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Grilled Spicy Brown & Maple Pork Chops

Here is whay you will need- pork chops bone in. 100% pur aaple syrup, 1/2 c brown sugar, losher salt, spicy brown mustard, black pepper, w sshire sauce, onion and garlic powder, paprika, season salt, olive oil . Wash meat clean and pat dry add olive oil on them just a little bit than season add the mustard to the chops rub on all over add in 1/2 c of maple syrup and brown sugar add in a splash of lemon juice follow by a dash or too of the w shire sauce mix and place in fridge for 45 minutes to 2 hours remove from fridge bring to room temp. Take olive oil and whisk on your grill than add chops once your grill is hot and let chops get brown on 1 side than flip to the other side when nice and brown and glaze is showing through you are done pair with sides of your choice and happy eating!!!!

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Video Transcription

hello everyone and welcome to join uskitchen it is 12:01 it is Thursdaywarning I am just getting off work and Iwanted to get my pork chops seasoned Iwent on a marinade so I said well Ibetter marry name tomorrow I meantonight well last night because this isThursday morning I better marry damnanyway when I get off from work so theycan be good in marinade and I can putthem on a grill too first thing tomorrowmorning so I got some pork chops hereand I’m gonna fix up my marinade andthese pork chops are Dijon mustard andmaple syrup pork chops with a Dijon orMuslim I mean with the Dijon mustard andmaple syrup glazed so I’m gonna show youguys the ingredients that you need forthis recipeso come on over here let’s go 12:02 soI’m gonna hurry up and do this or Icould take me a shower and giving mybaby alright so welcome everyone andtall my new subscribers thank you somuch for subscribing to my channel ifyou’re watching this chunk for the firsttime go ahead and take the time tosubscribe and be sure to hit thatnotification bill so every time my lordworse if your water is overloaded youwant to be notified okay so we gonna getright into this new this recipe we gonnalet these bad babies marinate overnightand my little um grill I’ll put that onthe top of the stove tomorrow morningand um we’re gonna get our grill on okayso I don’t clean my pork chops I don’tum Pat and I’m dry so I’m just gonnatake a little bit of olive oil and tryto toss it on these pork chopswell thenI’m gonna season with a little koshersaltokay next I’ll be using some blackpepperI’m Teddy’s pork chops that’s going tobe so delicious what I will marinategoing on I’ll be using my soulfulseasoningyou ain’t of laboumokay next I’ll be using mypaparika[Music]on that one I feel lonely don’t knownobodyit’ll only alright that’s itnow to this we just put this back upy’all and I came in I took up some ofthe stuff I say gonna make it up thisarmI’m gonna take my shower and then dothis but I said no like this first ofall[Applause]that would have been a wrap okay sotoday’s we’re gonna need one a half acup I’m gonna add in a half a cup ofbrown sugar just right thereI’m gonna add in 1/2 a cup of maplesyrup and I hold up the other body herethat I have hereshe was awesome huhlittle bit more yeah I noticed I won’tnever mention right I’ll be saying onething and then I’ll just go ahead andadd a little bit more I don’t know Ijust do it but anyway here is some mymustard okay it’s spicy brown mustard soI’m gonna just I think I measure thisI’m just gonna do it do this number hereokay to that I’m gonna add about one onesquirt that’s it those lemon juiceI’m heating one two dashes ofWorcestershire sauce we’re gonna getthis bad baby on the grill I mean we goon your head on the girls just a littlebit of Stephanie they got it going onthat’s me I get all of it back yardand I’m gonna wrap that up see I got itall combined a Dijon mustard brown sugarToday Show where’s your cider saucesplash of lemon juice and the spice Imean the Dijon mustard spicy brownmustard yes okay that’s it[Music]so I just want to see this lady part nowwe’re gonna wrap it up this aluminumfoil stick it in the refrigerator nowyou don’t have to do this overnight butfor best results I recommend doing itovernight but you don’t have to you canput this in you can do this marinate forabout 45 minutes to an hour the day ofok or leave it in there for two hours 4545 minutes to two hours for best resultsif you don’t feel like you know you’regonna make this and these things do itthe night before like I’m doing andmarinate overnight then in the morningit’s just be good to go in the hot grillokay so you guys I’m gonna put this inthe refrigerator and I’ll be back toLaura Sperling live later on in themorning to finish this recipe up so havea good nightgod bless I love y’all I don’t see y’allin the morning Lois for life good nightcan you fix it yeah good morning andwelcome to Joy’s kitchen how’s everybodydoing out there this morning it isThursday lemon 10:00 a.m. in my neck ofthe woods oh I’m just getting by you canyou see my god what’s that on your lipyou need to put some on I got somethingsome arm chapstickoh well then I’ll keep you this fromgetting checked all right go ahead onthere can I finish my video now I’mdoing a video I’m doing a video excuseme for that yeah I’m talking to my sonokay welcome ello everyone welcome tojoints kitchen to my new subscriberswelcome and thank you so much forsubscribing if you’re watching thischannel for the very first time go aheadand take time to subscribe and be sureto get that notification bell so everytime I upload a recipe you want to benotified cuz you don’t want to miss outon this good cooking I’ll be doing andit is just that good kicking okay so Ihope all is well with charge of servicetoday thank you Lord for another dayfirst of all okay I already did it I’mjust saying it again alright I do thatminimize wake up I’m not stop looking atthe news like no thank you for anotherday okay so today yeah I got going onhim I got my pork chops now this is acontinuing video from last night when Icame home from work last night imarinated my pork chopsokay so now I’m finna get ready grillthem and along with that we’re gonnahave some steamed broccoli and we’regonna do some fried potatoes okay solet’s get into the recipe and let meshow you guys what I’m gonna get for myfried potatoes what you’re gonna needand really not nothing and I’m gonnamake a aioli sauce to go over thepotatoes okay so let’s get into therecipe I hate to go off this morning andget the breakfast because what I wantedto go with the arm with the pork chops Ididn’t have so I got some potatoes himand I’m gonna watch each other more eachand every one I’m off I got sweetpotatoes and I’m just waiting on my armon my grease I got a um part of Greeceover us and I’m just waiting on thattool to get high so once they get hotI’m just gonna um drop my potatoes inthem I have some fried potatoes and yesI’m leaving the skin on and off thefried potatoes we don’t eat them like abaked potatoexcept well it’s gonna be prior and youcan use any potato to do this really youknow we don’t marry you’re gonna have tohave a special potato it ain’t gotta berusset potatoes white potatoes you canuse any potatoes that you have on handto fry okay so don’t go ahead and buy nospecial potatoes I don’t know em I gotsome big feet of something wrong I keepnothing camber down don’t wanna burn nonothing the camera no nosehey can we like we’re under some kind ofcamels cuz I don’t like you doing it onmy phone but anyway back to this youdon’t have to have my special potato I’musing yeah the potatoes and these yellowpotatoes that guys from save-a-lot sothe other potatoes a8 aka golden Yukonpotatoesbut it’d save a lot they call yellowpotatoes so this is what I’m gonna useand I’m just gonna drop them into myheart grease and then when it get donethey can like break them open and theycan put whatever a choice the season andthey want on whether they just wantstarting purple but I know they’re gonnause this aioli sauce so that’s one I’mmaking it okay then I got you seen thisfirst thing broccoli going on I knowthat I make sure this thing cuz I don’twant that the arm over cool I like itwhat it’s like still crunchy so we’llget to that part I gotta take it off andit’s up I gotta remove them fromthe heatafter season ease right here with saltand pepper[Music]hello I’m doing all right I’m in themiddle of cooking my demo oh that’s allright I’m talking about when I get tocook all right then later all rightmy mom is in Miami visiting my othersister hurt my heart okay yo so I got mylittle partner for red cell and I’mgonna Tahseen I’m gonna turn the stoveoff with it I’m gonna get my little umI’m getting some cheese and put on thatI’m gonna do it like this right nowI want some of these cheese up[Applause]so let me see can i warm this up rightquick she’ll be backshe’s been up to about two weeks soshe’ll be back home on Saturday sometimeSarah go nothing my sister you ready forthe need[Music]but she got that was appointment so mysuit my other sister going to get herand her husband’s so she got to go gether but she can attend my doctor’sappointment because my sister work onthe weekends and she don’t know when shewon’t have another weekend also she said and she don’t have every weekendoff so she got to take off so she can godown and get her so to be like thisweekend the first weekend in Marchand she couldn’t go get it through thewheat because she worked through theweek so she got two jobs and she workedhim because I miss behind my cheese okayokay I’m just I just melt my cheese onand I’m just gonna polish melted cheeseI heard warm it up a little bit in themicrowave and I’m just gonna saw it andhim on top of this broccoli and blend itinOhand not just used some on cheese at thejoyoung fish i get all the cheese istill got something else on my milk thisa little bit right here and then wegonna get on to the recipe okay that’sit whoops so I got that up my um potatoarm grease is getting high so what I’mgonna do to these potatoes just on theticker for and I’m just gonna pierce thepotato with this for it just like sojust like thisand I’m just piercing it so that insideand gonna get done so that’s all you gotto do for you for a potential job andy’all see these bad boys when they comeout and put the aioli sauce on it Oh MyJesusit’s gonna be goodyou’re a fool should get y’all excited[Music]god you’re cooking your food and you’recooking a meal that you know you’regonna like what you owe me oh she shallI do know you cooking it the expressionsyou doing the clothes do you nor me andI’ll get you excited then I don’t knowbut it should get you excited if you’recooking your food you should get excitedyou should be excited about respect toCo what’s gonna come out let’s go it’sfrom come on hood I know smoke come ongood I can’t let you taste it you knowjust get excited get workthey said then you hit did you eat okaygood I thought that was a cheese that Iate I thought it was a G you need aright thoughyo ease a little bit good ain’t got myglasses on one cuz that even look like aG that’s why I think did you get thereget would know they might not be him Igather your handwriting because you knowyour handwriting rain change from highschool the house did you eat um no Iain’t eating right go get some eat whatare you going well when you find out ohdon’t want Burke ain’t got my cell yougonna do what I got that full of foodmeal deal Thank You Fatherdon’t wanna get sick now no no no no nono no no they got full something themeal fold you get folks or five a littlecheeseburger on what I will she get youoh whatever you get you can get me I maygo exactly oh okay oh okay what’s thedecisive his beloved a get me wrongalright new sandwich they get outthis ain’t forgotten a what I knowsilver city houses gather but a coupleweeks ago parts of it huhit is Jamaican oh mighty jerk song yeahown it cheap when we got a hand afull-course meal now I’m just saying itum Sheila’s wages Godwin is he doesn’tget some chicken legs I’m surprisedit’ll be alrightnot nice me so you’re gonna spend thewhole month like everybody justsomething even not be a little ear joband they’re my hair no feel course meala little something in the morning okayso I’m just dropping my potatoes hmmBernie su just dropping my potatoes amom we were seeking all 600 feet okaywe’re telling this thing[Music]we turnokay got McGriddle on my throat turnedon so I’m warming up this rest of thischeese so I can put it in this onwe’re going to put the rest of it inthis broccolini and I feel almost doneso we don’t warm up the arm but I don’twant to have you turn out cuz I don’twanna bangs on that yet I got silveraioli sauceso I add a little bit more couple todaya little bit more salt that’s itlet me stir it up have a sit down on topright therenow this is going to benow you taste my seasoningall rightso I’m attorney all over this wayso you what everything you’re gonna needfor my aioli sauce will be gonna be usedin here okay it’s just cheese enough sonow for this sauce you’ll need somefresh garlic clovesyou’ll need some mayonnaise now I’musing deuce you can use the mayonnaiseof your choiceyou’ll need some sriracha you’ll needsome lemon juice and we have to seasonthe sauce so you’re gonna need somekosher salt and you’re gonna need someblack pepper and that’s itso let’s get started gonna get somemayonnaise give me a spoon and four cupof dill he pees in himwe gotta have some pasta going on topour own potatoesnow if you have fresh lemon you go aheadand use a freshman endingthat’ll be better work just fine somehowthe next good thing to that which islemon juice you’re not going to take twofresh garlic garlic to oppose only needto and I’m just going to chop awaynow to keep it out of my potatoes thereokay so let me start chucking knees andyou want to do these real fine[Music]so just chop your garlic up as soon asyou can get it or however you like it Ijust prefer not to have big pieces ofgarlic in my sauce I do want to tastethe garlicI just only want to seeyou know meso it ran here no they weren’t in hereall day yesterday Wednesday and Tuesdayit was like 90% chance of rain and thenyou know as y’all probably do tosomewhere elsewe have a cold front coming so it’sgonna be like cool cold all day todayand then tonight it’s gonna get down tomid 30s so it’s supposed to get up tolike four this 57 a day and so butanytime you gotta wear a jacket it’scold to me you know what I meananytime I gotta wear a jacket it’s coldto me so I went to go get my car washright and I don’t like getting my carwash that’s why I look at the world ofthe news because I like to see when it’sgonna rain so I know it’s gonna rain andthen week I’m gonna get my car washbecause then and all alike you got yourcar wash so Monday I was like Sundaylast week and I was like I need my carwash but I said let’s play some rainTuesday and Wednesdayso I’m just gonna add this to the sauceso anyway I’m sitting on Doug get himcarwash the rain I’m past now we got hisfull woodland I got my little babywithout does lick you know clean hisside now somid Manson I got talking and I look atthe other two workersum do you know cleaning macaws stuff andthen he goes you know yesterday I rangright that’s a man he’s saying the daybefore that to him I say yeah it suredid and uh he’s like you know somebodycame up he’ll 1:30 p.m. yesterdayafternoon Ison the watched a car shetook mine she wanted a car wash a carwash I got poor now rain I was doing ityou late going to car place to get yourcar washed out like I should be nowbefore we like no all right he says likeain’t no CenaI said maybe she just won I don’t knowwhat I don’t know speculate about peoplebut you know they’re just then kind ofmake no sense to me they go to a car lotto get your car on me in the car washand get your car wash and then rain youjust might not know money he said but wehad yeah I say what you’re toldhe said we’re gonna close down and I hadto close it down and we used area it’sgo home for the day cuz it rained allday it rained all day 90% chance of rainthat’s the all-day rain not just rainingstop it rained all day totally was closeshe but a shooting came a little earlierI didn’t wash my carcuz when they wash the car they got likethis um shed like a roof like thing butyou can park your car or ponder it y’allsaid no but on some of this let’s feellike things and they won’t get away butif that wind blow they bought a part ofit with you know what I’m sayingbut anyway he said I forgot their moneyI said when I run my own blame you knowhas somebody to do it – is she comingout that she got no better since thenectar coming the rain we get our carwash no no you got no yo car washing norain okay so my a on this sauce is donelet me taste it and I do it like thisjust to see if I’m missing it looksawesomeand see it’s not gonna get too hot y’allbecause we have that um lemon juice andI seasoning that salt so that cutssummon up the hotness out but it justgot a little smoky to it you know what Imean not hot now you can do this withpepper Rico you don’t have to dosriracha you can do pepper week and I’mgonna set this in the refrigerator notat all nice and combined sooh yes we’ll be good over them cornpotatoes so I’m gonna set this in therefrigerator so you can get nice andfulland we’re gonna check on these potatoeswhere I can get this meat on the groundbut let me get a spoon you say to eachotherwrong gonna play a song to put[Music]so the potatoes ain’t quite doing yetthey still love what I’m cooking so Ijust checked them in they still you cantell they’re doing when they getwrinkled up and they get a little softthey still they still hard a little bitso you’ll know when they get done so Ijust turned my grill home because I’mgonna get ready and put these potatoesI’m in these pork chops onI’m gonna take a little um Greg C or soanytime you’re doing the grill then yougot an indoor griddle and you’regrilling on the inside just make sureyou just take on some light oil you canuse like this grapeseed oil I’m usingjust you some or a dish sprinkle overyour grill and it just helps the meatfrom nicely the stick that’s all[Music]my son he’s so thoughtful he did hethink about his mom and I’m me out asong with a humanist girlfriend I go outto eat some more and so somehow news I’mhere he’ll call and ask me oh he’ll textme mama you’re not eight and I said yaknow and then he said I bring somebodyto eat you knowso he’s talking like that so I got the Ionline okay this is on this one okaythis one ain’t on okay so we’re justgonna wait for those and I’m just goingto put this pork chop in it that’s beenmarinating all nightnow you don’t have to let see that punchup we marinate no night now you don’thave to marinate chores all nightyou can do it like 45 minutes to an houror two your choice you can do a 4 to 5minutes 1 hour 2 hours and let itmarinate but um before it’s time for youto put it on a grill okay so then yougot to beat overnight[Music]okay we starting to feel the heat comingthrough right here[Music][Music][Music][Music]so I’m gonna let this finish up and thenonce this right here these four parts toget done I’m gonna remove them from thegrill and then I’m gonna cut the cameraoff and I’m gonna finish with the restof them and I’ll be back okay but we’regonna finish these up firstthe dirt[Music]you can be giving them straws I don’tthat gonna pick the straws I like mystraws no plastic straw no sir don’t nomore I can’t give with I’m sorry strokeevery time I go to a fast-food theirname their life and again my straw Isaid well you can keep your strokeI got my on the strong all right classthis lemonadethank you thank you thank youwell some ketchupso when you can go right up there to mr.Peattie and get to powerwash for $20 nomissus easy air rightwas whatthe wrong waytwenty dollars I don’t know how muchit’s gonna be them it might be it shedoesn’t want to be off Carlos twentydollarsand there’s no $20 that’s all I cameit’s always been charged meand so on it comes we hear about itdowntownthen you go back have some all it is[Music][Music]and when you get ready to go take yourpod there to get wash you got to goturn them onlike mr. t see don’t open that 8 thehusband right now in 16 by um I find itopen like that 9 of 10 but you got toget that earlier too so they be swampedwith peopleI remind Oh firstand then they’re like two people heretiny wait I got a cluethe mother mr. tipsy I put it put itright over here man stay put right on inthis money and he started oh my god Stansit inside it now that’s a yes sirand they went to workremember like gossamer tonight I’ll stopand fill my gas up I’m going to move itmore like going to movies in mind thatmuch I want to see done this one man huhSuperman this is my man Omar Hank I wantto see nice experiencevomiting I want to see there that it’snot scarycan you see what she’d be fightingsomething shown and she can’t see itright in got experience to Marvin it isnow that’s it down watchingmy father you don’t want to see thatwait you know you still report right huhportal rightwhat time y’all goingseven-thirtydon’t give me this thing this timethere’s no money I don’t know what itwould say I thank you for it but I wantthis chicken oh well I know you to loseI thought it was I thought I was aregular there you do nothing down onthis examI’m innocentlaughter I seemm jerkat thisthat’s it the grilled chickenyou got no time season to it but theyjust put a little bit of mayonnaise ontheir opinion with taste and gave me twopieces of on me I mean two pieces are ontomatoes and hello want no damn lettuceon them mister damn cheeseyou got any network Nathan Moore GoodMorning Joe 73 yepwhy would I needed insurance why would Ihave neither dr. smokers go out to workI think I had too much work so Fridaybecause you know that spell okay you goback to working these two weeks youstill need a doctor’s note that’s goodso what that’s what that’s anybody childno that’s sickness they got going aroundin mind you begin feeling that virusthing forever they’re killing people shehe’s gonna take no chances you wouldremember those mushroom and wash yourhands wash your hands but you need toget the Senate on the right now done Isaw right now spray down and go roomI’m fuller that’s it that they havesandwich dams F because II was there abetter now now grill set your familyreal service they’ve been in the netall right boys listen why don’t you tryand make six a chocolate brown bag ofchips here so making the ticket and doit- what kind of meat you use breasts boysshe homeless chick but I was being funnywhy would an actual thingand the busines makes this kind of cookonedan was still crying I don’t wanna watchthese look great I’m so boring up thereand you know I fibers boy they got theirown claims was boredmove on to something they were lookingat home everyday hey are you watchingfriesthat’s me will not the Lord they don’thave no hard job that now happen butthis way cuz I’m gonna bust the sweatsplease meet I don’t bust plenty ofsweats so now it’s time to relax it sitdown and you don’t it relaxI’d always be good dish but I don’t careif I do have to say that I understand itwas born and uh but I don’t mind aboutthe born out you know I learn about barnbut I’m just saying it was bornyesterday yesterday it was really boy itwas raining which I like rain like thiswould prefer to be home and ring huhoh hello and I’m turning on the damnSochi damn thing on and get hot nothinglike this meet we’re having this MikeBrown oh yeah I stole oh moneyclinks a pixel a plate – huh well hesaid make me look like I’m like I’m aplate we got where they feed on for youwant Paul after you get off workI put my friend up yeah but anyway itwas raining yesterday and now I’msitting in the office to the computerand so much on a computer you cando you know is that certain things onthe computer that we can’t go to youknow understand but we can get your netgo to go get stuff right now but anywayI’m just sitting on the computer andstuff yeah yeah like I tired through thenet so I saw okaythey was looking at TV and now they waslooking at on wonder was looking at ohthey were looking at the news that umwas a dependent current someone songyesterday when there was they waslooking at it and I didn’t want to seetheir shoes you know I’m saying so onnope I’ve been doing you want to seeanythingI’m like no that’s very important bythat state house so you know I’m gonnaget what they wanted to get I said noI’m through that I said yeah I don’twatch what I’m gonna watch and awesomethat’s when I went in the office thistime doing an online know this born sawat this time getting on phone playinggames and stuff but there and I know Iwas bored doing I had a claim to walk inand he bought in the office me to him isjoining or something I’m alright how youdoing and you say alright he’s it’s justmore I think oh yeah I know the one thisboard but it was quite and it’s beengood the last couple days till we gotsome new clients and those photos werelying session you need to be dinner theydown that Miss Lauren every Salvador isyou know reports like ain’t nothing daythen meaning it’s my bossI’m working now Sara incident reports inlike almost a weekthose two minutes to me wanted to me butI was gonna do I love my job I ain’tgonna say I’m from I like my job I don’tknow I like my childI love my job I just going over I won’tget fired and I’m chunking up your fireain’t gonna we’ll be right down – I readthis thing okay my Mario and get thesethree – dammit I ain’t working no mo letme check my potatoes are you working onmom what’s a rid of my meat you don’tknow huhserver go see that bar bracket[Music][Music]nobody saw much buddy Amadeus what’sHoward a TV you check the TV oh yeahplaying I’m game see that’s what I’mtalking aboutyou wanna play in the game when I leftto go to work on a day somebody was deadwhen you got to pain and you want toturn it back on the right channel thankyou so much got hang on TV turn on thenews onoh stop yapping playing that off anddidn’t even in my ownoh my in my little room man in your roomso you got TV in your room let it outhey whatwhat kinda weird anyway goodI didn’t go to China with cheese helloI’m gonna change much I keep it on I gotDIRECTV he shouldn’t be no getting onchange the counter y’all comingdisconnecting they put on their Wi-Fisometimes a play that got dang ongetting then you don’t put it backthere’s no one I’d be up in this livingroom I have my TV on so I can be lookingat TV while I’m cooking in this kitchenor whatever it is I’m doing I stoppedpaying them missing our room you know Iput my feel they were up to yogurt[Music]you know one of y’all man TV up ain’t onmy oh no whoo daddyI’m not crying outif that church still on this billboardis what that so let’s go on boy and thencome on going our limit of the processyeah talking to 50 cakes in my ninetrying to get the message of it all wecan pay to move for paper to room butthen again I got a things I’ve got somemoney – I don’t know if what’s going onI got onit’s things that I want to do this in myhouse[Music]and that’s gonna take someone email Ican’t these people ain’t gonna come onand I’ll do it I’ll need to do it on forfree so I definitely want bad just feelI swear those days off just in casenight but then and we don’t go by onSaddam overnight no time I turn themoney and put it on for the tripit’s how I go on and you lack but thattrip would be nice and we come onspending fo days and there’s photos Idon’t know we got it we got a pic with amulti oh we got it on with theirshoulder to eat breakfast lunch anddinnerwherewellI don’t know and then you know we go alittle do a little shopping they someshoe you gotta have some money for everytime you know you can’t go nowhere brobut any times going to Atlanta bro gonnahave a look other couple grand on firebut I also want to get my eyes when Ikitchen redoing like I said it and wetalking about doing it so that’s gonnatake some money everything you need toget your wig over in placeso I’m like I can’t go on a trip and Iknow I might have to wait to the nexttrip I’m going on the next trip thismoney on my kitchen I can see what I’mgonna do with my money don’t win it Ican see that every dayhere now I walked into my kitchen Icould see my little kitchen where I comeon Hanna’s hope I can see my new stoveyou feel what I’m saying dawn- I’ll get kitchenoh yeah I’ll get that huhwe’ll put some we’ll cut it down12:14 DiNozzo see what they three thiswon’t be cold enougha breed warfarehello complaintsorryaccording to local my fortuneall right bye mr. teaspoon ago districtare watching that and then if it’s gonnaget all right now they say it’s prettyone day um he got that um I’m here nowI’m bored I’m on the top I know he getyou high I was saying that fat and Ithought that with a weird blow andthat’s a cold break I will gonna bethrowing about it either then a cold soI will inside God dang I need to go backDonna for the champion outside that manwhatever guy no I don’t know what hiscrying so stay long they call it thenget a car wash on but I wanted the firstI wash I went through their game ofthings she go I said right then Turner :I’m turningwhere Laura was hitting it and eatingthat much room is good only at thatbarbeque grill then this was supposed tomake Dijon mustard yeah but I didn’thave any Dijon mustard so this is themaple syrup brown brown Louise Brownspicy brown mustard and make reservedpork chops that’s what it is spicy brownmustard and maple syrup glazed porkchops now see how they got that littleshiny color to bring y’all up a littlebit that’s that glaze are we let it seton there all night last nightI wanted to do Nancy my son avert don’twork as we can so they show we’re gonnaput somebody to work so we can run itwith a pool or a coolant barrel even incooling down some about four or fiveo’clock this afternoon I’d be on dogs sowe started in coldI guess when you know when you got asmoke will keep their smoke a lot whenyou got really got a smoke they got asmokeit was raining yesterday yeah we’repeople sitting outside in the rainsmoking but no I’m brother what ishoodie I said I said Lord all of y’allget see it’s rain somebody can take myumbrella if you got to have one likethat and go smokeOh favor my play is one of my plantsain’t got no jacket and um I got a brandnew jacket out there I mean come onagain with them clothes that he had allthose cool closes list about four orfive paths cool clothes I bought himlast year pulling away the ninth gradeand he’s they still got the tags on himhe was going but you don’t wanna pay theman I don’t think you’ll go backthat purple bean Jack what kind ofjudgment was that was e o of a babyhey soup vapor think be a PEPba ba ba pp obey its faithI’ll get over it too real bye baby coachI got ya I got that sell me stuff nobodygo back to attend to all my dollars goback that thing pointed object richain’t written on my damn phoneI don’t give a darn i guess with citrinecitrine i think it was a night just allyou want something wrong she got aroundtiago video turn out companies thereain’t name bring your moneyyou’re getting thrown when you startmaking money and you want to go buy youa $1,400 jacket if you’re going rightahead you see how broken you be ain’tgoing about over 1,400 hours out youknow what I like the Bible $1,400 myname ain’t Jenny jackStarwood AJ and then ain’t itbut anyway I need you to take them causeI mean I’m um ticking bags like there’stwo bags and make sure you put theirjacket in there and put it in the trunkof my car because you don’t have notrack it and it’s gonna get colder nightand he was telling me I know it’s gonnabe a cold front coming in I said it sureis he said I don’t have a jacket and Iknow mozell hair that jacket sitting outdown that porch the throw away so I’mgonna take it to my client so he put onit’s the last oneand I said what I said he’s probably gotsome shirts in there – so what’s thatcertain waste a waste- it don’t see what he I said well youwouldn’t even be wet and soggy with saymy son 15 all right think he’s doneenoughlet’s go ransomOh Godand see y’all the potatoes is done y’allsee that that’s how that that’s whatcolor you want on your potatoes rightthere and then we’re gonna take it oropen it or light that right now and putthere any oldie sauce on there that Idid go out on some of these which are myfavorite song because you want you somefried potatoes but you want to stir likestanding up killing on potatoes andprimerjust drop me a few and some hot greaseand forget about itlike I mean when I say forget about melike walk away from it and you can youknow then when you think about it go andcheck on it for me like forget about itforget about itlet me bring y’all OECD’s retainersee our mashed potatoes are nice andgolden and then and Chris steals alittle girl and I just cut it open likethis right here if we just going on forthe aioli sauce down that middle likethatand they’re gonna be good John ain’t nohair for our potatoes drop them in yousome hot oil and there you goyou didn’t gotta waste your time cuttingthem up unless you want some friedpotatoes or something else you know whatI mean fried potatoes inside such anissue just want to peel let me cut themand how you private a toes but that’sanother way to do your fried potatoes wegonna eat themso let me put these on the back awaycome on did you guys think huh by takingthe clothes and put them on the backroom trip them up I was one did you hearme cuz you moving it thank youso y’all resume is almost on and I’mgonna fix this plate and let y’all seehow everything comes together plug it upall right look then I want y’all to meetyou out front[Music]I don’t know what that I do is I’m shorttonight on Moselle heading I knowTerry’s gonna but I don’t know ain’tnobody on my child that me know dyingwon’t worry about himto us on this 15 years old where sighswhat time shoes where 14:13 going window13 14 15 years old ways that’s 14 shoe310 pounds and e64 okay I’ll meet y’allheat-ray he played football tonightgreat he’s done he’ll big dude he fedyou just be so net shirts in fifth gradehe got me playing varsity so believe meevery gain any play beneath a night thenwhy on this yield any plate was not thisyeardad she would he play cuz he’s to theninth gradeso whatever used to every game any playthat you doing football season keep iton he’s playing JV every Thursday I wastaking their Thursday all for my shelfwho oh who wanted cuz joining gonna beatus on a football gameso now keep bringing varsity and varsityhow they games here on Friday nights soand replied it from August their firstgame to the end of the football gameseason I will be taking off I’m puttingthe error left when I’m upyou can see the game and I wish thatthere you know I worked it from seven tothree so I don’t want to give up myshoes and I can work it but the gamedon’t start into seven sometimes gettingstarted think sometimes you startstanding doing mmm hours in the eveningI’m working so I have to get out afterallgive it up some be giving it up[Music]and I’m afraid that if you feed themevery week one week they do have a badweekso when they had about week I cover welland then when it’s again on a Friday andthen when actual nigga ready to play agame their first game be all this tosomething in July when I found out thatbook football schedule I’m putting it upso I’m giving them 30 days they takethem surprisebut right nowI’ve been a peanut the other day they’reall right peanutyes I’ll take on thisit’s going to be here and get this quickplated up went on that land porkchop[Music]I need to go to sound I keep saying thatbut I need it only go on and stay on sohe does call my groceries in but I’mkind of scared to do that since my VPthere one time it ain’t no Cohen is sotrusting keyboard it kinda stuff likethat I might need this down over thestove so much money bag expect me to getyour stuff and then they just keep onlittle bride-to-be alright today I’mthankful that they burst them theyreimburse number 10well you go cold now they got thisgrocery thing you’re cold and you canorder your groceries online there bringit to you and that’s very convenient Ilike because it’s convenient don’t feellike going to so yeah I like this autumna grosser than having to live you knowbut then everybody ain’t choice work soyou got to look at that to New York 200some bottle for the grocery and then yougetpeople are left the stove told what timethey’ll be to us what time is specialgroceries and at that time he crawlingbackkeep them then I pick a groceries up anddown any not sure then when they thankyou line the toy you got your growthwith your nonsensenothing big investigation but Sam backthen he still doing it I can gold couldgive you like number one time diet on myorder heard not the dynamic things thatway Malik grocery you know they paidthis money back on the things on ourDino buddies you know got you like thatbut I’m gonna give them a chance to getthem down I’m going on my heart this goto Sam order myself I mean if I myselfnow come on[Music]the star-nosed you can try saying aboutit some people just don’t want to beworried they see an opportunity wherethey get somebody that they don’t getyouthat’s just the way some peopleokay y’all don’t take too long in myfriend treats me play it right quick soy’all can see what this how this foolcomes togetherwhen I put six Monday’s so it’s to fearabout okaywhoaHeyoh shoot forget are you saying we’ll eatsix liters plate a thief is payment fromanything a piece man let me get thisspoon saw happening get me somebody arm[Music]so I’m put some broccoli on my platenow I’m gonna taste somebody so watchingaioli sauce and I’m just going home songover my potatoes herejust a little bit mo make sure I don’tknow okay don’t forget I got so many ofthese cells nice in the refrigeratorthey only sauce that made for the buttof the arm potatoes okay so now um wesprinkle a little salt up in them cuz Imean it’s season my potatoes I just dropthe moon anything and that’s quick y’allon Friday potatoes and it’s convenientyou know I mean so this is my Thursday’sdinner spicy brown mustard spicy brownmustard with a maple glazed pork chopsfried potatoes with a sriracha sauce andbroccoli with cheese steamed broccoliwith cheese so if you guys liked thisrecipe like share and subscribe toJoanne’s kitchen as always I thank youall for watching be sure if you’rewatching this video for the first time Ihid their notification bill so everytime I upload one of these beautifulrecipes you’ll want to be notified sointo the next recipe I don’t see youguys latertake care have a blessed Thursday godbless I love you all I see you all againwith another recipe let me tell yousinceI can’t eat too much gel cuz I just gotto eat that chicken sandwich one goodlook though who say it was good you saidI said one good don’t put words in mymouthI know what I said I said what myhusband he just gonna have to eat hiswith some butter and some salt andpepper because the sriracha got a littlekick to it yes they do I just taste itbut I mean it ain’t hot to me but it’shot I can take I think I can taste theheat I’m a talker your dad look ya’ll Iwant y’all to get a close-up on that andthat’s a beautiful Dunham Thirsty’sdinner now make yourself some prettysome folk chops make yourself somedinnerokay I’m gonna wrap this up and getready in put it all together lay down alittle bit cuz I’m a quarter the two ofyou getting up trying taking that showerI can hear it get up out of hand you’reready for work so like this recipe keepmy thumbs up make you something make yousome pork chop now make you some potatomake it make it a only sauce to go withy’all see what I did any heart like Itold y’allthere will never be nothing too hard inmy kitchen too complicated others life’scomplicated enough ain’t gonna make norecipe that’s complicated so everythingin this kitchen will be down-homecooking easy to make simple so god blessy’all I love y’all y’all have a good dayI’m out I see y’all again with anotherrecipe see you later

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