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📱 My first IRL Live Stream on Streamlabs How to make BBQ Ribs for dinner

Live from Android using Streamlabs!

My first IRL Live Streaming on Streamlabs!

This video shows how to make BBQ Ribs for dinner in a very smart way.

Check it out yourself!

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Video Transcription

[Music][Music][Music][Music]we’ll figure out the unlist[Music][Music]trying to figure out how tosome listed[Music][Music]now okay now it’s public all right thisis my first videoI mean first I roll streaming[Music][Music]I’m on life[Music]come on mm hello guys um um I’m gonnashow you guys how to make some cool ribsand join you guys like to see it stepnumber one clean a pan stop number twoget a rib step number three get a knifestep number step step step number fourget out get out cutting board I’m gonnashow you guys how to cut some ribs andmake it make it you’re looking ribs I’mgonna say this um I’m gonna show youguys how to make some good good lookingribs barbecue ribs for dinneralright guys let me show you how it’sdonewhite there’s a camera right therealrightoh yeah I’m gonna get some scissors andcut up and cut up the thing let me pullout the black plasticOhoi all you have to do is send a sent thetemperature all you have to do is setthe temperature up to 400 degrees youbake it up to 400 I’m pre the oven up to400° for your for your ribs oh sorry mydad here’s now here’s how to make ribsfor dinnerI’ll show you guys how to make pork ribsbarbecued pork ribs for also you guyshow to make poor poor ribs for dinnerand a fair a smart way I’ll show youguys how to make poor ribs and a verysmart way you could avert yourCoopersville you cook it for 33 minutesand then when he goes off flip it overfor 15 minutes and it will cookperfectly I promise you all right let’scut some ribsyou cut the ribs one by one and put themon the pan but cookie pan 1 2 3 4fivesix whatpresenting our buddyseveneight9tenyou know them and 12see how easy is that[Music][Music]all you have to do is watch the nightand put it away another time[Music][Music]this is my first viral stream I think Iearn those things are really awesomealright the next step is oh alright thenext step is to add a barbecue sauceinto the ribs[Music]how we gonna hole wait a minuteall you have to do is add this barbecuesauce into the ribs and then under thereput it in for 30 minutes and then one ofthe timer goes off you’ll flip it overand put it up put another barbecue sauceon it and then put it in for 15 minutesand then work the anymore done how easyis thathow how we gonnaall right there you gosorry Ben Washingtontime to put barbecue sauce on the ribsmake sure they’re in the right orderfantastic and you put one we’re gonnaput one over thereI’m sure finally have lump will not pouragain and then steal one of my grips cuzI’m gonna be pissed I’m just kiddingthere are no final half ones around hereso work we’re safe we’re really safethank you thank you welcome to Nikhillife streaming on a stream laps this ismy first IRL streaming on the streamlaughs I think see you put barbecuesauce on the ribs directly and you brushthem carefully like this see that seethat works hella good workshella goodI’m gonna be the first chef boyardeechef boyardee hung out livestreambecause I’m good at making good foodsthe oppression really really goodcome on fight your fight fight you jokesee you brush them really really goodyou cook them for 30 minutes and thatwhat when it goes off flip it over for15 minutes and he’ll cook perfectly Ipromise you Oh it’ll taste good Ipromiseill it will taste good it’ll taste goodthis is my first video IRL streaming onmy own a channel coming up next no waitnever done no I’m done time to wash thebrush that work good to gothis is hella funbingo now it’s done time to put them inthe oven for 30 minutes I’m Steve allright voilaboy on a row boy I’m a baron yeah allrightlook at those ribs mmmlooks pretty goodyeah yeah it makes you hungry for thatgood-looking ribs put this back in thefrigerator until the timer goes off yeahit’s trying to set him up for 33 minutesoops I’m so hungry I can’t eat some ribsI’m so hungry I can eat some ribswell this what’s eat look Oh oopstime one setup for 30 minutes then timeto set up two for 15 minutes time to setfor 50 minutes there you go18 minutes for flip it over yeahall right let’s put some ribs in theoventime to put the ribs in the oven somecarefully safely in the oven there yougo there you gonow it’s all setalright alright the ribs are done oh ohyeah oh oh no not yetand time how’s it gone gone out yes ohI’m sorry my mistakealright I’m done making some ribs no allI have to do is simply till the timergoes off nowno flip over for 15 minutes that weredone and then the dinner is readythis is awesomelike instance like and subscribe formore video first IRL streamI think first stream lapslike and subscribe for more new yolivestream videos and then coming upnext is at benjamin season for final Imean season for final episode episode 9it’ll be special the most craziestepisode work I’m gonna not work can Imake so stick around and don’t miss ithell yeah I’m gonna so California looksreally good how how do I a live streamon the top of a Salesforce tower hmmthat’s a good question you just thinkyou just got to walk in there you needto say ah you just and uh walk in thereand find you find find the elevator ohwhateverto get up the top of a tower let’s seewhat it looks likefortunately um you guys you guys gonnahave to look up on a video but to seewhat it looks like inside of a inside ofa Salesforce tower and samples let’s go[Music]please do itWow and Wow if they want me to do itwell you guys want me to you guys wantme to I just you know I’m gonna findsome ways the wife seen the SalesforceTower and see what looks like whatBarney workshubby honey hang up um I don’t knowthey’re comfortable for me to livestreamup there so I I’m not sure but I’ll tryI’ll try it my best to get to theSalesforce tower sometime in it sometimenet day time I’ll try my best to getthere I don’t know if they’recomfortable for me to do that so ultraUltron best sell well I can subscribefor more for more in nikkyo livestreamand like and subscribe for more pitchmanepisodeswhat does Barney do it at the salesfirst hour hmm I don’t know mate ohmaybe maybe he I don’t know just look itup on it you knowOh Barney does and he just says a topquark so I get peered or or or make somegraphics oh whateverlook it up on the inner see how peopleworks in a sales first hour yes thissales sourced hours awesome I’m I mightbe able to go up on a Salesforce towerwhen things are good and if they if if Iget their permission that dude thatthat’s that’s cool at me so well so likeand subscribe for more nikkyo livestreaming videos and coming up next is abenjamin season 4 episode 9 the fineobso on a night that by cuckoo partywell I’m not I’m not sure about thisyeah I don’t want people to think Neilsales were Salesforce tower livestreamI wish I could deal with that but I haveto get their permissions first here’sthe room tour right therethis is Oh see this is why I work at Imean I’m working on my episodehere’s my room tour right there so yougot many questions just give me a winkwhatever so I’ll try my best to get thisepisode done on the May 8th Benjamin inseason 4 episode 9 will be on YouTube onMay 8th so don’t miss it it’s gonna be acraziest episode that we ever made inour lifetime so don’t mess up don’t missit

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  1. I made the ribs using your recipe and it is probably the tastiest thing I have ever tasted good wirk

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