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BBQ Porkchops Tutorial

I will show you how to cook a tender porkchops without even having to let it pre-soak.
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Video Transcription

all right so today we’re going to showyou how to make really good tender andjuicy BBQ pork chops so sort of what myseasonings I got the Montreal steakseasoning seasoning salt garlic powdersome original all-purpose seasoning someCajun seasoning lemon and pepper youneed all that these all these will doand definitely meat tenderizerso sprinkle a little bit of each onthereCajun seasoningthis season salt and then put some ofthat on there prior to the video shootbut so let’s put all the layers back onoh it’s good to clean while you cook[Music]stream its barbecue sauce sweet vanillaonion okay so we don’t put all ourseasonings on meat tenderizer occasionlemon pepperMontreal steak this kind of original Iput a little bit of garlic powder andjust a little bit of seasoning saltnot too much not too little so nextwe’re gonna put some barbecue sauce onthis kind of barbecue sauce that I useyou can use whatever you preferthey’re tickly I like this kind eversince I tried it so that’s what we’regonna do for our barbecue pork chopsas soon as I get this so what you do ishit a little bit of that song each oneyou don’t have to use your hands ifyou’re picky with it but please if youdo use your hands probably prefer youwash your hands especially be in fluseason don’t be gross right okay so rubthat on then you flip and also a priorto the video a dis season both sides soyou should see some both sides but therewere small barbecue sauce on this sidedon’t be greedycuz when you cook it a little bit willfall off and what’s left in this jar I’mgonna continue to pour on it tocaramelize it while it’s cookingthat’s what it looks like yum yum Ismell so good too when they’re cookingalright ok so now you can use betterpraying about this big put the pan andthen I’m gonna put it on about medium methe line after medium big five so whatyou’ll do is you can use all the tool ifthat’s what you prefer about radius forvegetable just a little bit not too muchjust to keep it keep it goingkeeps up boss I didn’t tell youprior to the video to is if you don’tlike washing dishes as much like I don’tyou can get one sheet of aluminum foiland follow the corners up to keep itfrom falling out then use that to keepyour pork chops from making a big messso keep this barbecue sauce too on theside here because when this is cooking Iwant it to counter caramelizewell it’s cooking and it will do thatand I’ll show you how to do that sothat’s just preheating upI’m also going to get this and I’m gonnafill it up to about 1/4 cup of the waterjust that’s just help the barbecuecaramelize while it’s cooking so we gotthis going up preheated pretty goodalright so get our barbecue pork chopsand get ready to lay them on thereyou didn’t pop preheat as strong as Iwarned it to exactly but you should tryto let it you know cook and heat up longenough to where you put your pork chopsin here and when you do it’ll kind ofstart already cooking but since adifferent already got one in there it’sgoing to continuespit down all her pork chops and – Ilike to not wait scrape out some of thisbarbecue here with a good season andthat may have fell off while I wasgetting breath here bored it’s in hereso see what it looks up in a pan cookinand let this coat for I don’t know sayten minutes on each side or less dependson you know how your your stove cook toplook it cooks and how good of adifferent pan you got the nodding sowe’ll come back in just a few all rightcouple sports have barbecue sauce aroundthe pork chops to kind of get a bit sosell them to caramelize with so that theflavor just goes right into you porkchop okay so using this kind of pan thatwhen you use no kind of hard you cancelhole in it so right now what you’regoing to do is you’re gonna stir it inaround it the barbecue saucewe just stir around in circles like thatyou kind of get that work you to startthe car twice you don’t like the phoneand especially if you’re broke you won’tjump ship not halfway yet you don’t seethat’s why I recommend boxing amazingthat perfectwhat’s that any heavy-looking greasespots try to move around some barbecueto feel that fill that in just smells sogood make sure I got no ball to youspots it’s chocolatey more quicker thanthe barbecue pork chops or[Music]you know just let it cook just let it doits job all right so now it’s beencooking for about say six minutes sevenminutes so I’m going to go ahead andflip it so I can get it caramelized likeit should so going to let the barbecuepork chops overnormally a little sit a little longerthis is trying to do the video to showyou how[Music]stirring themselves around so that itdon’t you know sit there overcook itselfwill come back now we’re going to flipthem[Music]and I’ll come back when they’re donecrystal clear thenokay so I don’t you have come back witha finished product video and here it iswe’ve got +27 macaroni and cheeseactually it’s sharp cheddar macaronicheese blitz of these mashed potatoesbutter corn pork chops barbeque porkchops and our East Road Suite a finishedproduct

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