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BBQ Pork Rib | UCO Grilliput Review | Plate & Pot Hanger

Hey all, another one from me.

I took a wander up to base camp a few weeks ago for a bit of quality campfire cooked Texas BBQ Rib with a bit of greenery for looks. I prepared a plate from a piece of deadfall ash and cooked it over the fire using the UCO Grilliput Grill which I’ve had for years but never really put to good use. Whilst I was there I also made a pot hanger for the fire place.

Couple of points of reference in the video: –

UCO Grilliput Duo Portable Grill –

Review starts at 09:42

The grill that Cimberer Bushcraft uses is called the Bitty BBQ Grill

Hope you enjoy.

Good luck, OLO

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]hey guys hope you’re well and I justthought that could be just drop in andjust let me know what my plan is fortoday and just back that just back atbase camp and just gonna have a quite acouple of hours today that’s that’s theplan really I’ve got a fire going I meanjust about guess so am I gonna get thatdown to hot coals I plan to have a bitof food brought with me we’ve just seenme making a bit of a a bit of a plateready a trayI bought half a rack of ribs some greento go with it just to give it a bit ofcolour obviously my kind of day a corkgoes everywhere me and I’m probablygonna make a brim just to go with it theother thing I’m gonna do and this isjust sort of a a bit of a mini revealreally I’ve had this for it for ages andit’s the it’s the grill II put I thinkit’s called the Greeley put compactgrill or grill pot lightweight grillI weighed it last night and they’rereally actually isn’t that like waitit’s actually 550 grams I think and thatit does compact down into a really smallsize I have long lost the end cap soI’ve just got a bit of tape on the endto hold everything in but I’ll show youin a minute how all that goes togetherand I’m gonna use it today to cook myribs over hopefully over a bed of hotthey’re hot embers so we will see howthat pans outso sick days Ostiathat’s the guerrilla pot and I find Ifind out what the proper name is andI’ll drop it into the into thedescription below economistic really putI think it’s the guerrilla put portableor the guerrilla put like Twitter orpackable or or something but it’s theit’s a guerrilla put grill anyways um Ithink it’s about I mean I bought this along time ago Brighton I think I’ve seenthem maybe on the bush craft store Ithink they know go for about thirty quidI’d say I I guess if you just stop for aday in the woods you know hiking too faryou don’t mind carrying the extra weightit’s an okay grill it’s no kid goes itpacks down so small I don’t particularlyconsider it lightweight add littlelittle look last night on eBay or AmazonI think it was an 1199 BAE’s um a grillthat’s just where they serve other samesize the legs folding it doesn’t falldown as small as this but it’s it’s wellover 200 grams lighter so so I don’tparticularly consider this light weightbut I do like the fact that it packsdown so small and given a choice also Ithink I’d like if the legs joined and Iwould probably stop is sitting into theground so far I do want to follow theball a packable grill I’ve actually seenthat kimra Tilly Ohtake these trying to eat the leg of thetripod tea whoa I’ve seen it sorry I’veseen that Kimbra bushcraft uses a reallyneat twofold II when I saw I think aboutis one is called a bitty bitty grill orsomething and again I checked the Icheck it down in the description blastread you neaten if seems to pull downreally small so that’s the gritty putI’m gonna try it today and the ribs thisis gonna burn down to embersand the ribs are gonna go straight onbut for now I think for half an hour andjust grab a chill in the hammock andI’ll show you that in a moment it’s theDD XL frontline hammock again it’s alittle bit heavy I don’t mind carryingthe weight that I find a lifetime sortof a wig carry and the reason I boughtthe XL though is when I am out hammockcamping and we have tested a it’s bigenough for me and for Talia we both jumpin and cozy up at night and there’splenty room for for the two of usI’ll feed NZ by weight[Music][Music]now set go is another episode all beingdone with coffees on the goal as I saidI’m just gonna run it’s just gonna chilltoday reading saying crawling from myspider master I say I’m just gonna planfor today really was just a sort of comeup there and just them just have a bitof a chill out make some nice foodthink you can see that so that’s theplan really I’m just gonna sit down andenjoy my enjoying my rack of ribs withBob Hill and now the greenery isobviously just for show and so sick guysare gonna enjoy this and um and a packup and I’m gonna be on my wayum we’ve enjoyed it I’d say um I wasgoing for the hammock up but that didn’treally happenI say part of today was just the sort oftext at the squarely put I’ve used itbefore but only only around thecampervan ladies never actually outdinner in a situation like the enoughsituation in in in this type of scenarioand I could say worked this workedreally welland I like the fact that Pakistan Reesewall I don’t like how heavy it is butotherwise yeah looks looks really welland really um fault I’ve seen somethingeloquent but I’ve got a great butt foldin fire as well know that by comparisonthe menticles gather not by comparisonactually is really lightweight I makeit’s tin like tin foil right and I haveused that several times and that doseworked really well and maybe I’ll showyou that in another videobut I wasn’t carrying it up here todayalong with that thing yeah I’ll finishmy food and[Music]alright that stays divided Mike I’m justgonna say talking fire heat well hetrolled ourselves thank you very much assoon as now you know the deal give me athumbs up give me a comment give me asub and when you do give me a subring a bell so that you cannot fightwhen I throw out more videos in futureand that’s it from mebye guys hope you enjoyed see you nexttime folks and make me forget stuck inteeth anyone knows of a natural topiclet me know[Music]

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