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Episode 1: BBQ Pork Ribs

Learn how to make BBQ pork ribs quick and easily in your oven!

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Video Transcription

today I’m going to make a poor grip sowe had to buy some pork cut pork rib andthen wash it the wiper off the water twotimes we had to watch it and wipe offthe water and then put some lemonsqueeze it I finish washing it and thenI squeeze the lemon or hor half lemonjuice okayI’m after lemon juice say DQ rub it andthen I’m going to pour trader Joebarbecue rib seasoning put it in thereokay let’s put it in there and then thenmommy and then I have to put some spicehouse garlic salt okayand then I made it and then leave itthere like a to hold it so you need somemore air even you ended up so this isnot that much the spicy part you know soI’m going to put a slap ya mama I’mgoing to put a some more in there so itwill get a nice and hot very spicyetiquette um magnetical enjoyed very newguinea we have to keep it in four hoursor overnight you know how much you canleave it there then it will go insideand leave it there and then we can makeit bake it okay now we have to puteverything in the trade net energy oftwo in it Bakey Allah or together I putit in the tray okay now we have to bakeit and then we have to cover with thefoil paper both of them and then put itin the ovennow I’m going to take it off the rib nowit’s a cook two and a half hours so I’mgoing to take it out and then yeah Ihave to put a barbecue sauce on it takeit out the cover and put the thebarbecue sauce on it so nice and neatput mmm I smell is coming up looks goodand look at themthe bone is out from the meat so thatmeans cook good mmm look at thatnow then barbecue sauce on it you looknice and smell so good – Wow very nicemm-hmmso I’m gonna put it back in the oven andthe five minutes stay thereboil it now I’m going to take it outafter five minutes then I’m gonna flipit and one side is good and the otherside flip it and then then I’m gonna putsome more sauce in it the other side sogood I’m cooking Oh smells so good mmmwhen you pour some barbecue sauce onagain so now it’s a both side isbarbecue sauce on itso now I’m going to put it back in thereokay five more minutes and we’ll be doneokay good this okay now you feel wefinish the rib so now we can eatthen let me know how is it good or notgood okay all right okay thank younow Alicia making cocktail Rose Gardento drink with the ribs[Music]youyeahat the rim sauna lip so I do good tastegood tendernessyou

5 Replies to “Episode 1: BBQ Pork Ribs

  1. some nice color on the ribs lookin good! nicely done, i could go for a rack haha. just subscribed look forward to more cooks- cheers

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