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Cook with Me | Loaded BBQ Pork Fries

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Video Transcription

[Music]whatever you want it’s totally yourchoice because what we’re gonna do isboil it and shred it but as you guys cansee I am using boneless rib eyeworkshops I personally don’t do anythingspecial to my water besides season itwith a little bit of salt meat is nowdone I’m gonna go ahead and let it coolbefore I start shredding so this is howthe meat looks after it’s been boiled[Music]you[Music]after your meat has been seasoned do youwant to go ahead and pour a generousamount of sweet baby Ray’s barbecuesauce onso I already put my oil in here and itis good to go I got this little firefrom Walmart I will link it down belowif I can find it in case you guys wantto check it out and I’m just gonna goahead and put my battered seasoningfrench fried potatoes that I got warmeras well into the oillet’s look after meat but before I goahead and start platingso our fries are done cooking I’m gonnago ahead and take them this whippingsoak up all of the oil so we’re gonnastart with spoon pools of fries and thenwe’re gonna sprinkle some cheese on topof those fries here comes the meat we’vebeen working on another layer of cheeseand generous amounts of sour creamthere you have it loaded barbecue porkrice if you guys try this recipe pleaselet me know and send me pictures untilnext time[Music]

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