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Oven Fried BBQ Chicken Wings with Shredded Salad | Weight Loss Journey | That’s Amore

Hi loves ❤ welcome back to my channel 🤗

In this video I will be sharing with you a dinner substitute.

For the past few weeks, I have started to reduce my snack intake 🙈 and have been using shakes, smoothies and salads as meal substitutes. Surprisingly these are even more filling than what I would usually have if and when I have breakfast (I’m not really a breakfast person).

I feel like skipping breakfast sometimes can cause you to end up having a larger portion of food for lunch than you would have, provided you had eaten or had a beverage earlier. Let’s get it 💃 let’s go 💪 !

Enjoy the video and stay tuned for more substitutes. If you tried this keep me posted on how filling it was and if you enjoyed it.

Fruit Smoothie (no sugar added) –

Oats-Banana/Peanut Shake (no sugar added) –

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Video Transcription

hi loves like I’m at my channel just alittle bit of a back story I have beenreproducing some of my mails deal withmeal substitutes some of the substitutesI’ve been having on smoothies shakes andsaladsthe biggest in substitute you will seethe salad that will be making it will beyou should eat salad with chicken wingsand it was quite delicious the othericing planters with raisins exaggeratesocial to spruce up the Sun it’ll bealso to the oven fire the chicken wingsthat we will be doing you will be addingthe Jamaica Joeauthentic barbecue sauce in here[Music]see organic jamaican-born open the courtjust a little bitpreseasonbe like a lot of spice[Music]when you decide to change your eatinghabits you do not have to startyesterdaythe ingredients that we’re going to beusing for the salad are all nutritiouswe are going to be adding knots andreasons to the salad that we are goingto be making and you will see picturesof the ingredients for the salad thatwill be used to accompany[Music]we will show you[Music][Music]I like my silence[Music][Music]we useunreasoned in college before but this isthe first time using phantasm expenseand I must say it’s a lie it’s aninteresting twist with the differenttextures of the notes that were added ifyou haven’t tried it you shoulddefinitely give it a try anotheralternative to use is sunshine mixednuts that’s the one with the boobs arereasons[Music]the sauce I showed earlier in the videowas used and the wings were pasted backin the oven for an additional fiveminutes and then it was so that’s addedat the end so after the 45 minutes anadditional five minutes with the sauceso we had homemade ginger beer shreddedsalad and oven fried barbecue wings asseen here if it is that you try this preuse drop it in the comment section andlet me know if it is that you decide anyof the other of the over there in yoursubstitutes drop it in a comment sectionas well tell me how you found it did youlike itdid you modify it you know let me knowfirst if you haven’t already done so I’mgonna ask you to like share comment andsubscribe remember also to share it withyour friends families and loved ones

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