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Smoked Chicken Wings

Quick and easy smoked chicken wings on the Woodcreek pellet grill. Marinate in rub a day ahead.

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Video Transcription

all right turn the grill back on puttingup to 25all right so girls at 225 next step getsome wings going got about 10 pounds ofwings some of them are full you have thethe full wing and it’s all put togethersome of them I cut apart real simple howto cut these and just cut them rightalong the joints so if you have a wingyou want to cut it do a knife cut rightthere cut this piece off if you want toyou can roast these to make a stock outof them real quick real simple real easyand a great way to make stock and nothave any waste but got some varioussizes here 10 pounds rub them let themsit overnight and we’re just going tosmoke them takes about an hour and ahalf and they used to be ready you wantthem to be at least 165 internal tempbut we also wanted to you know kind ofget that smoke and infer them up sothey’re not you know super gummy and youwant the skin to look good too so rightnow I’m starting off at at 225 see howit goes for the next hour and then I’llprobably raise the temp up right at theend just to get it to caramelize theskins a little bit more but I like tokeep it simple with the wings put a rubon there and let the smoke kind of doits work and really get infused into thechicken this is a great obviously a tonof chickenten pounds but usually when I’m with thefamily it’s perfect easy dinner duringthe week and if I cook a little bitextra off I can always pick the chickenoff and make a smoked chicken salad oreven pick the piece of the pieces offand put them on top of a green saladwife’s big help nuts so that’s one ofher favorite things now close this uplet him smoke come back in an hour it’staken a little bit of a while for thetemp to come back up because it’s had itwide open but it’s already at 101 so itmay give it a few more minutes before Istart the timer I just want to make sureit gets up to about 125 or in fact youknow what I can probably just add on Ihave another timer here that’s 105 solet’s just go with that and then we’llcheck back at about an hour five minutesturn this up a little bit to just saidbefore I don’t want it to get to thisnice and smoky I want to make sure thatskin gets a cook on it so it’s gonna getup to 165 I’m going to push this up to275 let it cook for another 30 minutesand they should be ready to go so I turnthe temp up a little bit the curse ofthe skins on the chicken I just turn itdown you can see we’re at a temp of 169you want to be a 165 minimum that’s Ione of the fatter pieces of chicken inhere so we look at the chicken they’vegot like a really beautiful smoke ringon for it so I mean carmelization Idon’t know about the smokebut look at that beautiful smokey coversI want the natural chicken flavor to beaccentuated by the smoke I don’t want itto necessarily just be about the the ruband the barbecue spices that I have onit I definitely want it to be about thatsmoke on the chicken big old ball achicken

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  1. I wish the Woodcreek had multiple smoke settings like the pitboss grills do. The Woodcreek doesn’t provide consistent smoke, just small bursts of it when new pellets are dropped in. If they sold an upgrade controller for it I’d buy it

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