BBQ Chicken Recipes

Super Easy and Delicious Chicken Marinade! For perfect Grilled chicken!

Welcome back guys!
As promised, here’s another video and a new recipe.
This is a very easy chicken marinade. Ingredients used in this recipe can be easily gotten.
Perfect for grilled or roasted chicken.
This marinade can also work well with other types of protein; Beef, lamb, goat meat, fish, etc.
Ingredients used:
Vegetable oil
Green Bell Pepper
Ata Rodo (scotch bonnets)
Seasoning cubes
Little water
Yagi (suya spice)
Red & yellow for garnish.
Kitchen equipment used:
Baking tray
Aluminium foil
Mixing bowl
Plastic film
Knife, etc
I grilled at 200°C for 40 minutes.
If and when you try this out, kindly let me know the outcome via the comment section.
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Thanks for watching!
See you next week Friday!

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