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EXTRA CHEESY!! Cheese Fire Noodles & BBQ Pork Ribs – Spicy Samyang Ramen Cooking & Mukbang Asmr

Eating super spicy cheese fire noodles & BBQ pork ribs!

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Video Transcription

right hey guys it’s a girl Peggy cheesenoodles here welcome back to my channelalright so today we’re gonna eat somepork ribs and some cheese fire noodlesin this one yeah Sam Young’s cheese firenoodles it’s really good but alsoreleased by seayeah so two cooler noodles I got someboiling water and then I put the noodlesin I let I cook for about three minutesand then once that’s done i drained allthe water out and then i added in thechili sauce that came in the noodles aswell as the cheese seasoning that camewith it yeah so I mixed in everythingtogether and then I added some shreddedcheddar cheese into it and then I mixedthe end of the noodles so what we havehere is the cheese fire noodles and thenfor the size today I got us somespareribsbarbecue spareribs as well as some Asianspice baby back ribs all right so I hopeeveryone is doing okay right let’s startno noodles have you guys track thischeese sorry no else before you like itoh my god it’s a lot I mean that firebut tomorrowOh mother’s on fire it’s really cheesythough right when I start with a spiritokay finallyoh that was goodyou know ribs are really hard to eattoday the shyness on this one is Asianspice baby back ribs[Music][Music]this is hot toothis is hot the rip this is a hot so sowhy are you guys eating nowadays at homewhy are you cooking more now or buyingor ordering takeoutexcuse me I think a lot of people arecooking one out right you know stay athomethe ribs are good spiritsdo you guys like spirits like my brotherevery time I eat the fire noodles mylips are red like that and uh I get alot of comments from people asking likewhat type of lipstick am i wearing likewhy is it not smudging by how come itdoesn’t see well I’m wearing a firenoodles lipstick lowering in is justfrom the chili sauce yeah which is apretty good idea right I mean if youwant a lipstick that doesn’t know fateor there’s a smudge just put some chilisauce on it you know get some set me onsorry no dose take miss chili sauce andjust rub it all over your lips so therewould be you know all swollen and redyeah and then just wipe off the edgesand there you have it a natural chilisauce lipstick that doesn’t fade doesn’tyou know doesn’t come off yeah or theyshould come out with a lipstick and thenthey put chili powder in it you knowmake some chili powder and the lipstickso when you apply it you know just swellyou know because it’s so spicy and juststay on longer yeah maybe that’s what Icould do you know I can come out with myown lipstick line where I put chillisauce in my lipstick yeah yeah that’sthere’s an idea right there if I do thatwhat you guys support me you know I’llput it on Kickstarter nuclear fire andlipstickyou guys support me I’m kiddingwhere am i wellyes so I had the ribs of the girl andthe cheese fire noodles was just wasspicy yeah Oh usually when I cook friednoodles I I would add some pasta creaminto it you know so that it helps lowerthe spicy levelyeah if not like today I didn’t add anycream in it it was like super spicy andmy mouth was burning up so if you guyswant to try these foreign arrows it willhelp if you add some pasta cream or myreason whole milk or lots of cheese init how lower the spicy level then youcan enjoy it better yeah and I I thinkI’m gonna get fired but tomorrow I can’tfeel my stomach yeah so um how are youguys doingyou know are you guys like um cookingmore now you know we go just stay athome are you guys cooking more now or doyou still order a takeout you know or oryou’re just eating Dorito chips tosurvive I don’t know like what do youguys do yeah I’m definitely gonna getfired about tomorrow okay that’s it fortoday’s uh foreigner dose and portraitsvideo I hope you guys enjoyed watchingme eat and cook if you do please givethis video a like and then we get tosubscribe to my channel for more eatingshows like this I’ll see all mineexcellent over here oh yeah yeah so seeyou on the next videothank you so much for watching stay safeIyou

16 Replies to “EXTRA CHEESY!! Cheese Fire Noodles & BBQ Pork Ribs – Spicy Samyang Ramen Cooking & Mukbang Asmr

  1. Спасибо за новое видео) Впечатляющие порции) Приятного аппетита)

  2. I always love your food combo !! so amazing and delicious !! have a great day sis 😍😍😍😍

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