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Vortex Grilled Voodoo Wings

Grilled Chicken Wings Recipe with a Cajun Seasoning and a Sweet & Spicy “Voodoo” Sauce

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Voodoo Wings

Something magical happens to these grilled wings when you toss them in this sweet and spicy Voodoo Sauce – Cajun and Caribbean flavors collide producing a tantalizing sweet & spicy flavor with notes of brown butter and vanilla.

For this cook I’m running my trusty 22” Weber kettle set up with a charcoal Vortex . You simply can’t beat the way the Vortex cooks chicken wings. The skin browns and turns crispy on both sides; you can actually see the fat rendering away on the skin. I add 1 small piece of peach wood directly over the vortex for smoke.

To set up the grill: Get a chimney of Royal Oak briquettes going using a couple tumble weed fire starters. Place the Vortex on the bottom fire grate in the weber and pour in the hot coals. Set the cooking grate in place and give it just a few minutes to get hot. The dial on the Weber will climb rapidly to around 550 degrees. (don’t panic this isn’t the actual grate temp)

Place the wings on a sheet pan and pat dry with paper towel. You want to get as much moisture off as possible, so the skin will crisp. I’m using whole wings for this recipe but you could cut them up into individual pieces or buy party wings.

To get the Cajun flavor party started I hit the wings with a good coat of my King Craw Seasoning . It’s a little on the spicy side but not hot enough to blow your head off and the salt is balanced so you don’t have to worry about over doing it with this one. You can substitute your favorite cajun seasoning just watch the salt content.

Arrange the wings on the outer edge of the cooking grate away from the vortex. The heat will roll down the top and cook the wings. Start out with the exhaust vent in the 12 o’clock position and turn the lid 45 degrees every 15 minutes. This helps the heat flow evenly around all the wings. After 30 minutes flip the wings and continue cooking. While the wings are on the grill go ahead and make the Voodoo sauce.

VooDoo Wing Sauce
– 1 stick Butter
– 2 Tablespoons minced onion
– 2 cloves minced garlic
– 1/2 cup dark brown sugar
– 2oz dark rum
– 2oz Killer Hogs Hot Sauce
– 1 teaspoon Crushed Red Pepper
– 1 cup Killer Hogs Vinegar Sauce

Melt butter in a sauce pan over medium heat. Add onion and garlic and cook for 2-3 minutes. Add dark brown sugar, red pepper flakes, and rum. Reduce for 5-7 minutes to cook off alcohol. Remove from heat and add Hot Sauce and Vinegar Sauce. Store in a jar until ready to use.

Get the wings off the grill when they hit 190-195 internal; I use a Thermoworks Thermapen to check the internal temperature.

I know that wings are done at 165 internal; but trust me the skin is better, the fat is completely rendered, and the bones come out clean when you take them to 190.

Place 4-5 wings in a large bowl and pour in a little of the Voodoo sauce. Toss the wings until they’re completely coated and pour out onto a platter or cutting board. Repeat this step until all the wings are sauced. I like to serve them with a kicked up Cajun ranch dipping sauce and sticks of celery or carrots.

Voodoo Ranch Dip
– 1 cup Blue Plate Mayo
– 1 cup Sour Cream
– 1 packet Ranch seasoning
– 1 Tablespoon Killer Hogs Hot Sauce
– 1 teaspoon Malcom’s King Craw Cajun seasoning
– 1 pinch Cayenne Pepper (more if you like it spicy!)
Combine ingredients in a small bowl and cover. Refrigerate for at least 3 hrs before serving.

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Video Transcription

hey welcome back to how to barbecueright I’m Malcolm Reed today I’m gonnashow you how to do buddhu wings I knowwe got mardi gras coming up just here ina few weeks it’s got me thinking aboutall those good times down on the bayouso i thought it’d be a great time toshare this recipe with you i’ve got somewhole wings i’m gonna hit with my cajunseasoning that king crawl we’re gonnaget them on a hot grill get that skinjust right get those wings done then i’mgonna show you how to make a voodoosauce that we’re gonna toss these wingsin to finish them they’re gonna befantastic let’s get to cooking so tocook these wings today I’m using myweber kettle and a charcoal vortex Ineed some hot coals first so I’m puttingsome royal up briquettes inside achimney and use it a couple tumbleweedsto get the fire going after about 15 to20 minutes the coals are good and hotI’m gonna put the vortex down in theWeber on the fire grate and pour thosehot coals right into it I’m gonna put mygrate in place and then put the lid onand you can watch the temp just climbstraight to the top it’s gonna level outabout 550 degrees so we got the Webergetting good and hot now it’s time toget some seasoning on these wings todayI’m using a whole wing now you can cutthese into drums and flats cook them inpieces or cook party wings the exactsame way it doesn’t matter the firstthing we’re gonna do is get someseasoning on them I’m using my kingcross seasoning and it’s a Cajun blendthe spices it’s got some urged somethyme some oregano garlic all the greatstuff but you could use any kind ofseasoning you want on them just usesomething that’s not too salty you wantthe flavors to come out in the chickenand the sauce we’re gonna toss it in youdon’t want to overpower them with saltwe’re gonna coat one side we’re gonnaflip these wings over get seasoning onall sides we’re gonna get some Keenecrawl on the back side of these wingsand I like the whole wings personally Ithink they cook up better they stayjuicy and I’ll really like the way theskin turns out on them on this vortexthat looks good to me just Pat them in alittle bit so we’ve got the seasoning onall sides of the wings it looks greatI’m just gonna let them hang out forjust about five minutes let some of themoisture pull out of the skin it’s gonnakind of make the seasoning stick to it alittle bit better the grill is gettinghot so we’re about ready to startcooking so now we’re just going to putthe wings on the Weber and you noticeI’m putting them around the vortex youdon’t want to cook directly over itwe’re gonna give them plenty of space sothe air can circulate if you crowd themup they cook a little bit slower Ireally love cooking chicken wings withthis vortex setup it moves so much ayou’re really cooking indirect but theair the heat coming down around theWeber from the vortex makes the skinreally really crisp it’s almost likeit’s air fried right here on the grillfamily pack of chicken wings is perfectfor the Weber 22-inch kettle with thevortex and before I put the lid on I’mgoing to add some smoker wood to it I’vegot a little piece of peach right herewe’re gonna put right over that vortexand it’s gonna start burning a littlebit it’s gonna smolder and give us areally good flavor for these voodoowings so on the lid on the Weber I’vegot it at the 12 o’clock position andit’s a hundred percent open now to giveus an even cook with this vortex every15 minutes I’m gonna rotate it 45degrees and we’ll end up going aboutthree turnsall right spend 15 minutes I’m gonnatake a quick peek at these wings theyare looking good start to get some coloron them so we got a little peach smokegoing there fine just like they are allI’m gonna do is turn the lid now nowwe’re gonna have the exhaust over in thethree o’clock position we’re just goingto keep letting them go set anothertimer for 15 minutes now while the wingsare grilling let me tell you about thisvoodoo wing sauce I’m starting with astick of butter some finely choppedonions and garlic we’re gonna get thosesimmering down about 2 or 3 minutes justmake them translucent then I’m going toadd some brown sugar a peach of redpepper flakes and a good shot of rumthat rums gonna cook off all thatalcohol we’re gonna let it go for aboutanother 3 to 5 minutes so it’s allcooked off but it’s leaving all theflavor in the butter with the garlicwith the onions it’s gonna have a littlebit of spice to it but we’re gonna kickit up another notch to truly make itvoodoo style I’ve got some hot sauce andsome of my spicy vinegar sauce going init so then I took the sauce off the heatand just poured it in a pint jar and Ijust brought it out here just let ithang out at room temperature it’sthickened up some you can see it’s gotthe pieces of the red pepper flake thegarlic the onion all that’s going tomake a beautiful sauce for these wingsit’s been a total of 30 minutes you cansee our skin sizzling it’s getting agolden brown color I want to get themflipped at this point so they’re cookingeven on all sides but these wings arelooking fantastic that’s why I lovecooking on that vortex I mean you justcan’t beat the way it gets the skincrispy so much hot air moving in itcoming down on them and it circulatesaround the wings look great alright soall the wings are flipped now we’regoing to move the lid one more timewe’ve got it drawn this way so we’restill cooking even about 15 more minutesis all it should take but I’m gonna varyfi the internal temperature I’ll get mythermo pin out I’m looking for above 190I like those bones to really come out ofthe wings so that’s the tip I like totake them too you could take them offanywhere after 165 but the skins rightand the bones pull right out if you takethem up in that 195 range all right it’sbeen 45 minutes I’m gonna go ahead andget these wings flipped back over seehow they’re looking we’re gonna get athyra pin out I’m gonna start checkingon ya see some crispy action color isbeautiful on them kind of a golden brownget off that peach wood wing stay righttherePizza about give us all this guy manlook at these wings that is just a thingof beauty start checking the internaltemperature on some of them 178 180we got about just a few more minutesthat one’s about 165 I’m gonna put thelid back onthey probably not gonna go a whole 15minutes that’s where you really want tokeep an eye on them little windy day wegot a little breeze going so you justwant to make sure they’re done to yourliking I wanted to get just a little bitcrispier a little bit more done so thatbone pops out all right now our wingshave been on a total of one hour and I’mgonna check them nowoh yeah 192 I’m seeing those temps theyfeel great they look great they’re stillgot that crunch we are there that one’sabout 198 I know it’s done I’m gonnacall them one hour on the vortex it’sgot the skin exactly how I want it youcan see it sizzling browned on all sidesbeautiful cooked now we just got to getthem off and get them in some of thatvoodoo sauce we’re gonna take thesewings over to the cutting board I meanif that’s not a tray cajun-style wings Idon’t know what is now let’s get theVoodoo sauce tool all right so now we’regonna toss these wings in our voodoosauce that’s just been sitting here inthe pint jar now I’m only gonna do a fewat a time I don’t want to overcrowd thebowl we can do what four maybe fivethat’ll look good I’m just gonna add alittle sauce to the bowl and we’re justgoing to toss them around it can getmessythat’s great coverage right there nowstraight out on the board hmm I got tohurry up cause I want to try one but Igot to toss some more if you got somesauce left in the bowl that’s okay justput some more wings in reload that bowlme get five more got some sauce in therebutgo ahead and give it another drizzlethat looks good make them happy thoughwhat sauce around we’re outside theydon’t mind if it splatters gets on megets on you don’t shell the camera ladythose look sauced up to me check thatout that’s what I call foo doing so I’mready to try one Michael you’re gonnatry one with me today you ready for somesweet and spicy eat I’ve got a voodooranch over here that you can dip it into cool it off grab you one out I wantto see if they’re gonna tear apart Iknow they are I mean those bones areready to come out they’re still reallyhot this is what I like about takingthose wings to a little bit over 190 thebones come right out mmm the flat iswhere it’s at the skin it’s gotcrispness to it you want to dip it insome of this voodoo ranch a good thickdipping sauce that is awesome if itain’t all over you it ain’t good soMichael what’s your favorite part ofthese wings man you got it all over youthat’s awesome you like the drummy huhwell the babies in here if you find thatit’s like a king cake man you got tobring wings to the next party can youhandle that I’m gonna get me one moreMike I want to really taste it you getthe spice but the sweet jumps out andcovers it up they’re not too spicy atall but they have just a little kick butwhat I really get is the vanilla notefrom the rum we cooked down in thatsauce it’s not the alcohol it’s theflavor from the rum the spice that’swhat makes them so good that sauce is awinner man there’s some fantastic wingsaren’t there son I really love cookingchicken wings on that vortex I mean ittakes your wing game to another level itgets that skin crispy super easy to doyou almost can’t mess them up we pairthem with that Keane crawl Cajunseasoning brought some heat to it a lotof flavor and we toss them in thatvoodoo sauce and these are wings yougotta try thanks for checking us outhere at how to barbecue right if youlike what we’re doing subscribe to ourChannel you can find us on FacebookInstagram Twitter and shell and I’lltalk about these wings and all the otherdelicious stuff we cook on our podcastat the endweek check that out too we’ll see y’allnext timethat sauce is phenomenal man thesethings break right apart the bones jumpout and it is nice look at that that isperfect by the chicken wingyou

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