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懶人cook-Dish of the week: Barbecue pork ribs

Dish of the week: Barbecue pork ribs
-Baby pork ribs
-BBQ Sauce
-Black / Mixed Pepper
-Olive Oil / Baking sheet
-Fine Herbs
-Brown sugar (Optional)
-Chicken powder (Optional)
-Potato, Sweet potato or French fries for side dish (Optional)
Cooking time: 12-15 minutes (depends on the rib’s thickness
1st 10 mins:
Temperature: 150-200 degree celsius
Position: middle level of oven
Last 2-5 mins:
Temperature: 50-100 degree celsius
Position: slightly closer to the top of oven
Remarks: Do not put the ribs too close to the top of oven
P.S: Cabin crew from private jet sector could also use this recipe to serve your loyalty pax.😜


Original of the video here

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