BBQ Pork Recipes

酥皮叉燒包 Baked BBQ Pork(Char You) Buns

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Char Siu recipe👉

主材料 Ingredients
高筋麵粉 210g Bread flour
低筋麵粉 55g Cake flour
雞蛋1粒 1large egg
糖 40g Sugar
鹽 4g Salt
速發酵母 5g Instant dry yeast
牛奶 85g Fresh milk
湯種 85g Utane dough
無鹽牛油 20 Unsalted butter

Utane dough ingredients 湯種材料
Bread flour 16g 高筋麵粉
Water 80g 水

酥皮材料 pastry ingredients
無鹽牛油 60g Unsalted butter
雞蛋1粒 1 egg
低筋麵粉 60g Cake flour
糖 30g Sugar
鹽 少許 pinch of salt

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