BBQ Chicken Recipes

Season and Smash Grilled Chicken Technique

Learn quick techniques and tips on making your chicken taste better and cook faster on the grill.

Are you tired of “polished and perfect” food shows? Do you need to make real food for hungry people now? YOU WILL LOVE US!

This is everyday food in a real home!

You’ll enjoy:
– short videos – because of our minimal editing
– real day-to-day cooking – we’re not making fancy dishes
– quality content – if not, then at least funny, awkward, and entertaining…

Who is this for? You! Singles and families of all ages. The cast of our reality show is anyone in our family. AND unsuspecting guests and visitors. (Laughing out loud…)

Our promise to you:
As we get better we will improve sound quality, lighting, and editing. We don’t script. We talk about our ideas, make a decision, and then run with it!

They say video makes you look ten pounds heavier. Let me (Tyrone) tell you, seeing myself on video has been NO TREAT! I need some “man” Spankz and a case of Oil of Olay! But we’re having fun!

Find out more about us and my culinary background (“chops”) at

Original of the video here

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