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Quick and Easy Buffalo BBQ Chicken Recipe

My go to every day way to cook my protein choice with white rice. Not the healthiest, but not the most unhealthy either. Flavor packed and extremely fulfilling for those who are trying to look for a new way to cook their chicken meals/preps. Hope you can watch this video and feel confident enough to give this recipe a try on the stove!

All you need is a non stick pan, salted butter sticks (I like Challenge Butter because of the picture of the Buck), skinless boneless chicken breast, garlic powder, black pepper, salt, and a box of any type of tikka masala powder (dry) i.e., (Shan), Nando’s mild hot sauce, Frank’s buffalo sauce, Frank’s buffalo bbq thick sauce. Colby jack shredded cheese, and you can top is off with some grinded parsley bits for aesthetics and minor health benefits.

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