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VLOG – Easy Chicken Recipe ( Watch till the End)

Friday meetings get cancelled , Boredom creeps in and we make grilled chicken at home , Watch it for the recipe and our daily routine.
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Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

so typical Friday and people are thereon the Mobile’s on one of you jewel isnot dressed a walk the moment it’sFriday behind Puna as I do up here I hada couple of things lined up today butit’s canceled so it’s very annoying whenwork gets cancelled and you’re justwasting over your time the economy isalso so bad ki doubt I have a doubt thepeople they don’t want to meet thisbecause they don’t want to spend so muchmoney right down so that’s the thingright nowbut should always go according to thatmotto you try it right till you cry sotrying Bombay was successful but unabomba con meetings went good God let’ssee maybe we can phone us quitelaid-back as it is we try again at theevening if something lines are they justtake it easy relax catch something onNetflix how’s your Friday doing guysanything interesting five o’clock on themobile nothing is there to dono meetings Madonna’s I just think weget ready and go for a food trail aroundan i-beam Road and I’m feeling quitelazy about itmy problemand line and it’s it for sometime maybehalf an hour something that the heightis coming lemon lemon juice put redchili powderoh sorry to my chili that’s it guys whatis looking nice juicy marinated is suchform I’d not six right still seventhen rogue religion just takes fiveminutes I show you that process alsocool mine meet the pan really hot justgrease it[Music][Music][Music]the site performance delicious she canbecome elite include a fine for us onceit’s doneslow and steadywhat is the guys how does this look toyouit wasfor that weekendincludingthis is on my plate what’s on theologies almost done now is last for twosecondsand that’s advice my dinner’s ready

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