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BBQ Pork Steak Recipe

A basic recipe something kind of similar to chinese bbq pork but a bit different. Kind of like the stuff they put in fried rice from the fish and chip shop.

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Video Transcription

all right so this is how I’ve beenmaking I guess it’s kinda like Chinesestyle barbecue pool bet they’re fromjust using ingredients that just usingwhat stuff you probably already hadabout having together store and anythingspecial so yeah I been putting aboutthis is for two small pork steaksabout two tablespoons brown sugarVala tablespoon of this barbecue sauce Ithink in the traditional recipes someChinese barbecue sauce a drop or two ofred food coloring about two tablespoonsof soy saucedrop of sesame oil and about atablespoon of will little punch of saltsince a really mix gonna hit honey Ithink they normally hit honeyand sometimes the last part and then Igo and we just marinade thus that seemsto be quite good overnight but if youwant probably just a few hours will bealright but yeah definitely taste goodafter overnight and then when wetomorrow when we call that we put out Iput up up on on a rack like this and Ihave it sitting over a baking tray justto catch anything andat 190 degrees Celsius these states theytalking about 10 minutes obviously youwant to make sure it’s cooked rightGoogle you can’t either but yet that’show I’m making it coming nothing likeprobably quite a bit different than thetraditional waiter just what I’m seeingit with you it’s kind of like the stuffthat you get and if you buy for advicefrom fishing shop shop you know so yeahthat’s it I’m gonna wait and leave it inthe fridge overnight and cook ittomorrowyou[Music]you[Music]you[Music]

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