork andbeef mince or you can use plain beefmince it’s entirely up to you but we’regoing to use some turkey and chicken mixI’ve got one kilo here you actually onlyneed about half a kilo so into acontainer then we’re going to put inhalf of the mince okay to thisokayhi guys so sorry we we froze well wedidn’t freeze actually quite theopposite we cooked the phone was too hotso it’s shut us down so I had to throwthe phone in the freezer sorry we turnround so I’m now in the shade whichisn’t a probably not a bad thing helloAxl hi desi Debbie Brown where are youwe’re here we’re back sorry about thatguys we are getting the mints ready forthe burgers so we’ve got chicken andturkey mince here I’ll put some mixedherbs into it we’re going to put alittle bit of sweet paprika and becausewe’re making chili burgers we’re goingto put in a little bit of cayenne pepperabout half a teaspoon of cayenne okayinto there we’re also going to beputting into that 1/4 cube of vegetablestock sprinkle it over the top becausewe’re on chili we’re going to put somechili fresh chili through it it’s a niceidea it’s alfresco any but it’s a bit ofa pest in it it’s a bit harder do youthink yeah because I’ve got anything tohand and it’s roasting it’s boiling outhere todaycan somebody tell me how warm it issomebody okay some chopped up chili youcan also put some garlic into this ifyou want toI’m not going to today we’re also goingto put in one eggand about sugar eggs in the incubator bythe way I would have the feeling wemight be just hard-boiled in six eggs tobe fair one tablespoon of breadcrumbsyeah too far from the wine fridge daceCheerssee this guy’s just as blue from thisangle done the egg done that onionhere’s the next thingso remember with when you’re makingburgers you don’t you don’t slice theonions you grate it because you don’twant to have any bits in it okay sowe’re going to just grating damn streetswatching from Colorado done how are youI wonder if you got you I know it’s inthe morning where you are have you gotyour wine ready done I think you mightbe going back to work great in a littlebit of onion I think Jimmy smiles was onearlier and sorry if I miss people wehad a little bit of a mishap yes yeahit’s just gonna say that that’s how livewe are as you can see Jane as you cansee look at your handsome face thank youmy leg and then what we’re going to dois mix all this together you won’tbelieve we’ve been doing this for sevenweeks it’s like the first dayokay lovely so get all that mixed innice so it’s a little bit wet so I’mgonna put in a little bit more break1anyone else having a barbecue tonightsprinkle a few more breadcrumbs over thetop want it to be coming away from thebowl not sticking to the bowl so we’realso gonna now just test a little bit onthe barbecue so we can see what ittastes likewash my hands okayso you write down our drive here lookthis is the other end of the camera downthe bottom there is our gate lift a buntin isn’t it lovely right that’s on thego we’re gonna get the peppers togetherbeing Gibbons is doing a barbecuestraight after well done again your sexon the beach look good todayI’m all about the drink do we know whatcocktails Jamie is doing at the weekendyet no I haven’t been given the list yetfor what Jamie’s doing so we’re usingthree different sorts of pepper and themain reason we’re using the three isfull color more than anything and youwant to have quite big bits of thepepper because they’re going to go ontothe skewer and we’re also going to putinto this as well so much onion now wehave half an onion left from when we didthe burger so we’re just going to cutthis into four like sothat’s nearly ready ok then so we’regoing to put these onto some skewerswhen you doing skewers try and make theskewers the same format so if you goread then onion then green then yellowred onion green yellow a vegetarianthing yeah it’s lovely right forget redtomorrow red doing the cooking’s gottalent thing tomorrow aren’t you yeswhat you doing yep we’re doing thecauliflower cheese whole cauliflowercheese and the pill pill and that wasbecause that was your choice guys that’swhat you chose for you to do so that’slike a nice English dish in a niceSpanish dish I guess and this is havinga pesto over the top of it so to thisthen we want to be putting in some oliveoil just a little bit of olive oil inthe bottom this is going to be the mixto go the top now if you’ve got a pastrybrush this is what you need you need tohave the pastry brush Milo for thepastry brush it’s gone walkaboutwe have no idea but with perhaps I’lllook with my eyes later you need tostill it with my eyes not his so we’rejust going to put a little bit of saltover the top like so okay and then we’regoing to put dab the pesto all over thetop here can really smell the basil inthis pesto saladI’m not very keen on pesto I’d reallylike itokay so we’re now going to check on thefirm and it’s nice and it cooks a littleslider yesthere’s certainly chili enough yeahreally yeah mmm wait wait stopneed some more salt okay give that aquick mix last thing I want to do is Iwant to put a little bit of chili mintsover the top of the burger so I want toput a little bit of onion intolet’s start cooking everything off mmmback on tents today guys back to mynormal routine of clean intense just forthe sheer anticipation that we might gocustomer Jaffa Cubans not a pesto liverwhat can they use as an alternative okayif you don’t like that you can use inmocha Dona they got a red pesto okaywhich is exactly the same looks likelike like that except for its pepperokay so you could use that very wellover the top of it okay but theyobviously that they might not have thatnow I guess this is to put on top of theburger yeah thank you very much justkeeping it in the fridgethey need what date is some sayingsomething about popping out for a patchrun and a coffee in a morning yeah yeahyou can go out Monday for that and thisis just literally to go over the top ofthe burger when we do it that’s almostcook can you bring that to me to seeplease clown in the sky guys okayactually John you can come right chickenthe chicken wings go on I’m gonna stepback stand back a bit because it onlyfits the heat from thisreally go that way aroundsay near the connections not very goodeither a bit stressful isn’t it and I’mgonna put on the pesto skewers on thissidewe’re gonna do two burgersfeel like it’s on an Australian feellike I’m in neighbours on the barbieSheilaokay we should be back up again oh myword as you can see guys running a bitof a mare mm phone keeps getting reallyhot I mean somebody tell me how hot isit out here how hot is it I don’t knowit’s gobby 30-plus and I don’t thinkthis phone likes it so obviously butstill so I’m gonna stay back from theBarbie and I’m gonna stay in the shadebecause I think when I get too close tothe barbecue and in the Sun the phonereally doesn’t like it so so I’m sosorry and you want anything you’vemessed we just have to you have to watchit back we’re putting it in the freezerDevi there could we got fridge freezerout here when it gets to what we’ve beenputting into freezer just quickly youknow yeah Jackie Gibbons says it’s 35 inthe shade there and I think it’sprobably that here isn’t it so yeah it’smaking me sweat just trying to be thecameraman so it’s not going very wellreally sorry guyssmells goodeverything’s roasting hot hot hot I cansee the chilies and then burgers it’sbeen a great Barbie doesn’t it that’s anold barbecue by the way that the standwas all broken so we built em yeah downRoberts came and built as a stand for ita brick corn and it works really well itgets used quite a lot actuallyyou can if you come to Hidden Valley doyour own barbecue of course wherethere’s a little small kitchen out herejust go around look you can I don’t knowif you can six of the shade there’s asmall kitchen area there but microwaveetc and a sink and everything and afridge freezer and you can actually doyour own you can only have a barbecuehere though you can’t we’re not allowedto have them in out in the olive grovesyou’ve got a steak stay around herebecause obviously because of the firerisk but yeah it gets used quite a lotso I guess really if you didn’t have anypesto you could have put you could putsome of your that barbecue to JackDaniels sauce you just made you couldhave put that on your and Suzy Wallaceshe’s watching us while she’s in thequeue for Aldi gives you something to doSusie a let’s write some high high leasefrom the coastmmm Keith Chad Bernie’s watching I keephim down the roadhahait’s watching hi Julia Ian says what’syour gloves don’t melt on oh yeah thatwould hurtwell yeah be careful okay so we arenearly ready to start getting bits andpieces ready just one bun so I’m justgonna show you how to do one going upLucy Lara’s watching ignatius Lucy Larayeah you do Lucy Lara’s one of your lookat okaykamikaze fly can because he fly hmm inthe wineobviously we with barbecues it’s quiteimportant that you haven’t got Williamsgoing all over the place if you do startgetting a lot of flames just get a bitof water to dump it downokay hi Kelsey Kelsey swatching hisweetheartokay we oughta nanny readydon’t if you can see up there guys justthrough there you can see our pool andit’s readyit’s nearly it’s almost done one moreday of tablets and clean in and it willbe really clear it’s looking good lookscold mind but it’s good no no I probablydo twice a year if that it’s nice tohave a dip in the pool just under themountain look there’s no one up thereyou know nobody it’s not like anyone cansee anythingoh Claire bump sir hi Claire have youbeen on all the time have you beenwatching mine and dad’s Fiasco it’s beenquite the drama today right para dramallamas here I put yesterday I put of allof the videos on to the YouTube channelthey’re all there now and there is 23 onthere so that’s how many we’ve done sothat’s three weeks seven weeks God werelike real amateurs today what’s going oneverything’s gone wrong the cameras thecameras cooked red cooked I’m sweatingmy back’s burning just so you all knowsee the lengths we go to guys thisbecause of great yeahokayso we’ll do the bigger first thing so Ilike to put on mine some mayonnaise topand bottom obviously it’s entirely up toyou what you want to do with your ownburger how you dress it up okay I’mgoing to put a bit of tomato a bit oflettuce I’ve got some cheese so I’m justgoing to pop a couple pieces of cheesethat readyI’ve also grilled off a little bit ofred onion that we’re going to put ontothat like so

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