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Joe Jr Smoked Chicken Wings – Does Pickle Brining Make a Difference?

Joe Jr Smoked Chicken Wings – Does Pickle Brining Make a Difference? In this video, I show you the simple steps of pickle brining and how it can make a tasty difference in making great bbq chicken wings on the Kamado Joe Jr.

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Pickle Brine:

Hardcore Carnivore Rub:

BBQ Tub:
BBQ Tub:

Time Stamps:
00:00 – Intro
00:10 – Pickle Brining
02:02 – Applying Rub after Pickle Brining
03:13 – Grill Temp 300-350
04:10 – Flipping Chicken
05:01 – Marinade the Chicken
05:56 – Final Review
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My name is Scott Bartlow and I’m from Oklahoma City. Bartlow’s BBQ is here to help you learn the basics of BBQ and bring your favorite people together around the table.

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Inkbird Digital Thermometer:
Igloo Cooler:
Ash Basket:
Charcoal Chimney:
JJ George Torch:
Bison 420 Airlighter:
Kamado Joe Electric Lighter:
Fire Starters:

The BBQ Rubs I Enjoy:
Meat Church Honey Hog:
Meat Church Honey Bacon BBQ:
Meat Church Three Pack (Holy Gospel, Holy Cow, & Gospel):
Meat Church Holy Voodoo : Black Magic (Dark Bark):
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