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BBQ ROASTED PORK – I make a tasty BBQ Pork

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Best Roasted Pork I’ve ever tasted.

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Video Transcription

these brothers my guys know that me flatknow that the ride or dad I keep playingon my side and CJ I never go wrong withice cold these brothers my guys knowthat me flat know that the ride or die Ikeep on my side[Music]go ride or die[Music][Music]it’s like you read this so even if wegrill this one alone he’s in love theseare balls Lu Wowtry this one[Music]so now we wanted to buy a 111 key sothis is like he checked it back he knewso it’s supposed to say like thank youknow for me so he said this way likethat some kilosI saw the one they were selling for onone key five hundred like very smoothlike this pattern out can be like onekey those those blue cheese and puts itdown forOh phew Miley one moreone’s a spicy right yeah doesn’t knowyeah that’s a Boomerno wiggleI am gonna go try it and you are notgoing to try it yes or noyep nopeso when it’s ready and you pass the ballthe Iron Man doesn’t come Neosshe already changed our mind are yousure we should think what’s more thisone hour taking to new dramawe’re – how many people are eating fromthis thing you know we have like one twothree four five people now[Applause]the power is tricky though you gottajuice my car’s GPS[Applause]this won’t cook faster[Applause][Music]check it out father agonybecause what I’m talking about[Applause][Applause]I think[Music]which ones oh these guys just liketastingthere is no way they can[Music]I’ll just[Applause]okay let’s see the bitch knock out soeverybody will know their meat and thisone is ringing but I’m good all rightbecause I think it move delivery shewanna do a news he talked about wah wahI will be good asso she was like a transient for two onetwo three fourwe do I like to Luca okay where’s yourthingthe person who did or do you outlinedeverything with record now joining everygod no other so I’ll try to tell you howit tastesEndora we do meet John together threetwo one are you becauseyou don’t moveto visit allokay other try a batiste and Talos ourholidays let me go for you RyanOh for the first time Wowas does lovely even though the slicessomehow I should slice it very well soyou can view everything together[Music]larceny don’t know the everything[Music][Music][Applause][Music]imagine I know karate would you like[Applause][Music]you must submit to You Father meetmistaken with tragic Ariadne[Music][Music]without you waiting waiting pick onepick one okay that’s good then you cantake it a we like take it back keep yourme – okaywhich oneshe sound from wait wait oh you’retogether no way to wait for a body Ijust worry what I’m seeing yeah yeahyeah oh she’s not interestedcan you get me one plastic ball[Music][Music]and I’d only do you old are you mywitness[Music][Applause][Music][Music][Music][Music]Oh[Music][Music]I’m ashamed that you attend what youclaim is wrongwell no they all get a fool pick onewonderfully I need lots more for morehey guys thanks so much for watchingdon’t forget to like subscribe share I’mgonna see you in the next video but letme know if you enjoyed this video so Ican make something similar or I can makea full roasted pig okay smart you likewatching and click the subscribe if youhaven’t subscribe so see you in the nextvideo bye bye

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