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BANQUET HUGE Side of Pork incl Ribs BBQ Style + Roasted Veg. Potted Meat Made With The Trimmings !

It’s raining. It’s pouring. So I can’t fire up[ the wood oven or BBQ outside but I want my first post Covid guests to enjoy a spectacular BBQ banquet….well lets slow roast and BBQ sauce out own WHOLE SIDE OF PORK incl RIBS !!

Here I prep, roast – including crackling – and serve THE MOST succulent side of pork you will ever see. Don’t take my word for it – just watch to the end when I carve this wonderful beast !

I roast some veggies too (why not, while the oven is on) so that everyone can help themselves.

There is a saying – you can neat all of the pig except the squeak ! Well with this in mind I also show how to take the trimmings – the bits you may think to put in the bin -and make a ‘Brucy Bonus’ of potted meat. Truly truly delicious on hot toast!

To make this short – make sure the skin is dry and salted and have a salt, pepper and chilli flake rub all over. Refrigerate for 2 hours plus. Place uncovered in the hottest oven (220C) for 30 minutes to crackle up then cover and slow roast (4.5hrs) at 140C. Turn the oven back up to 200C for a last 30 minutes, uncover the pork and throw in the veg with about 20 minutes to go. Cover the pork with smoky BBQ sauce for the last 15 minutes then remove the pork, add more sauce and cover to rest for at least 10 minutes. Then serve this monster to your guests. They better be hun-gerr-ree! Super succulent and truly delicious. Falling off the bone. Don’t forget to fight over the crackling!

Original of the video here

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