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McDonald’s The Sticky N Sweet BBQ Chicken Burger Review

Dazza Does… McDonald’s The Sticky N Sweet BBQ Chicken Burger Review. It was the eve of storm Ciara and we were peckish, I had just seen McDonald’s had a new burger out and thought I’d try it. All was going well until a few minutes in then TRAGEDY struck 😔.

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Video Transcription

hi guys so you’re doing your backMatassa and today on that it does we’vejust tried the raspberry make for a wakething a but no we’re gonna try thesticky and sweet barbecue chicken andvodka and be available into the 24th ofMarch or not long left to be fair andseen that’s only last nightI’ve even know it was out then what’s itand tell it on muffin looking in it willnot see anybody do it hey so this is anew burger you can see oh I was prettierthan it that’s a foster I washMcDonald’s are they good but look atthat’s for Jenny that’s ideal what toplace that one again did you ever ohfour pound fifty name for that right soI’ve got sesame bun we’ve got vodkasauce under the under the day wasactually late you know mmm we’ve gothome steaming up in here we’ve got a bugshot under the lightest and meal backit’s not me was cool slaw you’ve gotbacon which is I just would you quite abig streaky bacon I’ll put aboutconscious I wouldn’t not eat thatI think also you get don’t that diecourse Tommy something mean off aimwhat’s upwell like we enjoy okay so you get tomeasure making layers coleslaw – batsare checking under there you’ve got asome killer cheese really know what shedoesdon’t like so it’s four pound 59 for theblood gut laughing enough way I said ifyou the rabbit what the Yale right sojust made Ivan have a bit of itdriverless who do you know about you canstop beef so absolutely huge just vodkamake please pretty messy absolutely nomessy there we go right get me hmm[Music]the reason I didn’t quite quiet isbecause that we fail as having asleepjust by their I don’t the thing you weremaking tell me when oh quiet notvodka that’s absolutely fantastic guysbeautiful beautiful beautiful that’squite lucky sweet as well mmm whythat’s the best bonnet done for a way[Music]for players left to name its own squawkand that’s quite a lot but as well thatCVI we treat for yourself case killerbeagle beautiful pathway beautiful meshis what he didn’t have any baby at thismorning so she waited to get some KFCpopping and checking popcorn settingthing Bay but she does like the phraseso we went and got fresh McDonald eachHappy Days – what about if I mixed thematch over here and answering for thereobviously they sweeten sticky buggerbarbeque chicken burger thingamajiggyand friesmm funny happy live hmmso our tab I’m gonna get back I saw itname is Ben oh he absolutely beautifulI was definitely of that again easilyhave that again as amazing shame it’sonly available to a Twitter 4th of Marchcuz that I could[Music]hello darkness my old friendit just lost not launched it I know it’sa good bad check knows well what was Ieven seen render maps all the room thatif you haven’t been doing with thoseguys you try the new barbecue chattingsuite and several bug language I getgive it a go Nana attend it’s not to besniffed at Emily there’s that so guysthank you George Oh before I go alwaysthis all with this have you haven’tfollowed my Instagram if you remainpopping along to think of as any followthat it doesn’t ain’t in and if youhaven’t been to my facebook that is aframe you can put long to be be able tobe following a friend okay they call itso thank you much guyshave a lovely weekend and cheerio

12 Replies to “McDonald’s The Sticky N Sweet BBQ Chicken Burger Review

  1. Not sure if it’s new , coleslaw no for ha. Not really a fan of chicken selects in the burgers .suppose if it’s tasty . Raspberry flake is one of fave

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