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Rocking BBQ Chicken Sliders | My Hungry Family S1.E5

Learn how to make Rocking BBQ Chicken Sliders in the oven without a grill. This bbq chicken sliders on Hawaiian rolls recipe is super easy, fast, and delicious! The garlic butter topping is a must! You can find a complete list of ingredients and cooking directions at the end of the video.


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Video Transcription

[Music]welcome to my hungry family we don’tmake it unless it’s delicious let’s makesome BBQ chicken sliders will be usingKings Hawaiian rolls mozzarella cheeseorganic chicken and sweet baby Ray’sbarbecue sauce boil a pan of water andplace in your prepared chicken cookthoroughly[Music]while our chicken is cooking let’s chopsome bell pepper onion and garlic don’tforget to subscribe new videos comingweekly[Music]definitely make sure you stayed till theend of the video so you can see thecomplete list of ingredients and acomplete list of cooking instructionsfor this recipe[Music]now that our chicken is done take it outof the water[Music]and pull apart with a fork[Music]add in our barbecue sauce and mixtogether[Music]next we’ll take a pack of Hawaiian rollsand slice in half horizontally[Music]and we’ll cut out the number of roles tofit our baking dishnow we’ll add on our barbecue chickenand add our onions and bell peppers[Music]place in our baking dish sprinkle onsome mozzarella cheese[Music]we’re gonna sprinkle on some parsleyand put the top half of the rolls onwe’ve got our chopped garlic in a dishwith a slice of butter and we’re gonnaput that in the microwave and now we’llmix it together to make garlic butternow we’ll drizzle it on top of the rollsthis will give us a delicious garlicbread top to our sliders that’s readyfor the oven[Music]put it in the oven baking for 20 minutesat 350 degrees let’s see what we’ve gotlook at that YUMif you enjoyed watching this videoplease comment below like share be sureto subscribe and hit the bell we havetons of great content coming so manyrecipes baking cakes all kinds ofrecipes you don’t want to miss itnow we’ll cut them up and servedelicioustry this recipe at home let us know whatyou think in the comments below do youlike it is it delicious we told you sothanks for watching we’ll see you in thekitchen next time and remember we don’tmake it unless it’s delicious[Music][Music]

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