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Vortex Chicken Legs! #quarantinecooking #weberkettle #bbq

Broke out the vortex in the kettle. Man it can cook chicken! #quarantinecooking #weberkettle #vortex #kettlegrill #bbq #charcoal

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Video Transcription

what’s up everybodyJohnny Maggs from Johnny mags BBQbecoming the attea on a Saturdayafternoon preparing for a virtualcookout with some of the boys so figuredlet’s do a fit let’s do a video so we’vegot some chicken legs going on and if Ican I can’t actually turn this aroundHelen oh yeah no these ones we gotCrawford’s Alamo dust and over here wegot some suckle Buster’s Texas pecanbarbecue rub there we go those are theweapons of choice today we’re gonna fireup the kettle get that rolling in uhwe’ll be back shortly we got the chickenlegs with profits come on eat our it’sgot the vortex you know kettle ready togo so every guy has to you got to makesure they work every time so let’s getthese bad boys on these are some bigchicken legswe have to do two rounds one of theseand one of the othersall I’m gonna fit we’re gonna have to dotwo rounds that’s right space these badboys up a little bitand vortex cranks alright guys we’llbring it back in a little while check onthe progressall right guys we’re about an hour intoit so let’s give them a check andlooking nice let’s give them a littleflipa little troublethat skin is tightening up nice that’sthe best thing about this vortex socover these bad boys up give it a littlewhile come to check the temps and uhthey should be good to goall right catch you later all right gangwe’re uh we’re about an hour and a halfin a little on the and uh these guysshould be very about done so let’s takea peek see where we’re atoh look at that that color there it isfantastic you got some splits in theskin but this isn’t competition this isstraight eaten chicken but those lookfantastic let’s get a huh let’s get aquick temp on them look sorry about thatit was sin of a 190 I was going out withsome diarrhea 200 yeah these are DS aredone so let’s get these off and get theminside all right guys we’ve got a we’vegot the chicken inside and man did theylook delicious so there’s only one thingleft to do and that is to give it theold taste test so look athow about that folks I think I did Ithink I did all right today but there’sone way to find out Oh hot oh man it’sgot a nice little kick to it a littlespice sweetness perfect well then I justburned the hell out of my mouth it wasworth it so a little bit of more of akick to itexcuse me but uh well thanks forwatching guys appreciate it stay safeout there and from Johnny Maggs keepthat smoke rollin

14 Replies to “Vortex Chicken Legs! #quarantinecooking #weberkettle #bbq

  1. Looks like some perfect yard bird Mags! I did some chicken too! It’s been way too long since I used my vortex or done legs! I like to take mine up to about 200 to get them tender. Nice work! Hope you’re staying safe back there.

  2. Now those were some sexy looking legs! That color was money 💰💵 Great Job Brother! And out in the Rain Too😎

  3. Great cook and nice share and yup that bad boy has a little pop on the back end great chicken legs brother

  4. Johnny those legs look incredible! Yes, always test your tongs to make sure they are operating correctly! Great job !

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