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The BEST HomeMade BBQ Chicken Pizza Recipe




 1⁄2 recipe Ann’s Pizza Dough
 1 boneless, skinless chicken breast
 1 recipe Ann’s Barbecue sauce
 1 lb. Gouda or Cheddar or mozzarella cheese, shredded
 1 red onion, sliced thinly
 1 can olives, sliced
 1 bunch cilantro, chopped

Make pizza dough, or buy ready-made at Trader Joe’s. Roll out on floured board into pizza size and place on parchment paper to slide onto heated pizza stone (preheated 450 degrees for 20 minutes, to prepare for pizza). Brush dough with olive oil. Cube chicken breasts into 1⁄2” pieces.

In large skillet, sauté in olive oil chicken cubes until juices run clear and add some kosher salt and pepper. This will only take a few minutes….do not overcook. Drain chicken juices and place chicken in bowl and add 1 cup BBQ sauce and refrigerate until ready to use, to meld flavors.

To assemble pizza, place remaining BBQ sauce on dough; add cheeses, chicken pieces, onion and olives. Place pizza in oven (slide from back side of cookie sheet with pizza on parchment paper). Bake 10-12 minutes to golden and crispy. Add chopped cilantro to pizza before serving.

Ann’s BBQ Sauce:

 1 cup ketchup
 1⁄2 cup chili sauce
 1⁄4 cup brown sugar
 1 T. prepared mustard
 1⁄4 cup minced onion
 1 T. Worcestershire sauce
 1 T. lemon juice
 Garlic salt, salt and pepper, to taste

Simmer ingredients for 10 minutes until onion is softened. Can extend by adding prepared BBQ sauce to mixture.

Notes: This is a great homemade sauce our family uses on many meats. We love it on steak and chicken shish-k-bobs, especially. Also, this pizza is by far one of the favorite pizzas that everyone in the family enjoys most!

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Video Transcription

welcome to everyday cooking with end youknow good food is a way to connect withothers and create great memories andhundreds of people have bought mycookbooks as I have catered weddings andevents over the years and now I’d liketo become your personal cooking coachand help you make great foodstep-by-step from scratch and I willpost a new video every week twice a weekthank you welcome to everyday cookingwith answers or I’ll show you how easyit is to make delicious nutritious foodon a budgetstep-by-step from scratch subscribe tomy channel and I will become yourpersonal cooking coach in today’s videoyou’ll find the full recipe and a linkto my cookbook in the description belowtoday we’re going to be talking aboutbarbecue chicken pizza this is one ofour family’s favorite pizzas those ofour family who don’t even like pizzalove this pizza okay to start off wellI’ve already chopped chicken breasts Ihave two chicken breasts here that I’vechopped into small pieces I’m gonna addit to a very hot stove I have a littlebit of olive oil in here saute it in I’mgonna add this right now[Music]very quickly because it’s talkativesmall pieces I’m gonna add already alittle bit of salt fresh ground pepperwe will talk native resistance[Music]as you can see over here I already havemy barbecue sauce ready to go on thechicken needs to be nice and tender soyou only need to saute the chicken formaybe about two to three minutes andvery high temperature I’ve turned itdown to low and I have about ready toturn it off now what I want you to beaware of is that before I started mychicken I put my pizza stone which isvery important for the Perret chewy andvery crusty crust so I put my as you cansee my pizza stone is heating up andit’s at 475 degrees a lot of piece ofmakers who have their own business theyput their pizzas into 750 degree ovenwe’re not able to do that in our in ourdon’t come kitchen here but it’s almostas goodokay so we’re waiting for our chickenhere here’s our sauce we’re gonna comeover here and show you what it lookslike we’ve had our pizza dough raisingfor the last 45 minutes which has givenme time to prepare everything I need forthe barbecue chicken so I’m going topunch down our dough and you can seewhat it looks like now this was just asmall little ball so it’s it’s almostdouble two and a half size the size I’mgoing to punch it down I’m gonna putthis is this is one of the things that Iuse for all kinds of pastries andeverything this is not called a pastrycloth but I use this for cinnamon rollscookies pie crust you name it this is myindispensable tool that I use for almosteverything that I made I’m going to puta little bit of flour on the stockinettethis is called this talking it onto myrolling pin the reason you want to dothis is you don’t want to incorporatetoo much flour into the pizza dough youwant to make sure it’s light and fluffythat we want it to be how we want it tobe and so let me show you what we’regonna do next I’m gonna take the pizzadoughwe’ve decided today we’re gonna makethis into three pizzas the dough therecipe for this dough is on a priorvideo so you can learn how to make itthere so I’m going to cut this this iscalled a dough scraper it’s made byWilson it is one of my favorite toolsyou can use it for chopping nuts butmostly for scraping dough off of thecounter or off of a pastry cloth andalso cutting dough when I’m makinghomemade rolls and other things likethat I use this as indispensable if youwant to be doing homemade rolls breadsand pizzas I’m going to chop my doughinto thirds okay that’s about right sothis is the piece so I’m going to putthese other two pieces in my bubble towait until I’m ready to make the secondand third pizza okay I’m gonna put thishere I’ve already floured my bully pinand my stockinette so I’m ready to godepending on if you prefer a thin crustor thicker crust pizza I personally lovethe thicker crust pizza because you canput more toppings on it and it canhandle the weight if you want a thinnercrust pizza that’s fine too but then youdon’t want to put too many items on topof it so if you just like the taste ofyour your cheese and your sauce and onlya few couple of little items on itthe thinner crust is the way to go butour family really loves kind of having aShoei nice kind of a Chicago pizza crustso I’m gonna kind of stretch this alittle bit too so you can see kind ofthe window pane here you can see you cankind of almost see through the doughstretching it out again I’ve alwayswished I could be one of those pizzapeople that could just flip it by handbut that’s not what I do and this worksjust great for me you can see I’m takingthe bubbles out and just one third ofthis is going to make actually a prettynice large piece side by the way youcould freeze your pizza dough once it’srisen you can fruit you can freeze outlike one of these little one of theselittle nails a piece up put it into aplastic wrap so it doesn’t dry out putit in your freezer and then take it outin the morning you’re ready to littlespend the day thawing out and you canuse it for your pizza that night so youcan make your pizza dough ahead of timeokay now at this point right now I’mgoing to go ahead I’m using a regularjelly roll pan since I don’t have apizza paddle and the reason I love thisand using parchment paper is it’s gonnaslide easily onto my pizza stone so I’mgonna take my pizza I’ll just lift it upoff of there and kind of stretch it allover my onto my parchment paper thefirst thing I’m going to do to start mypizza this is something I’ve been doingfor years is I love to cover it witholive oilit just gives great flavor and when itstarts cooking it just has thatbeautiful chewy golden tone onto thecrate crust looks really great so I justuse my handsof course I’ve washed my hands and Ijust spread that on especially aroundthe edges it just adds that extra bit offlavor to the piece okay there we gonow then the first thing I’m gonna puton our pizza is some Barbasol said I’vealready pre-made and has been cooledjust depending on how much you likeeverybody really loves this sauce so youcan be generous with it this barbequechicken pizzas going to have threedifferent types of cheese we’ve alreadyput on some mozzarella some shreddedGouda and now we’re gonna put on alittle bit of cheddar queso – it justmakes it really cheesy and deliciousokay on top of that we’re gonna add ourchicken pieces however you like toarrange it or however much you like ifyou like a lot of chicken and log on youjust want just a taste and mostly thecheeses that you’re gonna be eating youcan do that we like to add olives to ourour chicken pizza because we’re big allthe fans a little red onion just addsthat little bit of spice to it thatreally needs it to taste betterwe have cilantro which is one of thesignature ingredients but that doesn’tgo on the pizza so after it has alreadycooked okay now we’re ready to put ourfeets in the oven look how fast thathappened okaynow I’m gonna open my very hot 475degree oventhere’s my pizza stone and I’m gonnajust slide my parchment paper right ontothat piece of stone and and usually atthis point I use a little spray bottlefilled with water to create steam in myoven now a lot of people are out buyingsteamthey say so they can make their ownhomemade pizza but you can do it by handwith just a spray ball mine broke andthat’s why I can’t use it right now thatit causes the pizza crust to be verychewy and golden and just so tastychicken pizza has just been pulled fromthe oven it took about ten to elevenminutes to get to this stage nice andbrowned on the outside the crust is niceand brownish and the cheese is allmelted so it’s actually perfect the lastthing we need to do is just put somefresh cilantro right on top this makesit very gourmet and then we’re going toslice itand you can see this crust is drippingwith cheese nice and chewy and nicelybrowned can’t wait to eat it thank youfor watching my videos as your personalcooking coach I’m here to guide youalong the way and give you tips to makethe recipe successful please post acomment below with any questionssuggestion or request for new items youwould like me to teach and let me knowhow the recipe works out for youthank you

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