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What’s For Dinner? | SEVEN Easy Budget Friendly Melas | Stay Home and Cook With Me | Julia Pacheco

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🌸 Friday’s Meal Prep:

Fiesta chicken casserole:
Salisbury steak:
Lemon chicken pasta:
crockpot barbecue chicken:
Baked boneless chicken wings:
How to make homemade buttermilk:

Michelle’s chicken pot Pie:
3 shredded cups boneless skinless chicken breast
1 can of cream of chicken soup
Half a pound of frozen mixed vegetables
1 can of chicken broth
1 cup of self rising flour
1 cup buttermilk
1/4 cup of melted butter

Heat Vegetables in soup and broth and boil. Mix together the flour buttermilk and butter. Place chicken in a greased casserole dish next add the vegetables and soup last pour the flour mixture on top. Bake uncovered on 350° From 25-45 minutes.

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Video Transcription

[Music]hey you guys and welcome back toanother week of what’s for dinner i’mreally excited about these meals becausethey’re all pretty budget friendly butthey’re still super deliciousbut anyways i post one of these videosevery single sunday so if you are newhere i’d love to have you over at mychannelso go ahead and subscribe down below thevideo but now let’s get on with thiswhat’s for dinnerto get this week kicked off we aremaking this beautiful creamylemon chicken so to begin i’m going tostart with our chicken first so i’m justcracking inone egg to this glass bowl and i’madding about a tablespoon of milkalong with a half a teaspoon of salt andthen an eighth of a teaspoon of blackpepperand then i’m just going to mix this[Music]togetherover to a separate glass bowl i justmeasured out about a cup of panko breadcrumbsmy panko breadcrumbs are seasoned and ijust set that bowl asideto start assembling the chicken this isjust one large chicken breastsliced thinly in half i coated it in theegg wash and then i moved it over to thepanko breadcrumbsand then i set it aside in a separateplate[Music]to a large pot of some boiling water i’mjust adding about12 ounces of fettuccine noodles or youcould use good old spaghetti noodleswhatever you guys have on hand and ijust cooked that upmoving over to our pan that has about atablespoon of some oil in it and it isheated upi’m just adding our chicken in it i’mcooking it on each sideuntil it reaches the internaltemperature of 165 degrees and then ijust pulled that off and set it on aseparate plateto start on our lemon cream sauce i havetwo tablespoons ofbutter i melted down and now i’m addingabout four cloves of garlic and i’m justpressing that in thereand then i’m going to be adding about afourth a teaspoon of someonion powder and then i’m just going tostir this all togethernow that our garlic is fragrant i’mgoing to be adding in our two cups ofheavy whipping cream and i’m just goingto whisk this togetheruntil it starts to simmer once it issimmering i’m gonna squeezein our one whole lemon to this mixtureand then i’m going tostir it around again[Music]now that our sauce has begun to thickenup i’m going to be adding in our thirdcup of some parmesan cheese and then i’mgonna whiskthis together and let that cheese melt[Music]down[Music]this step is definitely optional but i’mjust adding in four cups of some freshspinach right herelike i said you do not have to add thisstep but i thought it was a great way tosneak insome healthy spinachhere is my plate all plated up i justtopped it with some parsley flakes anda little extra lemon just for some addedcolorthis was so so good and that lemon wasdefinitely not overpoweringbut it seriously had so much flavor ireally dorecommend this recipe i just served italongside of a side saladfor this night’s dinner i decided tomake salisbury steakto start i have about a pound of somelean ground beefin my glass bowl right here and to thatground beef i’m just adding about athirda cup of breadcrumbs these are justplain breadcrumbsand then next i’m adding about twoteaspoons of ketchupand then one teaspoon of mustard alongwithone teaspoon of worcestershire sauce andthen for the seasonings i’ll be adding ahalf a teaspoon of garlic powderand then a half a teaspoon of some onionpowder and then you’re just going tostir this all together and let all thoseingredients get incorporated alltogether[Music]now that we are through mixingeverything together i’m just going tostart making these into pattiesthis made about three different pattiesfor my family but depending on yourguys’s family sizejust make them smaller or largerwhatever you guys needto my saucepan i’m just adding about atablespoon of some oil i just addedavocado oil just because that’s what ihave right nowand then i’m just putting these pattiesdown and i’m going to cook them all theway through on each side[Music]now that we have those burgers on thestove we’re gonna start on our gravy idid have this gravy recipe so if you dogo to make thisyou could double this gravy recipe ifyou have a larger familywe just did not need the extra gravy soi just added inone cup of hot water followed by onepacket of brown gravy mixand then i’ll be adding in about half ateaspoon of ketchupfollowed by a quarter teaspoon of someworcestershire sauceand then i’m going to whisk this alltogethernow that our burgers are fully cooked ijust poured this gravy right on top ofthemand i just let that thicken up to thebest of my ability just like thisand kind of stirred it around and hereis my plate all plated up of course iserved it on top of a bed of mashedpotatoesbecause i love salisbury steak withmashed potatoesand peas but i just didn’t have any peason hand for that night so instead i justmadea simple side salad to go along the sidethis meal wasyummy for this nice dinner we decided tomake my favorite baked boneless bbqwing recipe to begin i have two poundsof boneless skinless chicken breaststhat i cut into bite-sized piecesand right on top of that i’m adding inone cup of all-purpose flourand i’m just going to stir the flouraround to coat those chicken piecesnow that we are through with that stepi’m just pouring in about five cups ofcorn flakes to this separate bowland then i’m just mashing them up theway i’m mashing them up is with mypotato masher and then to season this upi’m just seasoning it witha half a teaspoon of garlic powder ahalf a teaspoon of peppera half a teaspoon of salt a fourth of ateaspoonof some smoked paprika and then i’m justgoing to mix this up[Music]for the egg wash all it is is two eggsand then a fourth a cup of milk allwhisked togetherthis part gets a little bit messy buttrust me it’s worth it so i just dippedthat flour mixture into the egg washand then from there i just sprinkled itin the corn flakes and then put it onthisparchment paper lined cookie sheet andthen i did it over and over again[Music]now this goes into my oven preheated to400 degrees[Music]for one of the sides i decided to gosuper simple i just had some of theseleftover tater tots in my freezer that ihad to use upso on my parchment lined casserole dishi pouredthese out and then i stuck them in theoven to bakealongside of the boneless wings[Music]in my opinion this is what kicks theseboneless wings up a notch so we’re goingto make kind of like a honey barbecuesauceso to this little pot i have on my stoveright here i’m adding 34 cup of barbecue sauce i just use thegreat valueand then next i’m adding in about afourth cup of ketchupfollowed by a fourth a cup of honey andthen i just let this come up to a simmeron my stoveand i just whisked it until everythingwas nicely combined[Music]halfway through baking i just pulled ourboneless wings out of the oven and theni flipped them on each side and thenthis just ensures that everythinggets baked at the same speed[Music]here are our boneless wings all cookedthrough they just lookso crispy and delicious to me right nowso here is our homemade barbecue saucei’m just going todrizzle that right on top of ourboneless wingsand then i kind of stirred everything tocombine you just wantthose boneless wings coated in thatyummy barbecue saucei did want to let you guys know if youare more of a buffalo wing personyou could definitely just make somebuffalo sauce upand stir this in that buffalo saucehere is my plate all put it up we justhave those tater tots along with ourboneless wingsand then our carrots and then a littleside of some ranchthis was so so good and i really dothinkthis recipe will surprise you guys itreally did surprise me the first time iever made it it’s yummyfor this nice dinner we are making asuper simple chicken pot pie recipe andthis one’s actually brought to us by asubscriberher name is michelle and she is supersuper sweet so thank you michelle forsending me this recipenow at this point you’re gonna needthree cups of some boneless skinlessshredded chicken the way i’m doing thatis in my instant pot i’m just seasoningit with a little bit of some salt andpeppermichelle actually does it in the crockpot but i totally forgot in the morningthat i was going to make this recipeso i was kind of doing this last minutethat is why i used myinstant pot so i just set this toceiling for about20 minutes and i let it cookhere is our cooked chicken i’m justshredding it up to the best of myability withthese two forks now i just set thatchicken aside and we’re going to work onour pot pie filling so to this littlepot right here i’m adding in my cream ofmushroom soupthis is just one can the original recipecalls for cream of chicken i just didn’thave any cream of chickenand then i added in our chicken brothand then our frozen vegetablesand then i just let this come up to asimmer[Music]this recipe calls for about a cup ofsome self-rising flour of course mystore was all out of self-rising flourso i just used a cup of some regularall-purpose flour along with a teaspoonof some baking powderand then a teaspoon of baking soda andthen i just stirred it up to combinethis recipe calls for one cup ofbuttermilk of course i just simplydidn’t have any buttermilk at home atthis point soi just added in one cup of regular milkinto this little bowl along witha lemon so this is about a tablespoonand a half of some lemon i’m squeezinginand this is pretty much how to makehomemade buttermilk and then i let thisset aside and sit for a little while iwill have the exact recipe andmeasurementson how to make buttermilk down below ifyou guys are wondering[Music]into our flour mixture i’m just addingthat bowl of buttermilk inalong with about a fourth a cup of somemelted butter and then you’re just goingtostir this all together to combine i didwant to let you guys know i will havethe exactrecipe and measurements to all of theserecipes linked down below in mydescription box for you guysand if you just simply can’t find themlet me know in the comments down belowand i will just give you the recipesdirectly into my pie dish right here idid spray it with some nonstick spray iadded in our shredded chicken and righton top of that shredded chicken you’rejust going to be adding thatfilling just the pie filling right therewith the vegetablesand then on top of that you’re justgoing to add that flour mixtureright on it and then you’re going toplace this in your preheated oven to 350degreesand this took about 45 minutes for mebut just keep an eye on it for you guys[Music]here is our pot pie out of the oven andto be completely honest with you guysthis isnow one of my favorite pot pies i’veever had this recipe isdarn good thank you so much michelle forsending it to meif i were to do anything different nexttime i’d probably double this recipeso we could have plenty of leftovers forlunch the next dayfor this night’s dinner we are makingfiesta chicken casseroleto begin this recipe i have this hugepot of boiling water and then i’m justadding in two cups of this whole wheatpenne pasta you could use any type ofpasta you guyshave on hand this is just what i had touse upover to my large glass bowl right here ihave about two cups of some shreddedchicken i just shredded this chickenfrom myinstant pot as usual i just cooked up inthere then shredded ityou could easily use a rotisserie stylechicken if that’s what you guys have onhandso i just added in about a cup of thissalsa along with a cup of sour creamin with that chicken to get ourseasonings on i’m just adding in about ateaspoon of some garlic powder followedby a teaspoon ofonion powder and then a teaspoon ofcumin then you’re going to stir this alltogether andlet it get nice and creamy[Music]now that that is all mixed togetheryou’re going to be adding in your cup ofshredded sharp cheddar cheese mix thataroundthen you’re going to be draining a canof black beans and a can of corn you’realso going to be rinsing thatthen you’re going to add that in give ita good old mixing and then you’re gonnabe adding inyour pasta[Music]now this goes in my 9×13 baking dish andthen of course i’m going to cover itwith a little bitmore shredded sharp cheddar cheese andthen on top of that you’re just going toaddsome aluminum foil and then you’re goingto bake this in the ovenwith that aluminum foil on and then forthe last five minutes you’re going totake that foil off[Music]here it is out of the oven this was socreamy and delicious i was reallyimpressed i just served it alongside ofsome shredded iceberg lettucesome limes guacamole and some cherrytomatoesthis one was a hit for this night’sdinner we made thesebarbecued chicken sandwiches along withtwice baked potato casseroleto begin i am just going to be choppingup one entire white onion[Music]moving over to my crock pot i’m justadding in onehuge large chicken breast this is afrozen chicken breast that i added inand then on top of that chicken breast iadded about a cup of this barbecue saucethis is just the great valueoriginal barbecue sauce and then i addedin about a tablespoon of some water justfor some extra moistureand then a teaspoon of thisworcestershire sauceand then right on top of that i amadding in our whiteonion that is chopped and then i’m goingto put the lid on this thing and it tookme about six hours to cook on lowwhen the chicken was almost throughcooking i decided to start on our twicebaked potatocasserole so i have a bunch of theselittle yellow potatoes that i boiled upin myinstant pot i did steam them in thereand then i just cut them in half andpeeled off the skins and then i put themin this large mixing bowl now i justadded in about a fourth a cup of somesour cream along with a tablespoonof some cream cheese and a tablespoon ofsomebutter now i’m just adding in about halfa cup of somesharp cheddar cheese along with ourseasonings which are justsalt pepper and some thymeif you were to be using russet potatoesyou would have to add insome milk about a fourth a cup to a halfa cup of milkjust to thin this recipe out since iused yellow potatoes i did not have toadd any milk it came outvery creamy just like this now i justpulled out my casserole dish and i’mjust going to scoopthis in my casserole dish i did want tolet you guys know this recipe called fora baconunfortunately i just did not have anybacon on hand if you do have bacongo ahead and fry up about four pieces ofbacon and add it inso i just sprinkled the top with somesharp cheddar cheese andsome cut chives and i stuck it in theovenwell that was almost through baking inthe oven i just started shredding up ourchicken in the crock pot i just shreddedit with my little shredder gadgetright here and it shredded pretty easy[Music]here is our twice baked potato casseroleall cooked through this came outso delicious as well as the barbecuechicken i just served it on top ofa hamburger bun i also put a couple dillpickles on itjust for some extra flavor and then ijust served it alongside of a side saladthis night was actually my husband’sbirthday and my brother right heredecided to surprise us with some texasroadhouseit was so sweet of him we love texasroadhouse and our familywe actually did have it last weekend andi know that but this was a surprisedinner and it really wasgood birthday dinner for my husband andmy baby just hadsome pasta and some vegetablesand that wraps up today’s what’s fordinner i hope you guys got a little bitof somemeal inspiration out of it i post one ofthese videos every single sundayso go ahead and subscribe down below thevideo so you don’t miss next sunday’swhat’s for dinner i’ll see you guys inthe next one bye for now[Music]you

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  2. Loved the recipies! You gave me some wondeful dinner ideas. I really appreciate that you shared options for ingredients that can be used in place of…or how to make (i.e. buttermilk). Also appreciate that you shared the cost for the meal. Great budget meals that are Inspiring!

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