BBQ Chicken Recipes

Restaurant Style Easiest Grilled Chicken.সহজেই ঘরে তৈরি করুন রেস্টুরেন্ট স্টাইল গ্রীল চিকেন।

Baking Tip:
Always bake on middle tray in electric oven,it helps to bake evenly.cook on roast/bake mode.
whole chicken(cut in 4 pieces)
onion paste-3 tbsp
ginger garlic paste-1 tbsp each
Mustard oil-2 tbsp+1 tbsp for greasing the mould
mustard paste-half tbsp
coriander powder-half tbsp
cumin powder-half tbsp
turmeric powder-1 tsp
red chilli powder-half tbsp
salt as per taste
mixed spices(gorom moshla)-half tsp
lemon juice-1 tbsp
process:make deep pokes in chicken with a fork.mix chicken with all the spices & marinate for 6 hours in refrigerator with lid.take out 1 hour before cooking.grease a baking tray with 1 tbsp mustard oil & place chicken pieces.bake for 1 hour on 250° celcius.

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