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Smoked Steakhouse Wings | BBQ Chicken Wings on the Grill | Barlow BBQ

We’ve got a unique hot wing recipe for you: Smoked Steakhouse Wings! Using a few ingredients that are typically reserved for beef, we’re going to use them for some BBQ chicken wings on the Weber Kettle grill. Full recipe is below!

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Get yourself a Slow N Sear for your Weber:


1/2 stick butter
1/2 cup Chipotle Tabasco sauce
1/4 cup Shula’s Steak Sauce
In a saucepan over medium heat, melt the butter then stir in the Chipotle Tabasco sauce and Shula’s Steak sauce. Bring to a light boil and then let simmer for a few minutes before using.

Setup your grill for indirect cooking. Fill a charcoal chimney all the way with charcoal and light.

While you’re waiting for the charcoal to be ready, prepare the wings by first giving each side a quick shot of cooking spray, then shaking a generous amount of Montreal Steak Seasoning on both sides. Place the wings in the fridge until it’s time to cook.
When the charcoal is ignited, add it to the grill, cover and let come up to temp, approx 400 degrees. Once the grill has come up to temp, place the wings on the indirect side of the grill, opposite of the fire. Cover and let smoke until wings have turned a deep golden brown color and internal temp of wings has reached at least 165 degrees. Total cooking time should be about 2.5 hours depending on grill temps.
Once the wings have reached the internal temp and color you prefer, remove them from the grill and toss in the Steakhouse Wing Sauce. Enjoy!

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Video Transcription

[Music]hey it’s good to see you welcome toBarlow barbecue today’s recipe is alittle bit different we’re gonna do somesteak house wings on the weber kettlegrill so what Martha and I put thisrecipe together we thought it’d be funto try some ingredients that are usuallyused on beef and try them out on somechicken wings so to rub the wings we’regonna use some Montreal steak seasoningand then once we finish smoking those onthe grill we’re gonna toss those in asauce of melted butter some ChipotleTabasco sauce and some Shula’ssteakhouse sauce now got to tell youMartha and I had done this recipe acouple times and that sauce has quicklybecome our favorite wing sauce and we’llhave a recipe for everything right downbelow in the description box for you ifyou’d like to follow along so withoutany further ado let’s get this cookedstarted so as you guys can see we’reusing a lot of wings today and they arewhole wings that’s just the way weprefer them but the first thing we’regonna do is just do a light coat of somecooking spray on this side and we’llflip over and get the other side in justa moment but the next thing we got to dois hit them with that Montreal steakseasoning and we’re gonna shake on justa lot of the steak seasoning on here andget this side coated and then we’ll flipthem over and do the same thing on theother side we’ll hit them with somecooking spray and some more thatMontreal steak seasoning all right wegot plenty of seasoning on these wingsso let’s head over to the grill andlet’s get that set up for cooking at 400degrees I’m smoking these wings indirectso I’m gonna place those on the front ofthe grill and just underneath there onthe bottom I’ve got a layer of tinfoiland that’s gonna catch all the drippingsfrom this chicken as it cooks I alsohave a grill probe set up so I canmonitor the grill temps today and in theback I’ve got a slow and sear and that’sgonna hold our charcoal now to get up to400 degrees I lit a full charcoalchimney so let’s go ahead and dump thatin there and today I’m going to usethese two chunks of pecan wood for smokeand let’s get this closed up and give ussome time to come up to tempwell alright we hit 400 degrees andrising so it’s time to get these wingson and we could start smoking we’ve gota lot of wings to do today and they’regonna take up the entire indirect sideof this grill but it’s all good theseare gonna shrink down a little bit asthey cook so have a little bit morespace in between them let’s close it upand we’ll see you in an hourwell alright guys these wings have beensmoking now for a total of one hour solet’s go ahead and lift the lid and takea peek and see how they’re doing so Iwant you to notice the color on thesewings it’s a nice golden brown and thatcolor is just gonna get darker as thiscook goes on what I want to do now isflip these so we can get the color goingon the other side as wellthen we’ll close up the lid and then letit go for another hour on this side andwe’ll come back and check them out andsee how everything is doing glad you’restill with usit’s been two hours now that we’ve beensmoking these wings so let’s go aheadand lift up the lid and take a peek andagain we want to look at that color andsee how that’s developing so let’s takea look[Music]color on the underside of these wings islooking really nice so I’m going to goahead and flip these once more and Ithink I’m gonna add some more charcoalthere in the back what I added beforethe beginning is starting to run low soI’ve got a half a charcoal chimney readyto go so I’m gonna dump that in thereand that’s gonna get us through the restof this cook which I think we should bewrapping this up with in the next 30minutes to two maybe an hour so I’ll seeyou all soonall right folks it’s been 30 minutesI think these wings are about done checkthese outwhat a beautiful golden-brown color onthese wings and I’m gonna say it I’mgonna say that these are done but nextthing we need to do now is make ourSteakhouse sauce alright so here we areon the hot side of the grill and tostart the sauce we’re gonna start offwith a half a stick of butter and we’regonna let that melt in this plus saucepan here okay our butter has melted sonow we’re gonna add 1/2 a cup ofchipotle Tabasco sauce I’ll give that agood stir and our final ingredient aquarter cup of Shula’s Steakhouse saucemmm hmmm that’s gonna be real good wellnow it’s time for the final step of thiscook we got to toss these wings so let’sget them off the grill and into thisbowl here and now we could pour on thatsteakhouse wing sauce the Martha’s gonnastir these up real good so we can getthem completely covered in sauce wedon’t want to leave anyone out and folksI think it’s time for taste testwell alright y’all I’m real excited totry out these Steakhouse wings it’s likehaving the steak house at our house inyour backyard huh well with the wingsthat’s right well we got it right on thegrill here so let’s go ahead and graboneooh hot off the grill these look greatall right so let’s see how tender theyare see how easily this pulls apart ohyeah that’s real nice set this down herereal quick and we got a nice drumstickhere here we gowell well well Martha what did you thinkof those wings hmm I think they weregreat but I thought they were great theother day we made him oh yeah we did doa practice round of these last week andthey turned out excellent tonight yeahthese are awesome I really like thesavory Steakhouse flavor you get a lotof that good kind of coarse ground rubfrom the from the Montreal steakseasoning that’s really goodwe get the heat and the nice savoryflavor of the Tabasco the ChipotleTabasco sauce on there yeah and there’sthis little sweetness from a kiss ofShula yeah there’s just a nice littlekiss from mr. Shula himself there wellthe steak sauce which is is good I getkind of the little raisin II kind ofyeah in the background there loved itwhen she was real nice yeah okay well Ilove it what Shula kisses these wingsand I was a nice surprise to try steaksauce with some wings this is a successas well as a success we’ll have a recipefor it right down below and there’s adescription box you should try it tooyeah you should give this one a try itis deliciousso with that being said we’re gonna wrapit up and say thanks a lot for hangingout with us we love you and until nexttimesmoke them if you got it that’s rightbye-bye[Music]

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  1. They exterior of the wings looked good. The sauce peeks my interest for sure. But the cook time on those at that temperature has me thinking they are way over done and dry.

  2. Martha is the cutest thing ever! You might want to think about getting a vortex. Have wings in less than an hour. Best accessory for cooking wings. Love yalls videos!!

  3. Oh damn. Those look good. I use steak seasoning on my wings it’s so good. Hope you and Martha are good and staying safe.

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