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Recipe of the Day Polynesian Grilled Chicken Breast with Fresh pineapple cilantro Relish over Brown

Art of Entertaining stopped by the Show Me St. Louis kitchen with an amazing recipe.

Polynesian Grilled Chicken Breast with Fresh pineapple cilantro Relish over Brown Pecan Rice

Marinated Chicken Breasts:
1 cup pineapple juice
4-6oz Boneless chicken breasts
1tsp. Montreal Seasoning
1/4 cup of chopped fresh cilantro
top chicken with ingredients and marinate for an hour or more!

1 cup Chopped Fresh Pineapple
1/4 cup Diced red pepper
1/8 cup Diced red onion
1/8 cup chopped fresh Cilantro
1 fresh squeezed Lime
Mix all ingredients together!

Add crumbled goat cheese or Crumbled Feta to finished dish.

Brown Pecan Rice:
2Tbsp Olive Oil
1/4 cup chopped green onion
1/4 cup chopped yellow onion
4oz of snow peas- julienne style
4oz package of pecans- cook pecans on baking sheet in oven at 350 for 7-10 minutes.
1 package of Brown rice cooked according to package instructions

Spray marinated chicken breast with olive oil spray and grill chicken until internal temperature of 165. About 20-25 minutes.
Pour olive oil in pan, add green onions, yellow onions, and snow peas. Cook over medium heat till tender 5-10 minutes. Stir in cooked brown rice add 1/2 of the pecans. Add Grilled chicken and top with Relish, Goat cheese and remaining pecans.

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Video Transcription

we’re now in the kitchen for our recipeof the day we’ll be making ready forthis Polynesian grilled chicken breastwith fresh pineapple cilantro relishover brown pecan riceokay so don’t be fooled by the long namethis is really easy to make and lemkewith the art of entertaining is here toshow us how it’s donegood morning and thank you for being onthe show this morning to show us how todo this easy okay yes it’s very easy andactually when Dana asked me to come shesaid hey will you do something light forthe for the new year what you totallyget right we’re on diets so here we goso we’re starting out with some grilledchicken and we’re gonna marinate it andDana’s gonna do that for me and just puta little bit of that okay now the wholething what is it this is called Montrealsteak seasoning at steak seasoning rightbut I love it and I put it on all kindsof things so that’s perfect okay andthen if you want to go ahead and poursome of that that’s pineapple juice whenit’s just unsweetened pineapple juiceyou just want to use something that’slight and nice and we don’t want to puta lot of oil or anything on it becausewe’re making a light dish right I can dothis all along she married before well Ilike to marinate it for a couple hoursif possible good but you knoweverything’s fine you know like let’ssay you’re in a hurry and you don’t havethat much timethen just do like you know a half hournow you can do what you can right we’reall rushing around these days and got alot to do so got to meso great and so I did already grill thechicken too just so that you guys wouldmake it go a little quick or two and wehave a pan constraints here so actuallythe first thing I’m gonna do then overhere is add in all of these ingredientsto make the relish that’s gonna go ontop of the chickenyep an apple do you want to help we canjust throw it all in there little onionred onion right right I’m sweeter rightyes cilantro cilantro and a little redpepper Oh got a little color and give ita little spice really we’re going tosave that for the top and then this thisis my favorite in the whole kitchen Ihave it say if you don’t have one go getone because it’s not long rightartistry and you get so much more shoesSaturday – so I’m gonna put the wholelime in there – because that’s gonnagive it tons of flavor and again it’sgonna you know be light and nice anddelicious so all you do is layer putthat on top oh pretty much so soactually I’m just gonna give this alittle stir just to let it sit and againif you can make this at a time if youcan want to you know like I said give ityou know 30 minutes to sit togetherbecause when they marry together you cansee them better right the thing that Ifind fascinating with all the recipes wehad on last week and even today no saltno saltwell I always let people finish it withsalt if they like – and I did bring youknow salt grinder an ax and a peppergrinder just because first in the youknow already and you can kind of add totaste yeah now we’re gonna post thisentire recipe oh no we didn’t quitefinish here but we’re gonna post theentire recipe on our Facebook pageshortly after the show and you canalways stop by art of entertaining ifyou’d like them to do the cooking foryou every Monday they have a familynight special you can learn more aboutthe art of entertaining in WebsterGroves on your screen thank you so muchfor being here with us yeah

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