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Grilled Pork Rinds – Big Win or Epic Fail?

You asked for Grilled Pork Rinds – almost 100 of you across YouTube, Facebook & IG watched my Belly Ribs video ( and asked me to make chicharrones (pork rinds) on the smoker. So I did! It didn’t go exactly as planned….you’ll have to watch to see how they turned out!

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Some videos where I smoke or grill pork and didn’t fail 🙂
● Pork Rib Roast Rotisserie Roasted on the Big Green Egg
● Pork Belly With Ribs – This is Insane!
● Wild Boar Meat Vs Pork: BBQ Boar & Pork Tenderloin Battle!
● PORK BELLY BURNT ENDS BATTLE! Sweet vs Savory Experiment on a Yoder YS1500!
● Bacon-Wrapped Pork Belly Burnt Ends – PORK BELLY OF INSANITY!
● Big Green Egg vs Pellet Grill: Epic Rib Battle Part 1 – Spare Ribs
● Smoking Pork Ribs 3-2-1 Method: Baby Back vs Spare Ribs

Here’s where you can get the stuff you saw in this video and some of my favorite cooking/grilling tools (affiliate links*):

D’Artagnan Pork Belly with Ribs:

Grilling Equipment:
GrillGun and Su-V Gun from GrillBlazer:
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FOGO Hardwood Lump Charcoal:
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Meater Block (Wireless Thermometer):
Big JoeTisserie:

Dalstrong Gladiator Series Knives:
Dalstrong Gladiator Bull Nose Butcher & Breaking Knife –
Calphalon Tri-Ply Copper Cookware Set:
John Boos Butcher Block Table:
John Boos Care Kit for Boards & Blocks:
Baking Sheet & Rack for Dry-Brining:
Glove Liners (Heat Protection):
Nitrile Gloves:
Adjustable Dry Rub Shaker:
Canning Funnels:

Here’s the equipment I use to film these videos:

Video Editing by Vidchops:
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