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Low Fat Healthy Grilled Chicken Recipe

Starting a new cooking episode of healthy low fat and low calorie meals for Diabetics or for those just want to loose some weight and changer there eating habits. Watch these episodes for some great ideas and easy recipes for good food that you and your family and friends would love to eat!

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Video Transcription

hey everybody welcome back to my channeldon’t forget to subscribe and press thenotification button so this way when Ido have an update you guys will benotified when I have my next update soas you’ve been watching my videos on mychannel I talk about a lot of variousdifferent things along the way and oneof the things I’m passionate about is mytype-2 diabetes and how I got myamputation and how I’ve been losingweight over a hundred pounds I’m stilltrying to lose weight and exercise andsome of my clothes are getting a littlebig on me but anyway so today a lot ofpeople ask me whether you eat what isyour diet like so if you watch some ofthe episodes prior I in 2012 I startedcutting down slowly you just can’t cutdown cold turkey because you’re gonnaput your body in a shop so you have toslowly start cutting down and then youwhen your body gets acclimated then youdon’t really crave the sugars and thecarbs so right now my diet is a very lowcarb diet and a very low sugar diet sothat’s basically what I’m doing a littlecalorie diet I’m not a nutritionist andI’m not a doctor but what I’ve beendoing is I’ve been eating a lothealthier so today what I’m going to dois I’m going to do one of my betterdishes that I like to eat and it did youdon’t even I may be a type-2 diabeticeven if you’re trying to lose someweight you want to change your eatinghabits this dish can just be for anybodythat wants to just lose some weight andand change your eating habits so todayI’m going to do a grilled chicken andalso some spinach on the side if younotice I’m not putting any rice there’sno potatoes there’s no french friesthere’s no carbs it’s mostly the proteinand thevegetable so to start out with with someof the ingredients of course you needchicken I do chicken breast and then youwant to flavor the chicken breastchicken breast by itself is kind ofbland so what I’m gonna do is put saltand pepper on it I also have some garlicand onion on it and I also have like aspecial spice rub it’s like a chickenrub pepper and some other seasoning inthere as well and then of course I haveparsley as well fresh parsley you canuse any season that you want that youlike but I prefer this it’s a cleanertaste and it tastes good and it grillsup very nice now I’m gonna put it in thegrill here if you have an indoor grillthat’s great if you have an outdoorgrill if you don’t have a grill you cansauté in a pan if you want or you canput it in the broiler or you can bake itas well so you don’t have to just grillit but I prefer grilling it okay sowe’re gonna start with the side dishfirst which is the spinach it’s nothingelaborate it just regular steamedspinach so what I’m going to do is Ilike to start off with a fresh spinachthat I cleaned you can use frozen but Ifind the fresh spinach to be much betterto think with spended spinach especiallywhen you use fresh spinach it looks likea lot but when you steam it it’sactually shrinks down to like a cupunless of a cup so I use the whole bagdon’t save it just go ahead and just useit so let’s go over to the oven andlet’s start steaming this does havefancy salt just regular table salt youwant to salt the water so this way whenit boils and cooks down at least thespinach has some salty taste to it andwhat you want to do is you just want tofeed the spinach in like they said itgoes quick because it kind of it kind ofwilts right down so don’t be afraid ohmy god I have all the spinach becauseonce it starts wilting down and you’llhave nothing really it’s just basicallya portion for for one or two if you likeso just let that boil down just put itall in thereand you’ll notice as it boils down thatwill start shrinking out start shrinkingdown to really nothinganyone leaves with that steamy water soas you can see it already boiled down soall that spinach really turned intoreally yeah you know a cup cup and ahalf at most probably like a cup I’mgonna go to the sink I’m gonna go aheadand drain the spinach and get all thewater out this you notice it’s all thewater and you don’t want to eat thespinach like that okay so you want todrain all the water out you want tocreate most of the water out because youdon’t want watery spinach you want touse and I like to use a good butter I’musing Kerrygold it’s one of the bestbutters on the market and what you wantto do is you want to melt that rightinto the spinach and if you want you canadd more salt and pepper or you can putgarlic in there you can do whatever youwant but I’m gonna keep it simple andjust right now it’s just salted with thebutter and I’m gonna take some freshpepper put some pepper in there andthat’s it and I’m gonna keep it on thestove and just keep it warm for now okayand then we’re gonna go ahead and do thechicken so now we’re gonna work on thechicken I’m gonna go ahead and seasonthe chicken with the salt and pepper andmy little seasoning and then I’m gonnaon the grill for salting I use aHimalayan pink salt I’m a little fancierbut you can do so regular salt andpepper or kosher salt if you don’t havea Malayan pink salt so I’m gonna goahead and you want to generously goahead and salt and pepper your chickenbreasts that I earlier pounded andfilleted and then you want to do bothsides so againI’m gonna put that little rub on it Patit in there so it stays on again Pat itin and I’m gonna do this with eachfilletokay so now that we have all our chickenfillets seasoned well with the seasoningwe’re gonna go ahead and just put thison[Music]pretty fast[Music][Music]okay so as it’s grilling we don’t haveto move it around and be fancy about itto play the griddle about two to threeminutes on each sidecreate a really nice and we want to keepthis under spark for about two anothertwo three nineone of the fields and the trick if youhave a bigger grill obviously you cancook more pieces of chicken but sensesas I can’t cook as many pizza chickenand this is sick that’s a peep peepabout I would take 200 people to hungrypeople or three people four people youkind of stretch it looking so what’sgoing I’m gonna put some just like theother ones I’m going to put some garlicand onion powder water good I like a lotof garlic and onion powder they’re justthings have to taste the chicken youknow chicken that kind of has Abdullahflavor to it and you can only do you cando one side if you want you don’t haveto do you know both so I do want you cando both sides but one side is enoughokay so the second the the two piecesthat I just put in is pretty much donebecause what I did there were largerpieces so I kept it on there for aboutthree minutes on each side so they’repretty much done and how you can tellchicken is done with any protein is justwhat you want to do is you want to feelit to touch it and this is nice and firmyou don’t want to eat raw chickenobviously especially if you’re feedingthis to your kids well if anybody inmatter of fact and these are done andnow we’re gonna go ahead and we’re goingto plate this up okay so when we playedup the spinach we had warming up sothat’s nice and warm so I’m gonna putthat on the plate first and then we’regonna put the grilled chicken downand then we’re gonna do a piece ofgrilled chicken and well and then if youwant to be a little fancy I have freshparsley that I chopped up earlier andthat is it that’s the chicken withspinach and it tastes very good Ipromise[Applause][Music]

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