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Making Bao – Chicken Bacon Ranch & BBQ Chicken | Home Cooking Adventure

I decided to do something different with the filling for bao. I made Chicken Bacon Ranch and BBQ Chicken bao! The process I used is semi-traditional semi-just me figuring it out. I had never made this recipe before and had it all in my head for how the fillings should go and how to make it all happen. I was over the moon that they were a success!!!

I cannot express just how delicious these turned out! The Chicken Bacon Ranch ones were soft and savory, very mild and basic filling. The BBQ Chicken bao were un-flippin-real! The acidity from the rice vinegar along with the sweetness of the bbq sauce and the spices, OH MAN! These were by far my favorite! I will be making these again!

Sorry for the construction sounds next door! Also, I didn’t finesse the audio like I normally would to lower that sound. Sorry again!

Bao dough recipe:
This recipe was created by Michael Lim :

Ingredients (metric):
560 grams plain flour
11 grams instant dry yeast
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon baking powder
30 grams fine sugar
30 gram vegetable oil
320 grams whole milk

Ingredients (US standard):
4 cups plain flour
1 tablespoon + 1 teaspoon instant dry yeast
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon baking powder
2 tablespoons fine sugar
2 tablespoons +1/2 teaspoon vegetable oil
1 cup + 1/4 cup + 1 tablespoon + 1 teaspoon grams whole milk

Fillings for Chicken Bacon Ranch:
1/2 lb (or 220g) boneless skinless chicken breast (or thigh) coarsely ground or finely chopped
3-4 strips of cooked bacon roughly chopped
1/2 cup finely chopped carrots
2 green onion finely sliced
1 tablespoon dry ranch seasoning
1 tablespoon mayonnaise
3 tablespoon milk

Filling for BBQ Chicken Bacon:
For the candied bacon:
3-4 strips of floppy cooked bacon chopped
2 tablespoons BBQ sauce
1 teaspoon fresh ground ginger
1 teaspoon rice vinegar
1 teaspoon Sherry
For filling:
1/2 lb (or 220g) boneless skinless chicken breast (or thigh) coarsely ground or finely chopped
2 green onions finely sliced
Candied bacon
1 teaspoon rice vinegar
1 tablespoon BBQ sauce
2 tablespoons water
(you can trade 1 tablespoon of water for 1 tablespoon of BBQ sauce if you’d like a bigger BBQ flavor)

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Video Transcription

hello today we’re gonna be makingchicken Bao we’re going to be trying todo two different types of chicken Baoprimarily because pork and beef are alittle expensive in my area and I wantto use what we have on hand which ischicken we’re gonna be doing a barbecuedchicken a spicy barbecue chicken aboutand a chicken bacon ranch Bao so it’sgoing to be a little different it’sdefinitely not traditional so if youcame here looking for a traditional bowflavor sorry I I just don’t have theingredients for it right now but we’regonna try to do something a littledifferent no matter what we do have tostart with the steamed bun Bao Bao Jiebun recipe so that is going to beconsists of flour sugar salt oil yeastand baking powder and milk which Istopped to get out the refrigerator therecipe that I’m using is in is in metricand it is actually from a YouTube videoand I’ve put the link to the YouTubevideo that I used in the descriptionalong with the recipe in both metric andstandard I enjoy using metric a lot eversince my mother-in-law got me thislittle kitchen scale and I love thislittle guy so much as Taylor brand whoI’ve been doing so many more recipes inmetric and I’ll tell you what it just itjust changes the whole gameso if you ever get the chance to get akitchen scale get one that does gramsand it’s amazing for this dough I lovetraditional recipes tell you to use itby hand but I have a slight wrist injurystill that I’m healing I sprained mywrist about a week and a half ago so Idon’t want to overwork itso instead we’re gonna be using myKitchen Aid with the dough hook so ifyou do have a a mixer with a dough hookit’s really it’s gonna be so easy to useyou guys it’s the bestalright let’s get started alright let’sdo some measurements okay we are goingto be measuring out 560 grams of flourwe’re going to do it right into ourmixing bowl so it’s about 4 cups offlourfive 60so 564 usually just take a pinch off thetop until I get my weight up that’s 560right thereour next ingredient will be bakingpowder which is one of the few thingsthat has a standard measurement of oneteaspoonour next ingredient will be salt justlike the baking powder it this is alsoone of the ones that has a measurementon us it’s half a teaspoon of salt whenyou are putting in salt at his courseI’ve coarse ground kosher salt you candome it a little bit so it’s a littlebit above the 1/2 teaspoon line justbecause the coarse grind creates alittle air pockets so a little bit morein here is a good thing all right sothis is all we’re gonna do right now forthe dry ingredients what we’re gonna dois we’re gonna put this now back ontoour stand mixer and then we’re gonna getour wet ingredients going this recipedoes call for instant yeast in a normalsituation if you have instant yeast youwould be able to put all of theingredients into the stand mixer rightaway I do not have in rapid rise instantyeast all I have is regular active yeastso this active yeast which is 11 gramsof active yeast it doesn’t need to beproofed in order to proof it we’re gonnabe putting warm milk which there is 320grams of whole milk that need to go inhere we’re going to be putting in abouthalf the milk into this along with allof the sugar and the yeast and let theyeast get a little bubbly so fun factoranyone following along when it comes tolike milk and other liquid measurementsit’s usually the milliliters is the sameas the grams so we’re looking for 320grams all right we have exactly 320grams of whole milk so here’s our milkwe’re gonna be putting this into themicrowave for about 45 seconds to aminute depending on years we want itwarm but not hotokay all right we’ve got our nice warmmilk out of the microwave the best wayyou can tell that it’s warmest if you doput your finger in it or on the outsideeven if it’s just a hair over what yourbody temperature is so the first thingsfirst we’re gonna weigh out our 30 gramsof sugar this is gonna be a lot of sugarfor our wonderful yeast to proliferateit’s gonna freak out so we’re do 30gramstwenty-nine there’s a thirty okay sothirty grams of sugar which is about sayabout two tablespoons we’re gonna beputting in our yeast on top okayit’s 11 grams of yeast and 320 grams ofwhole milk for 320 ml whole milk niceand warm not hot all rightthis little guy is gonna proof for aboutfive to ten minutes so we’re just gonnalet it sit if the milk is the righttemperature meaning barely above likebody temperature and there’s a lot ofsugar involved the yeast might startactivating very quickly I see the littlebubbles the little bubbles right therestarting it’s already starting to lookkind of foamy he says little bubbles atthe top that means that the yeast isstarting to wake up I was trying to eatthat eating creates this byproduct ofco2 at the top here if we left thisthing for long enough it would alsocreate a kind of alcohol by-product tofrom the sugar and it’s the same thingif you left it in you know wheat forlong enough some cool stuff littleactive organisms great like six minuteslater this guy is ready to go so it’sbeautifully foamy the the tops or alittle lumpy you can kind of see theselittle bubbles everywhere coming uplooks pretty darn good so we are goingto get this ready to go in here alongwith our oil and those are all of theingredients we are going to repositionour stand mixergently I don’t trust this bowl to notjust fill I’m gonna do that alright sowe’re gonna go down stir slowly pour itin[Music]if you are up to the test you would wantto keep this in your mixer for just afew moments until it starts to form aball and then you would take it out andknead it for at least 10 minutes on yourcounter job when it gets into a balllike this you would normally need it forabout 10 minutes or so we are going tobe putting this on a level to just abovea stir so that way it can start to kneadin the bowl and we’re only gonna needthis for about six to seven minutesall right looks like we are ready totake this out due to a little bit of atechnical snafuI ran on a battery on my big camera soI’ll be able to see this goes very wellhere’s the dough we just took it out soyou can see it is it’s not soft see thethumb goes in doesn’t come back out allright but it is smooth it’s very nice tothe touch it is kind of stuff it’sobviously it’s doughy it’s a little bitmore of a little bit more of a stiffdough but it looks really good I’m justgonna shape it into it a nice littleball okay there we go here’s our littledough ballwe’re going to take an oiled Bowl with alot of room in it we’re gonna place itat the bottom we’re gonna cover it andwait like two hours for it to double insize and then we’re gonna start makingour bow in the interim we’re gonna makeour in our filling is adjustable okay soto ground and we’re back ready for theingredients for our chicken bacon ranchand barbecue chicken bow first thing wehave to do is sear off some bacon I’m myone of these just because a little extralike sugar old candy Bacon’s amazing tobegin with but I might I don’t know Ihaven’t decided yetoh by the way I’m making up this wholerecipe I have not found a barbecuechicken Bao recipe before and I have notfound a chicken bacon ranch bow beforeso I’m making it up as I go along that’spart of the adventure right so I’m gonnacook off this bacon real quick and seewhere we go from there okay picking upour bacon we’ve got our bacon cookedmostly there’s a few pieces that I leftnot quite as crispy as some of the otherones because my plan is to make thebarbecue ones and then the chicken baconranch one so I’m gonna put down here inthe link if you want to jump directly tothe chicken bacon ranch in Phillycheck it out right down here okay allright okay so for the barbecue one weare going to grab our cutting board andwe are going to dice up some of theseslightly under under made seems kind ofkind of floppy grease everywhereum kind of floppy bacon because whatwe’re gonna do is we’re gonna put thisback in the pan with the barbecue sauceand a couple other things to see if wecan’t like really get a ton of flavorout of it we’re gonna be putting thiswith raw chicken later on in the bun tosteam togetherthere’s also construction going onoutside so I’m sorry you guys can hearthatI don’t want very big pieces but I don’twant like teeny-tiny crumbles you knowwhat I mean again because this is gonnago into a pod so you don’t want it to betoo big but you also don’t want it to beso tiny that it’s just gonna be lost butthe size of my the tip of my finger alittle bit of crumble is not gonna hurtanybody but again they’re a little bitbetter the chickens gonna be kind of onthe smoother side with not a lot oftexture and this is gonna bring a lot oftexture to the party thank you okayI’m excited yeah okay we’ve got thisshot and then we’re gonna put it backinto the pan that we had it earlierand then we’re going to cup a little bitof ice so for in this one I’m actuallygonna be cutting up some green onionboth the whites and the greens for theinternals of this so it’s gonna have alittle bit of crunch a little bit ofmeat and a lot of wonderful ice as youget further up into the greens I usuallylike to make them a little bit thinnerjust because the greens are they breakdown a little bit slower than the whitesthere you need to clean yourself cleanus off the top of the knifethis next bits gonna be a little bitmore difficult for me because wellyou’re gonna be in an area that I’m notcertain you’re gonna be level truth yeptime hey get back on track I’m gonna putthe bacon back in the pan we’re notgonna turn the pan on just yet becausewe’re gonna kind of want to do this alittle slowI think bacon back in the pan I’m goingto do a teaspoon of ginger cuz I like itthat’s gonna make it nice and fragrant Ido a tablespoon of barbecue sauce startwith one and go from there we are usingSaddleback barbecue sauce which is alocal barbecue joint in Lansing MichiganI shouldn’t say local cuz we’re inChicago but it’s from Lansing Michiganit’s a UH it’s just one that we reallylike all right the next two that we’regoing to be putting in is a teaspoon ofwhite white rice vinegar or white winevinegar and I’m putting it also ateaspoon of sherry just to make it Idon’t know a little bit sweeter becausethat’s what I want that’s why I reallydon’t know how these flavors are gonnacome together but if it just well thingswere just feels right it’s gonna be verysweet and with that little ass it’sgonna play really well with that sweetokayturn on the heat see what we got in justa moment maybe I’ll put in one moretableyeah yeah yeah but no one working so nowwe’re up to two tablespoons of barbecuesauce which will help with thethickening because we want to get thiskind of thick we’re gonna be adding alittle bit more barbecue sauceto the mix a little bit more of each ofthese actually to the mix but we’llcross that room when we get there yeahfeeling good okay lookthis is about the extra the secondbarbecue sauce yeah kind of all over sothe sugars start melting when we getthat ginger going this probably bebetter with thicker bacon or even justby itself but I wanted to do somethingweird man I’ve never made this before sothis is all new to me now one thing I amusing is that I didn’t I wiped down thispan but I didn’t fully wash it sothere’s still a little bit of bacon bitsand and yumminess all around the edgesthat I’m also picking out I’m hoping itkind of gives me that little extra extradepth of flavor because my friend Stephused to say depth of flavor slightlyburnt Krusty’s and she’s not wrongall right it looks just about ready tome so is this making you hungry yes yeahbut this is come along this is just thebacon portionlooking good didn’t kind of trauma soI’ll get you the Bacon’s cookin see thatthere’s the Bacon’s cooking all righthe’s less liquid coming off of it allright I think we’re done I want to burnit so this is like my only batch I thinkwe’re good we’re good we’re good let’stake this off the heat and put it backinto the bowl and let it rest it smellsit smells so good oh the barbecue smellsreal spicy because all the flavors arenow a little bit more condensed theginger is really coming out in this okayso something about me I don’t likegingerI don’t like ginger for whatever reasonsince we started making more Asianflavors and gingerscorporated – a lot of them I’m reallyloving ginger lately so I’m not quite akongregate don’t give me ginger ale oranything gross like that but I’m doingpretty darn good I think let’s get goingon cutting some chicken okay we have ourchicken this thing is just shy of onewhole pound just for this chicken breastwe call these behemoths this is a hugeguy I’m gonna take our knife I wiped offthe counter by the way or though thisthing I cleaned it off we’re gonna bemaking it into bite-sized bits and thenwe’re gonna be chopping it down as faras possible you can do this with groundchicken or if you have a butcher nearyou that is still open or as a butcheryin your your store that’s willing togrind things for you if you want to askthem for coarse grind or like likesomething slightly finer than stew meatis what you’re trying to go for the onlyreason is cuz ground chicken has grownso finely that it get it dries outreally fastOh card full really really the camerawhy do you do these things so now we’rejust on the single camera we’re havingsome technical issues right now with ourcamera uh just makes me wanna pull myeyes out but that’s okay we will getthis done so now instead of seeing mymug you are now going to instead seemostly just up for the insights of thechicken bacon ranch the first thing thatwe’re gonna do is we’re gonna cut upsome carrots and some green onion againRina who’s gonna give us that wonderfulonion of flavor all right so we have ourgreen onion and now ever carrots thecarrots you don’t want to do obviouslytoo big because otherwise they won’tcook all the way through so you want toget really small chops I usually do likean equal amount of carrots two greenonions so these few more should be goodthis is still gonna be pretty a lot offilling for the amount of chicken thatwe’re gonna be doing which is about halfof common chicken I only go there tochicken out of the freezer all rightthat’s about the right amount here alittle bit of a change of cameras herewe go all righty it’s time to split upthe chicken we’re gonna be doing half apound put in the barbecue and have abone and the chicken back yeah that’sexactly half the chicken so about 210grams of chicken each and that way wehave full amounts of chicken into thethings into the thingies because I’mvery scientific okay so we’re done withour scale and put that way now we’regonna start with the chicken baconbranch since we already have chickenwe’re just gonna dump it right in thereand the green onionsokay I’m gonna kind of break this up andswitch this around then I’m gonna addsome more liquid measurement to it we’regonna be putting in another tablespoonof barbecue sauce then we’re gonna beputting in a little bit more over therace whether you’re teaspoon just Ithink the acidity would be super greatand then for the rest of it we’re justgonna be putting in two tablespoons ofwater the water is gonna help kind ofmeld everything together and now intraditional ones they just want you tostir in one direction so you get theright texture everything gets mixed so Iunderstand it the great thing is thatthe bacon is going to be bringing a lotof gonna be bringing a lot of fat to theparty chicken squawking you hear behindme the bird called Oliver what up Oliverokay that looks pretty good for me so itlooks it’s definitely a little bitthicker than I’ve seen it but I think itwill loosen a little bit once we get itwarm just kind of nice I think that’llbe really good yeah I don’t think weneed any cornstarch in this to kind ofbring it together because it’s alreadycornstarch in the barbecue sauce whichis why I used two pre-made summers allright this is good I’m gonna put a coverover it and then we’re gonna put in thefridge let it set for a little bit sothe flavors kind of meld together andyeah I think this is done so ever thechicken bacon ranch one’s a little bitdifferent go to the chicken mom I got acoats of bacon okayI forgot I have to cut up the bacon thisone you can well in smaller bits so themore crumbly the betterma-ma-ma-ma-ma[Music]ok-ran with the bacon directly in withthe chicken you know for someone whocould barely speak you sure do talk alot yeah all right so we’re putting ourbacon we’re putting our green onion andour carrot that’s pretty darn good Ithinknow here’s my weird parts come in we aregoing to be putting in 2 teaspoons ofranch dry ranch seasoning ok I liedwe’re gonna be putting in a wholetablespoon of dry ranch seasoninghey because I’m the worst and then we’regonna be putting in a tablespoon of mayoso the tablespoon of mayo needs to go inthere because that wasn’t a fulltablespoon and I’ve only got like tinybits left was from another Jim okayonetwo three okay so three tablespoons ofmilk should be all we require for thisI’m just gonna take a spoon get it allup in there really give a good mixed Iknow you might be thinking to yourselflike Kate Mayo Mayo but when you getthese these dry ranch seasoning boxesthat’s how you make it just milk andmayo with a seasoning the Mayo alsoprovides because since Mayo is just eggsand oil and lemon juice for the mostpart it will provide the needed fat forthis particular firm for chicken chickenneeds some a little bit of fat with itbecause it just doesn’t have a lot ofits own size that looks pretty wellmixed I hate and just the rightconsistency to its where it’s like alittle sloppy a little wet but not babyall right we’re gonna slap a lid on thisand we’re waiting for that bow to riseit’s almost done so let’s see we havemaybe half an hour before we get intomaking our bow true facts this is mysink currently before I get to wash itis completely overflowing the dishes cuzthat’s what happens when you have like amillion prep bulls for a millioningredients so as the work station whilewe’re waiting I still gotta clean it upthere’s our camera setup now I reallylove and yeah so that’s got to get cleanit’s just like that so I guess what I’mdoing while we have our wait time Hey ohwe good all right I think it’s time ohyeah this is definitely doubled in sizeoh yeah very softwe’re gonna break this guy down[Music]all right we’re gonna put a little bitof flour down[Music]just a little bitthis is so much – oh-ho oh my goshokay holy Moses this is more dough thanI thought we’re gonna get it right theoriginal thought was to do this in 1600pieces curiosity I want to see I’mtalking about here for 16 equal piecesso this is 945 gramsall right so 940 5/16 is like 59 gramsand I know for certain that’s way toobig so we’re gonna end up doingsomething a little bit smaller we’regonna be trying to do and hit 39 gramswhich should could have a pretty goodsize though given this a nice littleroll out okay let’s see what we got 39grams is what we’re going for one twothree four five six seven eight nine ten7.13 forty fifty to the WC 1920 400234th they’re 24 pieces okay so I havemy flour my rolling pinsthis is parchment paper which I’ve cutinto individual sizes so I can put thebow on I’m gonna get out one of theplanes so kind of squish it into as muchof a circle as you can I’m really bad atcirclesbut this time you’re cute you’re justcuteyou know me I’m like the governor of thestruggle dust town okay tiny littlepillow in the center there this is wherewe’re gonna put some learn stuff thenwhat about Center tablespoon and hearingthanks sisterI wanted smaller back we really don’tworry enjoy a battle okaystart my thumb on the filling[Music]push it down in thereokay now we have yeah okay do you thinksee humming smaller that’s what I wantedokay these do have to rest for aboutfive to six minutes outsidethat’s right now it’s like before youput them in the steamer I forgot to talkabout the steamer but that’s okayI am really good at making these square[Music]okay this one’s a little bit biggerwe’ll put them off okaymake a first pitchthat’s a little easier actuallyOhthis one’s an unmitigated success Ithink I did that some of them going intoitso if you guys want to see how I’m doingthis one days I have some flour down andI’m just I keep my hand on this thisrolling pin and I’m just rolling it insome other people say only roll out likelift up to relief in a roll out you wantto keep a little pillow on the centerhere but I roll in in and out motionokay so we start on the shallower sidebecause I can’t roll over all theperfect circleit’s what you’re doing is when you grabthem you’re also pinching as you go makeits tiny little nodule at the top hereQuintanilla pinch brings all togetherand then i kind of fluff it upgreat oh it’s gonna be a long onewe have five little bow pretty oh my godI think that one’s my favorite they alllook really good though um these are thebow they’re ready to go in okay so hereis our steamer now this is a wok that wehave that was purchased for us for awedding and we love it we use it all thetimebut this is our wok and was just aregular steamer in here with just somewater at the bottom so I’m gonna getthis turned on and get this starting tosteam something super important to knowif you’re doing it this way because wedon’t own a bamboo steamer the wholeidea of steaming these buns is to keepwater away from actually touching thebuns themselves so what you’ll want todo let’s put a tea towel on top of yourlid so when you put them on here all themoisture gets absorbed into the toweland stays off the buns themselves soit’ll be on here so that’s how it’sgonna look once they’re in there becausebamboo steamers they actually keep theyjust kind of do super indirect heat wetheat but they don’t actually put waterin there so we’re gonna get this up toboiling here and then we’re gonna getthe bow in and make sure it’s not toohigh of a rolling boil you kind of wantmore of a steaming simmer if you willand we’re gonna get going so so here’swhat my work surface looks like from mypoint of view look at those babiesthey’re starting to puff up already Ican see this so the yeast is alreadyworking so I got to work fast so becauseI got to work fastI am NOT going to sorry about theconstruction sounds back in thebackground because of how fast I got towork I’m not going to film the rest ofthis just know that these five at thebeginning and then we’ve got 19 more todo this is how much filling 1/2 so farso I hope I can get three more at leastout of this and then I got noe 1200 Imean like seven more oh my god I hope Icould stretch this so I can get all thisgood otherwise we’re gonna steam themjust as like open buns alright let’s dothis alright the babies just went inthis is why they’re on individualparchment piecesand why they we only want to put likefive in here because you don’t want themto touch otherwise they’ll stick to eachother but bye-bye babies see you inabout 10 minuteshere’s the last of them this is the lastno I know each of them in our first feware already out of the steamer with theexception of this one looking kind ofweird look how amazing they were sittinglook I am so proud of myselfgood you’ll notice if you do any maththere’s one missing we met did steal onefrom me alreadythey look so flippin yummy these are allthe BBQ ones this is the last of thebarbecue ones and or there’s only onebarbecue one in here and then for ourthings and stuff yeah right eight nineten eleven twelve there’s three in hereand then two of those are these guyswait it doesn’t make sense one two threefour five six seven eight nine oh wellyeah because Matt already ate one ofthese H nine ten okay so there’s twobarbeque ones in here and then the otherthree are chicken bacon ranch these arethe chicken bacon ranch –is and to giveyou an idea of how big they got theylook at this this is the starting that’sthe ending they do get quite large Ijust realize that needs to be pinched alittle bit moreso they do puff up a bit that’s why youdon’t want to get me two closer togetheryay we’re gonna eat them in just alittle bit OMGand we still have a few in the pot butonly a couple of who run their finalthree but five ten fifteen it’s gonna betwenty three because Matt already ateone I’m gonna try one I’m gonna try abarbecue one I’m excited for thatalright this is my favorite because it’sjust the prettiest one that I madeokay I’m gonna try it if this is the thebarbecue one mmm good amount of fillingI probably could have put a little bitmore barbecue sauce on it actually soinstead of should be two tablespoons ofbarbecue sauce and one tablespoon ofwater instead of the other way aroundbut this is great oh it has a reallygreat texture the outside of the bun isnice and fluffyfoofie bun and the onions still has alittle bit of a crunch which I like andthe bacon really gives it a really goodtexture oh yeahjust one’s a keeper oh well my baconmakes everything better so yeah I justmade 24 Bao it’s amazing and now I’mgonna try a chicken bacon ranch one thecarrots often but they’re not softthey’re still crunchy no no I get hurtadding the carrots in this it’s prettygood I’m gonna give that extra crunchbut it’s delicious so there you have itthat’s how you make bacon that’s how youmake chicken bacon ranch bow and chickenBBQ bow that’s my take on that at leastI hope you guys enjoy the video I knowwe were plagued with technicaldifficulties the whole way through ranout of battery then ran out of memoryand then it was just like kaput so so Ihope you enjoyed it if you get a chanceto make themamazing let’s maybe my third one I don’tknow I don’t keep count anymore butthere’s the rest of them one more overhereanyway um I know Matt’s really happythat I that I made these so I hope youguys enjoyed the video and as alwayslike subscribe to that all the GS butreally we’ll see you guys on our nextadventure

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