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Making Grilled Chicken and Spinach Salad

On this video learn how to quickly spice and season boneless chicken. When grilling on a pan, the trick is to get the heat right so that the chicken cooks on the inside. Making the spinach salad is easy and with the addition of the grilled chicken, this will be a meal you will enjoy

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Video Transcription

hi I’m chef Rafi and welcome to today’sshow I’m going hot milk and deliciousspinach and chicken salad the chickenI’ve made it with the tropical heatcurry powder very delicious andsucculent and this is just my take ofhow you can make a salad and I hope youlike it let’s get started[Music][Music]so and for today’s ingredients becauseagain we are making a saladso I’ve already blanched the spinach andas you can see it’s a whole leaf andI’ll cut it up into smaller pieces forthe salad I’ll also add some salt wehave some sea salt some mixed spices andI will also use some olive oil for thissalad now to add some crunch to thevegetable to the salad I’ll add some andalso color I’m adding some coloredcapsicum the yellow one and the red oneand some onion they starve the salad isthe chicken so it’s boneless chickenI’ll use the all improved curry powderby tropical heat remember it’s pure andnatural it has natural ingredients theingredients which you can see on theingredient list our natural so tomarinate what I’ll need to do is outsidefirst of all with the salt when you’readding salt to a steak like this youneed to add a generous amount and thentake the curry powder and also add agenerous amount on top so instead ofblack pepper I’m now using the currypowder like I said it’s a generousamount and then on the second side sameprocedure salt the chicken will have ayellow tint because of the curry powdercurry powder has to Marik has cuminright now I’m using a grill pan a grillpan is the one that has the lines youneed to add a small amount of oil firstand the panand then place the chicken one side andyou want to hear the sizzle so this willcook for about two minutes and thenwe’ll turn it to the other side so afterabout two minutes into the cookingprocess this is what you’re seeing nowthe liquid is moving out of the chickenand it’s halfway cooked a nice time turnit to the other side and now we wait forthe second side to cook until it’scooked through so the chicken is nowcooked and again you know it’s cookedwhen the liquid coming out from theinside it’s clear remember when Istarted I’d say the lead leaves a holewhat I will do to take the leaves andcut them into some chunks and then I’llslice half an onion two thin slices soadd the onion sliced onion not too muchjust enough but we’ll balance amount ofspinach that you have colored peppersthis is purely for color and also thecrunch so that should be enough and I’llseason the salad with some salt I’m alsousing meat spices this is a tropicalheat blend has some nice flavors so youcan see the different colors of thepeppers onion that’s the color contrastyou want to have now if it’s dicing youcut one end like that cut it into threeand as you can see the inside is stilljuicy all you need to do is thatinto dices or squares and then I’m goingto add olive oil and it actually looksreally yummyyou have the chunks of chicken the smallpieces of onion and peppers and thespinach this you can actually have it asit is when the spinach is still warm youcan place it in the fridge and have itwhen it’s cold but as it as it is it’sactually looks for me it actually isvery delicious lookingremember the chicken is nice and moistit has the correct lever you will loveit so I hope you learned something todaythat’s my take of how you can make aspinach salad with chicken you can tryit out with your own way and I’m lookingforward to your comments on the commentsection let me know how New Year’s turnsout and until next time goodbye

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