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Mukbang barbeque chicken wings w/ macaroni

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Video Transcription

hi my name is Matthew Loulou Max and medoing the football today yes what whatsome chick BBQ chicken butt a little bitof hot sauce was it red right there yeahwe’re gonna do the challenge whoeverwhoever loses and I got the wateryou don’t got water because he takespain I like a man yeah okay photo guysmovie right nowwhoever wins this challenge gets $20stand up Tornillo we made pretty goodeating right let them take a bike nothat’s at the end of the videooh yeah you guys will see this finishedrate of $20 whoever once they won this$20 okay I got right now I don’t knowbut I eat way more than its older butthey know I am ordinance whatever rightyou guys ready I ready contractor Chrisfirst is the chicken no first an icon inthat you can do what you want but yougotta eat all of it okay I eat two ofthese and eat right yeah ready goodready set gothat’s what I see when were you guysthat’s a night $20 if I went I sleep itif you want you don’t sayand I just say my first one no you gottaeat the whole thing you can’t leave theday that was real good we cooked itmm-hmm okay okay let me put some hotsauce as you guys can know he’s theloser on here he don’t put no you don’tput my hot setI put a dip in the hot sauce he doesn’toh oh yeah he got a bigger checkpointing me so he might eat frustratemm-hmm you had us you have a smallanswer so you should be done before meI know I’m in a factory in this boypeaceful[Music]then I had to get water and he’s a loseryou know how you said itOh your breath I took a shot my motheroh look Matt wait let me show themacaroni it’s almost time no water I’vegot my water for at the end now we needtaking no more water in Mona so how areyou loserhmm whoa I’m not you know that no no Ilost my dog right there ladylook it’s right on there[Music]everybody Elmo thank you guys forwatching this whole video yeah yeah thelast one right you get to eat it yeah Igive me my guys thank you for watchinglike and subscribe like comment peaceoutyeah guys was better without him

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