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Pan Grilled Chicken, Tasty Grilled chicken. Easy Chicken Recipe

A marinade is a perfect way to add flavour to grilled chicken. This simple recipe is showing you how to make juicy, tasty grilled chicken.

spring onions
red onion
fresh coriander leaves
green capsicum
fresh ginger
garlic cloves
green chilli
vegetable oil

black pepper

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Video Transcription

[Music]hello everyone welcome to my kitchen bynana so today i have one of my brothersvisiting so i decided to cook for himchickenand i was like why not share my recipewith my lovely followersthis easy healthy recipe produces tenderchicken thighsthat are grilled to golden perfectionand golden browntrust me it is a must try because thechicken was sojuicy and tasty at the same timefor the fresh ingredients i’m going tobe using spring onionsi’m going to use one large red onionfresh coriander leavesgreen capsicum fresh gingercloves of garlic and one green chilii’m also adding some vegetable oil totheingredients and for the dry ingredientsi’m going to be using paprikaoregano black pepper pods and of coursesome salt to add test to our chickendon’t forget to check down below in thedescription box i’ve included all theingredients that i’m using todayand i’ve also included links to otherchicken recipesyou can click on the link to watch themjust chop your vegetables roughly youdon’t need to mind about the shapesbecauseat the end of the day you’re going toblend everything togetherto make our marinade hit the subscribebuttonin case you’ve not yet subscribed to mychannel it is called my kitchen by nanaand also don’t forget to hit thenotification bell to notify you in caseof any new videosand also in case of any comments don’tforget to leave them down below[Music][Music]i’m making some incisions on the chickenbecause i want the marinade toenter the chicken i want the chicken tobe tasty from the fleshto the bone a marinade is a perfect wayto add flavor to grilled chickenand it also helps it to tenderize so i’mgoing to let mychicken marinate for about an hour andin case you’re in a hurry i think 30minuteswould be the least time to let yourchicken marinatebe generous with the marinade we wantthe chicken to be flavorfulso i’m covering it with a clean filmand then i’ll let it sit for one hourand then after that one hour it will bereadyto be grilledit’s exactly one hour after marinatingthe chickenso i’m greasing the pan because i don’twant the chicken to stick on the panand in case you have butter or any typeof oilyou can just use what you haveso i’m going to grill for 15 minutesaside15 minutes to change to another sideuntil our chicken isfully cooked and then golden brown[Music]this looks so tasty and we are ready todig inthank you for watching the video anddon’t forget to leave your commentsbehindyou

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