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Double-Cut Bone-In Pork Chop Recipe

Reverse Seared Double-Cut Bone-In Pork Chop with Tangy Vinegar, Orange Marmalade Glaze

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路 Heath Riles BBQ Everyday Rub
路 Heath Riles BBQ Honey Chipotle Rub
路 Heath Riles BBQ Tangy Vinegar Sauce
路 Heritage Cheshire Farms 10 Rib Rack (Bone-in Loin Roast)

路 1 Heritage Cheshire Farms 10 Rib Rack Bone-in Loin Roast OR 2″ Double-Cut Bone-In Pork Chops from your local butcher
路 Binder for meat (mustard or oil of choice i.e. olive, grapeseed, avocado)
路 Heath Riles BBQ Everyday Rub
路 Heath Riles BBQ Honey Chipotle Rub
路 1 cup Heath Riles BBQ Tangy Vinegar Sauce
路 1 cup Orange Marmalade

1. Remove bone-in loin from package and dry off moisture, cut 2″ thick chops from bone-in loin if cutting on your own, if not, you already have your cut pork chops from your local butcher
2. Apply binder to meat, in the video we used grapeseed oil
3. Season chops with a light layer of Heath Riles BBQ Everyday Rub on all sides
4. Season chops with a heavy layer of Heath Riles BBQ Honey Chipotle Rub on all sides
5. Let chops sit for about 20 mins while you get your grill ready
6. Get Golden’s Cast Iron cooker (or the grill of your choice) up to about 225掳 using Royal Oak Charcoal, remember to set up for a 2 zone fire to reverse sear
7. Once your cooker is up to temp, add a piece of wood if you choose (we used hickory wood)
8. Put chops on cooker, remember to put them on the cool side in order to get the smoke going before searing
9. Flip chops after about 20-25 minutes or once they reach about 90掳 cook them for another 20-25 minutes until they reach 125掳
10. Make glaze, 1 cup of Heath Riles BBQ Tangy Vinegar sauce and 1 cup of orange marmalade, reduce down to form a glaze
11. Once your chops are 120-125掳, remove them and crank your fire up to 500-550掳 to sear them.
12. Glaze chops with sauce/marmalade reduction before putting back on grill.
13. Put chops on to sear flipping after a couple of minutes to get your chops to an internal temp of 145-150掳

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Video Transcription

welcome to Heathrow’s barbecue todaywe’re going to be tackling double cutbone-in pork chops I’m gonna reverseserum on the goldens cast iron grill I’mgonna tell you a little bit more aboutthat when we do with the charcoal it nowjust to tell you something about ourpork chops we’re actually cooking abone-in loin from heritage chest ourfarms in North Carolina they weregenerous enough to send me this loin I’mgonna cut it down in my own chops if youdon’t want to order from them you canalways go to your butcher and tell themyou want a bone-in chop about two inchesstick alright today you’re in for atreat we’re gonna be cooking on thegoldens cast iron cooker of course withour roll of charcoal the BBQ smokerwould now to tell you what’s reallyunique about this grill and look atthose geese flying over it’s made out ofall cast iron so it’s never gonna breakor crack on you or anythingit’s a great kimono style cooker ifyou’re in the market for one now I’vealready got my charcoal pulled in I’mgonna go ahead and get my cubes litright here I’ve set up for a two zonefire we’ll go ahead and get my grates inhere and get them set and ready getready to reverse sear these chops nowall I’ve done to these to this lineright here is take it out of the packand dry it off now I’m gonna cut it intosome nice thick chops now I’m kind ofgonna go in between the bones here andI’m gonna lay them out nice chop nowwe’re gonna count two bones over I’llget thatthese are gonna turn out to be somethingreally nice chops now I’m gonna leave alittle bit of fat on there because Ilike a little bit when it charges upyeah I’m go to bones over again I’mgonna have a little bit of an endsection left that that’s gonna be thepit masters snack right there yeah lookat those George’s chops yeah now we’regonna get these seasoned up with alittle bit of our everyday rub and alittle bit of our honey Chipotle andwe’re gonna get them on that grill I’mgonna start with a little bit of abinder you can use olive oil mustard orany other kind of oil you like I justhappen to have some grapeseed oil herewith me at my shop so I’m gonna get inspray them down and to use them on chopsyou can see it’s kind of the way itcomes out you kind of got to protectyourself I’m getting it all over youI think I’m doing more damage squirtingthis everywhere and I am getting it onthe chops now now that all the chopshave got a little bit of oil on what I’mgonna do is I’m gonna use my everydayrub which is my salt pepper garlic blendand I just want a little bit of a savorynote on the chops now I’m gonna go aheadyou can put a good heavy coat of thisright hereit’s my honey Chipotle rub now it’s justmy honey rub with a little bit ofchipotle powder in it and I’m going toturn these chops up I’m gonna go on allfour sides with it now the great thingabout these cutting them so thickthey’re gonna retain a lot of moistureand that’s what we’re looking for a lotof moisture I’m gonna go ahead and flipthem on this the fat side up use alittle more everyday rub and we’re gonnacome back a little more on each potayand I like going a little heavy-handedbecause I know we’re gonna let it sweatin I know some of us gonna come offduring the cooking process transferringit on the grill all that so it’s reallynot that big of a deal I know a lot ofpeople act like putting a lot of rub onis a is a sin but it’s actually notI mean you want flavor and flavors whatwe want to give you I have a little bitof a motto the life is too short forordinary barbecue we’re gonna let thesechops hang out for about 20 minutes whenthe grill comes up to temp after thatwe’re gonna get them on we’re gonnareverse Center as you can see we’ve gotour cooker up to about 225 degrees Imean honestly I don’t care if it runs onup to 250 we’re just gonna kind of keepit stable and so the first thing I wantto do is actually raise my grade up hereand put a chunk of hickory wood in I’monly gonna use one shot and make sure itgets in there on top of the charcoal nowtake that off and now all I’m gonna dois go ahead and get these chops in herenow I’m gonna try to form these andstuff them up herewell we can get them double-smoked nowthat pit masters piece it’s a littlethin I’m going to go ahead and chunk itover here on this side now we’re gonnaget them and we’re gonna let them go forabout 20-25 minutes I’m gonna check andsee where they’re at probably gonna usemy chef’s alarm after that get a probein I’m gonna cook them to about 125degrees pull them off get my fire hotget ready to put a glaze on them andcharm up about 250 degrees 260 I’m gonnago ahead and I’m gonna flip my chops soget close to about 90 degrees you cansee how they are right now they’ve beenon for about 25 minutesI’ve also throw it on some sweetpotatoes I’m grilling for us for dinnertonightgot them on they’re smoking around theedge with a little bit of con wood onthem we’re gonna let these cook forabout another 20 minutes and we’re gonnacheck them again they should be wherethey need to be about a hundredtwenty-five degrees something they willthen get that fire cranked up let themrest and get them sear it off now we’regonna make a glaze for our pork chopshere I’m gonna use about a cup of mytangy vinegar sauce now I’m gonna comeback with about a cup of orangemarmalade also now what I want to do I’mgonna get this reduced down and get itthickened up a little bit and that’swhat I’m gonna brush the chops with whenI grill them off and put a char on thesechops have been on here right at 40minutes and so my timer is about to gooff so I’m go get in the grill and checkit I’ve actually been on there puttingon some sweet potatoes and someasparagusall right so my chops hitting 118 119120 120 121 that ones 122 this wasactually 124 so you can see we’re gonnago ahead and we’re gonna get these polesand then we’re gonna let them rest whenI crank the fire up alright I’ve got myglaze all warmed up here I’ve got mychops off the grill they’ve been restingabout 10 minutesI’ve got my cooker coming up to temp I’mgonna go ahead and get a glaze on thesechops because we’re gonna have itsearing pretty hot and I don’t want tohave to brush them in there and so Ijust want it to be a light glaze anywayI want to get some char on that meat Ithink that’s phenomenal when it comes tobarbecue you just want to put a lightcoat on this I didn’t let this reducedown that long to thicken up too muchlike I said I’m just getting a littlelie coat on it and half complement thehoney Chipotle rub from the heat andsalt pepper garlic the savory note nowwe’re gonna get these turned over andget them dressed red glazed up and wouldbe right back in a minute so in Charmaall right now we’ve got a light glazebrush on her chops we’re gonna get readyto char them up they remember they haveto come up to about 125 128 I’m gonnaget them seared off 145 to 150 pull themand let them rest see I got the goldenscast on really good and hotI’m only gonna do about three of theseat a time you’re gonna get it shut downI’m gonna wait about a minute and a halfand I’m gonna go back in there for somemore all right we’ve already flipped ourshops once we’re gonna get back in thereand flip them again and probably movethem over to the cold side again so weput two other chops on we’ll all be doneat the same timeand I can see we’ve been going on chopsfor about 10 to 12 minutes now over thehot flames and we’ve got the grill markswe want and I’m just that kind of guywant a pretty picture so I’ve moved themover here they’re finishing off I’ve gotthree of them done two of the big onesare almost done and so these right herethis one here and this one here and thisone here is olive hidden and this one isall hitting 147 degrees 48 and so whenwe get them pulled off and rest thesetwo right here about 140 so I’m gonnaleave them on there a few more minutesjust to come on up to 145 we’re gonnapull them we’ll be back at the cuttingboard all right just to recap wereversed seared a double-cut bone-inpork chop I’ve got one resting here onthe cutting board I’ve got two moreplated up over here and I’ve got somegrilled asparagus wrapped in bacon withour citrus rub on it got some sweetpotatoes brushed in olive oil and alittle bit about pecan rub now what Iforgot at the house was the butter cuzwe’re at our shop to make a little bitof honey butter and drizzle to drizzleover that would have been excellent butI’m gonna go ahead and cut it in thisshop it’s been resting like I said aboutten minutes and we’re gonna see what wegot look at that charity charactersCheshire farm porkand I’m gonna go ahead and slice itsomebody that off a couple of them stillwarm I loved a little bit of char thatit gets on the grill like that with thecharcoal that roll of charcoal who doesthe trick mmm that spicy orange charredflavor that honey Chipotle rub isexcellent hmm we love itremember take your tangy vinegar sauce 1cup with 1 cup of orange marmaladereduce it down a little bit if you wantto get more with it you can always add alittle bit of brown sugar a little bitof honey to make it even sweeter butthis bite is incredible hope y’all likethe recipe that I put out todayplease subscribe to our Channel enjoy

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  1. Good job Heath. Those chops look amazing. Only recommendation is to get a lavalier type microphone so the volume is more constant. But seriously great content. Really liked the sweet potato and asparagus sides too.

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