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Smoked Buffalo Chicken Wings – Traeger Pellet Smoker

In this video I cook some Smoked Buffalo Chicken Wings on the Traeger Pellet Smoker.

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Video Transcription

what’s up YouTube peeps and barbecuefreaks to you guys to join me todaytoday’s video we’re going to essentiallya video request from brother Frank whoif you guys saw my smoker on the realvideo a few months ago Cup months agowhatever it was and I think in Februarysomething like that I went down toMercedes Texas as we compete him smokingon the Rio Frank and his crew were theguys that I went down there to cook withFrank actually suggested that I do abuffalo chicken wing recipe whichactually worked out great because that’swhat I was planning on smoking tonightanyway so I’m going to smoke somechicken wings on the trigger I’m gonnashow you the seasons that I’m going touse now many of you who you know havefollowed me for any time know that oneof my absolute favorite have actuallyprobably the most favorite season inthat that I have that I use that I likeis it’s incredible from heaven madeproducts however we’re out so we weactually have a place to know the orderwhich we need to do like soon baby butso I’m out of that the it’s incrediblefrom heaven made products if I had thatthat’s what I’ll be using however I’mgonna show you some of the other rubsthat I really really like that I useoften even it comes on all my meats soI’m gonna give you guys a little tidbitthere on one of the seasonings that Iuse so anyway I got some chicken wingswe’re gonna pull them out of the packagewe’re gonna get them seasoned up throwthem on the trigger and you know I’mgonna cost them in some Frank’s Red Hotbuffalo sauce which is one that I likethe most so that’s we’re gonna do todaylet’s get these wings out of the packageget them seasoned up get them on thetrigger let’s get started now you guys Igot my chicken wings here I got thewhole wing I’m not gonna separate theseat all I’m gonna leave everythingtogether you can separate them if youwan you can separate the you know trimit from the wing and then cut off thewing tip if you want I do that oftenhowever I’m trying to keep it reallysimple tonight so I’m not gonna do thatsince I don’t have that incredible therelative I’m going to use is I will tellyou right now you guys these Fiestaproducts are some of my absolutefavorite I use them all the time in factlet me show you something real quick Ieven buy it in the Big O see this with abig ol jug like this because Iabsolutely love them so that’s that butone of my absolute favorite on chickenactually on all my meats my chicken myribs and my brisket is this if I eat theseason in from Fiesta this is a reallyreally good base coated or base rub forany meat however I’m not gonna use thisin a day because I did pick up thisSouthwest if I heat the one from FiestaI think it was last week so it has justa little more kick to it but I alsopicked up this garlic pepper and themissus and I are really digging it rightnow if they since we’re out of thisincredible this is actually a reallygood replacement for it now I will stilltake this incredible over anything elsebut since we don’t have any this is areally really good rub to use so whatI’m gonna do is I’m gonna use both ofthese together the garlic pepper a greatgreat base rub and I’m going with theSouthwest if I heat the season inbecause of the color it’s gonna give ita little more color as you can seecompared to the regular if I eat the rubwell we can make that out but it’s youknow that the color isn’t the same sothis is gonna give it that littlemahogany color and a little extra bitethat I think we’re gonna light so I’mjust gonna go with this garlic pepperthat’s the base rub get them all coatedup now again you use your favorite rubsbut these are some that I’ve been usinglately messing around with that ourI’m really really digging so I’m gonnaget these seasoned of this disc garlicpepper man is really that’s my I justtried just picked it up last week andit’s actually really really goodthis would be a really good in myopinion this would be a really good baserub probably on any meat as well sothat’s that come back with thisSouthwest if I heat the season in forsome color I think it’s gonna give it agreat color and a great flavor so I’mgonna get all these seasoned up and thenwe’re gonna take them outside get themon the trigger pellet smoker I’m gonnacook these at 275 degrees and thepellets that I’m using is a it’sactually the competition blend pellet soI’ll have to look at the bag but I’m notI think it’s got some oak pecan andmaybe mesquite not a hundred percentsure but it’s some good stuff so getthese seasoned up we’ll get them outsideare you guys on my triggers up to tampwe’re gonnaget these wings on heredon’t see I’m just gonna startand thenmy guess isthey’re gonna go forI’m about 45 minutes to an hournow I don’t think I’m gonna spritzbut if I do and me but just withsomething just going to use water justgoing to keep a voice but I don’t knowthat I’m gonna have to you so we’ll getthem all onget the lid closed and I’m gonna take apeek in about 30 minutes to see whatthey look likeand then I feel like you know they’rekind of drying up and we need a spritzthen we’ll do that so[Music]before they look like they’re gonna getthe lid shut and I’ll check back in alittle bit are you guys there’s wings tobe going for right in about half an hourwe’re gonna take a look it’s kind ofdark in here so I apologize for thatnow I think I said earlier that if Ispritz I was gonna spritz with justwater but I went ahead and change mymind I have some parquet here sprayedthat I’m going to use so I’m gonna usethis I think this works really well Donchicken on a lot of meats I’m gonna usethis to spray these wings down what thisis going to do is going to add somemoisture and it’s going to add it’sgoing to help out a little more color tothese weedsso these wings just by looking at themI’m guessing and maybe another 20minutesso that’s already do give them thosefritzclose them back up let them keep cookingand then once they’re done we’ll pullthem off we’ll take him inside saucethem up and give them a taste are youguys so these wings are done that’s whatthey look like some nice color on therethey’ve hit the tempthat I was looking for so I’m gonna takesome of these and to make them buffalowings the sauce that I’m going to use isthis Frank’s redhot buffalo sauce thisis actually one of my favorite sauces onwings whenever I’m you know just one ofthe wings at the house I think this goesreally really well on lean so what I’mgoing to do is I like to warm up mysauce so I’m going to take some of thesauce put in a little container throw itin the microwave let it warm up forabout 15-20 seconds and then I’m gonnatake that sauce and we’re gonna saw someof these wings the missile’s likes adifferent sauce so I’m gonna pull heraside that her sauce hers her way butthis is what I’m gonna use on mine letme get this warmed up we’ll get themtossed up and I’ll show you what theylook like once we’re done all right soI’ve got the wings in this booth andsome of that Frank’s redhot buffalosauce warming up just a little bit I’mgonna pour this right over the top thisstuff is so good and then I’m just goingto take this and just kind of toss it upnow I’m gonna dump it on a plate andwe’re gonna give it a taste so I thinkthat’s good right there so let me getthem on a plate and then we’ll give thema taste all right so I went ahead I justseparated separated one wing the drum atfrom the actual wing itself and I tookoff the wing tip but this is the buffalowing right here looks good let’s go totasteoh yeahmmm-hmm things a good buffalo wing Ithink the seasonings are really good Ithink they were well with that Frank’sredhot buffalo sauce mmm good let me trythat wing that dry mouth is pretty goodwe got the wing here we’re gonna I’mgonna get make that out give this a trymmm-hmm for me I think that’s a goodbuffalo wing buffalo chicken wing mm-hmmI really like the seasonings I like thesauce the only thing missing is I makemy my own homemade blue cheese which isfreakin phenomenal it is the he heard Msit’s good it is without a doubt the bestblue cheese that I’ve ever had and Iprefer blue cheese over ranchhowever this cook was kind of lastminute I wasn’t planning on doing wingsso I didn’t have all the ingredientsthat I had to make my blue cheese sauceand I was not about to head to thegrocery store this lady had this late inthe day to you know pick up theingredients with the blue cheese oh mywordthese would be a yeah yeah so there theygot a little bit of kick to them thiswould’ve been a home run with that withmy homeland blue cheese in fact I have avideo of how I make my blue cheeseexcuse me I will leave it yeah I willleave a link to that video down in thedescription box just click on the showmore olive excuse me I’ll leave a linkthere to that video it is excellent ifyou like blue cheese I guarantee youyou’re gonna love ityou’re gonna love this recipe and youwant to buy it anywhere else but evenwithout it I think these wings areexcellent in my opinion this I thinkthis is a really good buffalo chickenwing so anyway Frank thanks for therecommendation my brother I truly trulyappreciate it I hope you guys enjoyed itI will see you guys next time take care

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