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Oven Bbq Chicken

So you want to learn how to cook with your host ICW which is Jacob Chacanaca! Well today is your lucky day cause we are cooking a delicious bbq chicken dinner made in an oven!

What you’ll need is a baking sheet, alluminum foil, seasonings which are Paprika, Chill, Mrs.Dash, Garlic Powder, Season salt.

Approximate time: 35 min

Directions: First what you need to do is place alluminum foil on baking sheet! Than what your going to do is put the chicken on the baking sheet. Meanwhile prepping chicken preheat oven to 375 degrees. Now put paprika on very lightly all around the chicken, same thing with Mrs. Dash and Season Salt, 1 tbsp Garlic Powder for each chicken, 1/4 tbsp. Put in oven for 15 minutes, take out put your bbq sauce on put back in for 10 minutes. Place more bbq sauce on for another 10 than done!
Directions for mixing bbq sauce: 11/2 cups of bbq sauce and a 1/4 cup of Redhot for a little kick, than mix, now it’s finished to glaze on your chicken.

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